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A Guide On AI Art Generator With Best AI Generators In The Market 

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Did you search for an AI art generator? If so, read this article about AI art generators. AI-powered art generators have been around for many years. But very recently, within a year, AI text to image generator have become extremely popular after ChatGPT’s popularity.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT uses the DALL.E 2 model to generate its realistic images, which increased the popularity of AI art generators in the market. More and more companies are investing in creating image generators that are easy to use and create more realistic images. 

What Is An AI Art Generator?

What Is AI Art Generator

So, what is an AI art generator? That is what everyone is talking about. AI art generator is a tool that generates images or art using artificial intelligence (AI) along with machine learning algorithms.  

This art-generating tool can create unique images with simple text prompts from users. These tools are efficient as you can save time by using some prompts to create any image you want. 

AI art generator is also cost-efficient as they don’t cost much to use their service, and some tools are free or offer free trials as well. They are easy to use, and anyone can use these tools, especially non-technical users. 

AI art generators are increasingly becoming popular among professional artists and other users from different businesses or professions. This popularity is due to more developed realistic images being created with these AI tools. 

How To Use An AI Art Generator?

How To Use AI Art Generator

If you searched ‘how to use AI art generator’, then keep reading this article to learn more on this topic. 

Any AI art generator is very easy to use as they are designed so that non-technical users can use the generators along with technical users. AI art generators usually need you to enter a prompt which is the command or greetings you use to ask the AI generator to create your art of choice or preference. 

You need to provide specific instructions on what you want the AI art generator to create. For example, if you want to create a snow-covered mountain scenery as your art then specify in your words. If you want a beach image with waves then put in the prompt specifying a beach image with waves or anything else you want like people, activities, etc. 

Using an AI art generator might feel like magic after some time, because it is successful in creating any art you want. But AI generators are not magic but advanced machine learning software that uses a lot of data to create your art. AI also uses powerful graphics cards and computers to create art. 

How AI Art Generator Works?

How AI Art Generator Works

Here’s how an AI art generator functions. 

  • An AI art generator takes in a text prompt to the best image or art matching your text description. 
  • Then the AI generator reads and understands your prompt to offer the best result. 
  • The AI is trained with several millions of data images which it analyses to produce the best image or art matching your prompt. 
  • Different art generators are trained in different size datasets and have different levels of understanding complex prompts. Some AI art generators are only trained using licensed content to create art. While other AI generators use huge open-sourced datasets to train its AI which generate different results. 
  • After the AI generator reads and understands your prompt to show appropriate result for your prompt it renders your image. Rendering means to generate the image in higher quality.  
  • AI generator uses two kinds of models, diffusion model and GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) to render its images to look more realistic. 
  • Diffusion models like DALL.E 2, stable diffusion, CLIP-Guided diffusion and Midjourney edit a series of images to create appropriate image according to your prompt. While GANs like BigGAN, StyleGAN and VQGAN-CLIP are also used to create great, realistic art. Diffusion models are better at creating realistic images. But both diffusion models use open source to create the resulting image. 
  • Recently many AI art generator applications are using their own data to train open source models for better results. 

Is AI Art Generator Free?

Is AI Art Generator Free

Initially ChatGPT DALL.E 2 offered free trial and then charged 15 dollars for 115 prompts or credits. Several AI art generators began to launch resulting in better image creation and video editing-related work. Some of the art generators were free, while others offered free trials and the rest were paid applications. 

So, to answer your question ‘Is AI art generator free?’, then it is not in most cases. But you can still get some free AI art generator which you can use to create images. 

Listed below are AI art generators which you can use to generate images for free without spending any money. 

  • StarryAI is supported on Android and iOS devices. It comes with 25 free art per day. 
  • SeeingAI is only supported on iphone and ipad and its free. 
  • Fotor app is supported on both Windows and Mac. It offers free trials. 
  • ClipDrop app is supported on Android and iOS devices and it’s absolutely free. 
  • BlueWillow is supported on both Windows and Mac and it’s free. 
  • Replika is supported on Oculus and its free. 
  • Remini is supported on Android and iOS devices and it’s free. 
  • Canva is supported on Android and iOS devices and free. 
  • Lensa supported on all OS devices and free. 
  • Wonder is supported on both Android and Apple devices. It’s free as well. 
  • WOMBO app is supported on both Windows and Mac. It is also free. 
  • DALL.E is supported on Android and iOS devices and it’s free. 
  • Midjourney is supported on iPhone and iPad. 
  • MeituPic app is supported only on Android. 
  • Pixelup is supported on 5.1 Android and versions above. 

Top AI Art Generators In 2024

Top AI Art Generators In 2024

Did you search ‘what is the best AI art generator in the market?’ We don’t know if we can pin only one AI art generator in the market as the best as there are several good AI art generators in 2024.  

Every day the AI market is expanding rapidly as new AI products are being launched. Hence, pinpointing the best AI art generator might be difficult. But we can share some of the best AI art generators in 2024 that you might choose from according to your preference. 


DALL.E 2 is an AI art generator on the internet that was the first to create the AI art generator buzz in the market. Initially DALL.E 2 offered a free trial which helped several users create their own art based on their specific prompts. Now you must pay 15 dollars for 115 credits (1 credit equals to 1 prompt along with 4 options to choose) to create your image.  

DALL.E 2 is one of the impressive AI art generators you will find in the market not only because of the result it produces but for its user-friendly application. Most art creators have used this application to create their images. 


HM S. says, “Best AI Image Generator with realistic output!” 

What do you like best about DALL·E 2? 

The best thing about DALL-E-2 is its natural language processing capability to generate images. This tool is pretty much capable to take human language and process to image-generation commands. I also love its user interface, image editor, and certainly the output. 

What do you dislike about DALL·E 2? 

As AI image generation is at the initial stage, there are no downsides to this tool in that sense. But this tool should have more training to ensure more realistic output. 

What problems is DALL·E 2 solving and how is that benefiting you? 

Actually, I use DALL-E-2 for image generation for my social media post. As I post regularly on social media for my business, it is nearly impossible to get images of my own choice every time. By using DALL-E-2, I can create my own images without any arrangement. So, this tool saves me money, time, and effort. 

Bing Image Creator 

Bing Image Creator uses the latest DALL.E 3 model to generate art or images. This was developed because of Microsoft and OpenAI partnership. Bing image creator is free for users. It uses the DALL.E model but has different default styles that you can check out. 


Collen H. says, “Best ever image creator.” 

What do you like best about Microsoft Bing Image Creator? 

I like that it can generate images that are diverse, detailed and sometimes surprising. It can also help me learn new things and discover new perspectives. For example, I can create images of places, animals, people or objects that I have never seen before. 

What do you dislike about Microsoft Bing Image Creator? 

I don’t dislike anything about Microsoft Bing Image Creator, but I do acknowledge that it has some limitations. Sometimes, it may not generate images that match the text description exactly, or it may produce images that are unrealistic or inappropriate. It is not perfect, but it is constantly improving. 

What problems is Microsoft Bing Image Creator solving and how is that benefiting you? 

Microsoft Bing Image Creator is solving some of the problems that I face when I want to create or find images, such as: 

  • It saves me time and effort by generating images quickly and easily. 
  • It gives me more options and flexibility by allowing me to customize the images with text descriptions. 
  • It helps me overcome some of the challenges or barriers that I may have, such as lack of skills, resources or access. 

These benefits are important to me because they enable me to achieve my goals and enjoy my hobbies more. 


The AI generative chatbot that dominates the market now is OpenAI’s ChatGPT. DALL.E 3 is the art generator for the ChatGPT Plus account holders. DALL.E 3 is the advanced and more realistic art generator and an upgrade from DALL.E 2. The image results are significantly better with DALL.E 2 and costlier as well.  

You will need to pay 20 dollars per month to use the ChatGPT Plus and use all its advanced features as well. So, if you are already a ChatGPT user, try taking the plus subscription to use this art generator. By using DALL.E 3 you can create more detailed art with your prompts.  

You don’t need to enter a single prompt to get your result. You can add as many prompts as needed to create the perfect image you have in mind. Mix up, make changes or add something new to create your image.  


Anonymous says, “Big leap over the previous version.” 

“DALL-E 3 is awesome. I highly recommend to anyone looking to generate art and images using artificial intelligence. 

Positive: DALL-E 3 is easier to use, faster, and most importantly, it generates much better images and art than DALL-E 2. 

Negative: There’s nothing major that I don’t like. Obviously, the system still isn’t perfect, but it is improving at a very fast rate.” 


This is another great AI art generator that you can try. DreamStudio uses the Stable diffusion art model to generate images. This application is powerful, and you customize the images created by the AI as well. It is a paid application costing 10 dollars 1000 credits (or prompts).  

But you can get to use this app for free with its free trial where you get 25 credits to create your choice of art or image. 


Ryan Hoover says, “This is very impressive. It’s super accessible for anyone without prompt engineering experience, but also advanced enough to create novel and highly personalized images. I also appreciate that it offers free credits so you can generate several dozen images before paying. Tip: Make sure you create an account before submitting a prompt or you will lose what you entered after you sign up.” 


Now that you know some of the best AI art generators in the market at present which art generator did you choose for yourself? Let us know your experience of using the AI art generator. We hope this article was able to provide you with answers about AI art generator.

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