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The Best Smart Speakers Of 2024: Here Are My Smartest Picks

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With the rise of smart devices and IoT (Internet of Things) as one of the biggest consumer technology trends, everyone wants the best smart speaker in 2024.  

Long gone are the days of changing volume and songs using the speaker knobs. Now, say which song you want to play and at what volume, and let the speaker do the rest. 

However, there are quite a few smart speaker manufacturers in 2024. From speaker-only producers like Sonos to global tech conglomerates like Amazon, Google, and Apple – choosing the best smart speaker can be challenging in 2024. 

Therefore, to help you out, I decided to try some of these smart speakers myself. After two weeks of trying them out, I created the “ultimate smart speaker buying guide in 2024.” 

Therefore, read this post till the end to learn about some of the best smart speakers I recommend you buy in 2024! 

The Best Smart Speaker In 2024: Ranking Factors

The Best Smart Speaker In 2024

I tried out quite a few smart speakers in the last few weeks. However, out of the twelve smart speakers I tested, there are eight that I found worthy of your money and usage. 

Therefore, my recommendations for the best smart speaker in 2024 are based on these factors: 

1. Build Quality & Design

It’s essential that the smart speaker must have a good build quality and looks great. 

While many will be happy with a shabby–looking speaker if the sound quality remains good, I beg to differ. 

If I must spend money to buy a smart speaker, why not buy one with great build quality that looks good? 

Therefore, all the speakers mentioned in this list have passed my “Durability and Design” test with flying colors! 

2. Connectivity, Controls, & Compatibility 

Since a smart speaker has various connectivity options, more options make it better, in my opinion. Therefore, apart from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the best smart speakers must also have wired connectivity as well (which is something most don’t).  

Moreover, most smart speakers are built with various operating systems (OS) in mind. For example, while most speakers are compatible with Android devices, the Apple HomePod Mini better suits iOS devices.  

Therefore, remembering what OS your smartphone and computers use is necessary before buying a smart speaker. 

3. Smart Features 

If your smart speaker lacks smart features – then it’s not really a smart speaker, right? 

Therefore, here are some essential smart features your smart speaker must have in 2024: 

  • Voice-recognition and control 
  • Call people using the Wi-Fi 
  • Integrate with a personal digital assistant to control other smart home automation devices 
  • Integrate with a personal digital assistant to get real-time smart updates 
  • Stream music from streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) 

4. Sound Quality 

Finally, the last ranking factor is good sound quality. If I don’t like listening to music and calling people using the speaker, then it’s probably not going to make this list. 

However, remember that I am not talking about amazing audiophile-grade sound quality. Afterall, these are small smart speakers; their sound quality should be above average but nothing extraordinary, at least. 

The Best Smart Speaker In 2024: My Top Picks

I tested various smart speakers in 2024 to determine which one gets the “Best Smart Speaker In 2024” award. However, I couldn’t decide which one was the best after using a dozen speakers. 

Therefore, I decided to list eight of the best smart speakers in 2024. This list is not in a particular order; all are great speakers. However, they all have different features, which becomes the ultimate factor in deciding which one to buy in 2024.  

Therefore, regarding buying a smart speaker in 2024, these are my top eight picks for 2024: 

1. Amazon Echo (4th Gen)

Amazon Echo

Price: $99.99 (Amazon

If you wish to buy an Alexa smart speaker in 2024 that provides the best value for money for its features and performance, the Amazon Echo (5th Gen) is among the best in the market.  

The Amazon Echo 4th Gen has many smart features that make it a “smart speaker.” Firstly, since it’s compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, you can use its built-in mic to command all your Alexa-compatible smart devices. This is why all houses need to have home automation. 

Moreover, you can also directly stream music using this device. Therefore, you can simply command Alexa to play any song from Spotify! 

Furthermore, if you have two or three other Amazon Echos set up across all your rooms, you can communicate with others in all your rooms! Therefore, if dinner’s ready, you can simply holler in your Echo and hear it Echo across all your rooms! 

The Amazon Echo is one of the best smart speakers you can buy in 2024. It’s a great smart speaker with amazing sound quality and Alexa support. 

2. Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen)

Amazon Echo Dot

Price: $59.99 (Amazon

The Amazon Echo Dot is a budget-friendly version of its older sibling, the Amazon Echo. However, don’t mistake its smaller size as a weakness. The Echo Dot (5th Gen) packs several features and a powerful sound. 

It has all the features of the Amazon Echo, just on a smaller body. Therefore, it will not sound as good as the former. However, its sound quality is still amazing to my audiophile ears. 

Regarding its features, it packs a lot here. It has four microphones to hear your voice across the room, even if you have music playing. Moreover, you can easily use it to control all your Alexa-compatible devices, like smart lights and more! 

3. Google Nest Audio

Google Nest Audio

Price: $99.99 (Amazon

Regarding the sound quality of a smart speaker in 2024, the Google Nest Audio is among the best. This is Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo – its primary rival in the market. 

I love the design of Nest Audio. It has a compact pillow shape, which allows for more audio drivers to produce the right output.  

Moreover, I also love how clear and loud the sound output is. I could hear the bass of Kendricks Lamar’s Humble from my bathroom while the Nest was in my living room! 

It offers features like the Amazon Echo. However, the most notable difference is its compatibility with Google Home instead of Amazon’s Alexa. Therefore, “OK Google” will become your favorite phrase instead of “Alexa, ….” 

I recommend buying this Google smart speaker if you want to build your home automation ecosystem around Google’s smart devices.  

4. Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen)

Google Nest Mini

Price: $49.99 (Amazon

Google and Amazon are at each other’s throats, and the launch of the Google Nest Mini proves it. Following the success of the Amazon Echo Dot, Google also decided to launch a budget Google Nest Audio – the Google Nest Mini.  

Unlike the Echo Dot, which looks like a smaller Echo, the Nest Mini stays true to its name. It’s the smallest smart speaker in this list – and the only one you can hang directly from the power socket. 

Like the Nest Audio, the Nest Mini is the same in a smaller, compact body. However, while it may not sound as open and bright as Google Nest, it still gets the job done on a smaller budget. 

5. Apple HomePod Mini

Apple HomePod Mini

Price: $99 (Apple

 We all know how much Apple loves their closed-off ecosystem. Therefore, if you are an Apple user and want to expand your ecosystem through Apple’s Smart Home Hub, it will be your best pick as a Siri-compatible smart speaker. 

However, I recommend buying the HomePod Mini instead of the original HomePod. I recommend it because of its value for its price. The HomePod is $299 – double the cost of its Amazon and Google counterparts. 

Design-wise, the HomePod Mini has an oval shape similar to the Echo Dot. Feature-wise, it makes use of Siri, which is a great AI voice assistant. Therefore, it can answer any question you ask, send texts, call people, and much more through voice commands! 

Moreover, I love its sound quality, which is crisp and clear. Furthermore, its compatibility with Apple’s Smart Home Hub is its USP since it’s the only smart speaker in this ecosystem.  

However, while you can connect it to Android smartphones, it robs you of most features available with the Apple Smart Home Hub app. 

6. Sonos Era 100

Sonos Era 100

Price: $249 (Amazon

Sonos is a globally renowned brand name in the audio industry, comparable to stalwarts like Sony and Bose. Therefore, it makes sense that at least one Sonos smart speaker will make this list – the Sonos Era 100

Regarding sound quality, it’s the second best on this list (the next one’s the best). It provides excellent audio output if you have it connected to your smart TV, laptop, or smartphone. 

The lows, highs, and mids are all exceptionally tuned, a delight to my audiophile ears. This smart speaker achieves this with its inbuilt frequency scanner. Here, it sends sonar-like waves like a bat and identifies its placement in the room. This allows it to channel the sound output with automatic EQ – a smart feature! 

However, this exceptional sound quality comes at a price – a good assortment of smart speaker features. Apart from playing songs and calling people, you cannot do much with Alexa. Therefore, forget about controlling other Alexa-compatible IoT devices, as they are unstable. Some devices will work (Amazon Home System devices), while you might face issues with other Alexa devices. 

However, it only supports Alexa. If you use Google Assistant or Siri, I won’t recommend buying this. 

7. Bose Smart Speaker 500

Bose Smart Speaker 500

Price: $349 (Amazon

We finally reach the last (and the most expensive) smart speaker on this list – the Bose Smart Speaker 500

Like the Sonos Era 100, this smart speaker provides exceptional sound quality. Without going into much detail, I conclude it’s the best-sounding smart speaker on this list. I listen to a lot of heavy metal and grunge, which this speaker perfectly produces. The guitar tones and drum sound all blend perfectly together – giving me a wide smile! 

However, it’s the looks that caught my attention. It looks sleek and premium, along with a cool LED screen. Moreover, its controls have slick touch controls on top, which makes your hands-on controlling experience better. 

Furthermore, using Alexa through voice is easy as well. It has a responsive mic, which records your voice perfectly for Alexa or Google to understand. 

However, its only weakness lies in its compatibility with other Alexa and Google Assistant-compatible devices. It shares this same problem with the Sonos Era 100. 

Conclusion: Smart Speakers For Smart Families!

I hope you have a better idea of which smart speaker to buy in 2024! I have recommendations for you depending on which smart home ecosystem you want. Therefore, have fun buying a new smart speaker! 

However, if you need help selecting one, comment below, and I will help you! Thanks for reading this post! 

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