Harry Potter Movies – Ranked From Worst To Best

Harry Potter

The view of Hogwarts castle!

The coziness of all the common rooms!

The excitement of the quidditch matches!

The comfort of the Burrow!

The Weasley twins and their legendary pranks!

The absconding Azkaban prisoner!

The fear of you knows who!

The tortures of death eaters!

With all these memories, the fun lessons, and the adrenaline rush of sitting on the edge of the seat in the final Battle of Hogwarts, we all grew up. For anyone who grew up reading the Harry Potter novels by JK Rowling, the movies did transport us to the magical world and gave visual representation to all imaginations.

What About The Movies!

So, we Potterheads could be anything but grateful to these movies. However, not all of them matched what we had imagined the movies would represent.

Sometimes we missed miscellaneous characters like Peeves, and sometimes we missed very important characters. Sometimes, we were disappointed with not having the scenes we were so looking forward to.

Overall, it was an excellent experience, but here is what you need to know about the ranking. Yes, as a Potterhead, we could never say one movie was almost unwatchable, but here is an honest opinion from one Potterhead to another.

The Most Anticipated Rankings!

Harry Potter movies

Here is the most anticipated ranking from a Potterhead! The movies are from best to worst. If you are yet to see the Harry Potter movies, download it for free from The PirateBay, and binge it today.

1. Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire

Directed by Mike Newell, who did a great job with the thrilling cinematography, no doubt, but as compared to the book, which was the second-longest book of the series, it was too short-lived.

Many Potterheads and film critics believe that the movie should have been divided into two parts like the deathly hallows. This book had a lot of exciting scenes from the school itself since Hogwarts was holding the Triwizard Tournament and hosting two foreign wizarding schools.

This was the coming-of-age movie for the trio since they were all-embracing teenage life, and the movie felt too concentrated on just the tournaments.

It was able to bring about the thrill of the tournament, and no doubt, the rebirth of Voldemort was shown with perfection, but that’s it. Plus, it missed out on important scenes which could have explained the theory of Barty Crouch Jr.

2. Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince

This movie could be called a ball of mixed emotions, and let’s face it-

We all Potterheads know that this movie was an elongated thirst trap for teenager Draco Malfoy. The movie had pretty good scenes and was able to portray the fear and the anticipation of the wizarding world with lord Voldemort back in power.

But, one thing that aggrieved every fan is the character of Ginny Weasley. The filmmakers absolutely didn’t do justice to our fierce, confident, strong-headed Gryffindor girl. The one is chosen by ‘The Chosen One.’

3. Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets

Chamber of Secrets began with the warm, comforting, and cozy tone of the first movie, but it later morphed into the dark theme, which most of the coming movies would reflect. This could be giving hints to the end of childhood and planting the looming fear that someone is coming.

The only complaint about this movie is that there were fewer scenes with the trios.

4. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1

This is probably the most underrated movie of the entire series. Mostly because the audience was a little bored with the slow and sluggish storyline. Most of the scenes were shot outside, and we got very few glimpses of our favorite school, and the story felt dragged.

However, that was the beauty of the movie, ‘the peace before the storm.’

5. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2

Starting from the trailer to the climax, this movie didn’t disappoint us. We got to see the amazing cinematography as our favorite school became the battlefield for the Second Wizarding War.

The panic, the explosions, the storyline, the climaxes, and topped with the sobbing griefs of the most painful deaths. This movie was a chef’s kiss!

It could have just shown a little more history about the Horcruxes.

6. Harry Potter & The Order Of Phoenix

The Order Of Phoenix is probably the most accurate movie depicted from the book. Director David Yates did a great job in fitting the longest book into a two-hour movie. The best part about this movie is the formation of ‘Dumbledore’s Army.’

This really marked the end of childhood, fun, and games as they were all preparing for danger lurking outside. We were not disappointed with the storyline of Tyrannus Dolores Umbridge and her rules.

Plus, the final Weasley prank before their big adieu to the school was probably the best scene.

7. Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone

Crus Columbus directed Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s stone was just the perfect beginning in the world of the Harry Potter cinematographic universe.

It was about introducing the amazing school, the one we have only seen in our vivid imaginations while reading the books. Plus, the amazing characters and our favorite golden trio.

We all loved it!

8. Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban

All hail to the best movie in the Harry Potter cinematographic universe. Directed by the talented Alfanso Cuaron, this movie paints the dark danger looming in every corner of the wizarding world due to the absconding of a notorious criminal perfectly.

The storyline was most accurate, and so was the ensemble casting. We get introduced to two of our favorite marauders, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. It is a perfect Autumn movie if you are looking for one.

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