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Why Is Reddit So Slow? How To Fix It?

Why Is Reddit So Slow

If you are a Reddit user, you know that the site lags a lot of time and gets slow. It is one of the common problems for the users that ruins the overall experience of using the platform. Reddit is one of the largest forums available on the internet. It helps the users to get their questions answered and discuss different topics. It is used by billions of users from all over the world. 

So, the website needs to be very well optimized to provide a seamless experience to everyone. However, that is not the case as most users find it very hard to use the website sometimes. Many users want to find out why is Reddit so slow and how it can be fixed. One thing that you need to understand is that many users are using the website simultaneously. So, some minor lags and slower response is very common. 

However, if you face a high lag and the website is almost not accessible because of the slow loading, you need to address the issue. Plenty of things can cause the website to run slow and get lags. So, here are some of the most common things that you need to know if Reddit is very slow.

Causes Of Reddit Getting Slow

If you are experiencing the website being slow, then it can be caused by many problems. To fix the issue, you will need to know what is the underlying cause of the lag. Here are some of the possible reasons that might be causing Reddit to run slow. 

1. Device


The most common reason is the device is used to browse Reddit. It can cause the website to slow down and increase the loading time. No matter if you are using a PC or mobile phone to access the Reddit account, you need to make sure that the device is fast. 

Try to open other apps and websites to find out if they are lagging or slowing down too. If your device is fast and updated, then go through the other reasons to learn why is Reddit so slow

2. High Traffic

High Traffic

On some specific days, the server of Reddit can become much more crowded. More users mean more traffic that will cause you to jet lag. If the server is overloaded, then you can experience some slow responses as well as crashes. The downtime of the server and the website will stay for that specific day and become normal again. It might be your answer to “why is Reddit so slow?”

3. Internet


Another very common cause of the Reddit website slowing down is the internet connection. If your internet connection is not good, then the Reddit website will load slowly and create a lot of lags. So, make sure you have a good internet connection before trying to open the Reddit website. 

4. Reddit Version

Some users are claiming that Reddit has become slower with the new update and interface. On the other hand, others claim that the old Reddit version is the cause of slowed response and lags. If you have the old Reddit account, then it might be causing the website to slow down. 

5. Cache


Cache memory can cause a website to slow down and have a lot of lags. This is because the cache memory stores a lot of information from the website you visit, such as icons, data, entire web pages, and pictures. Therefore, it helps to reduce the loading time of a website when you revisit it. However, if the cache memory has reached its limit, then it can be the answer to “why is Reddit so slow for you.” 

6. Server Issue

The server of this website itself might not work temporarily or get a server outage. In any case, the company does not have any backup plan. Despite being a trendy website, it still does not use any cloud system. Most of the websites tend to have a backup website to provide backup if it crashes. 

Ways To Make Reddit Work Faster

There are different ways available that try to make the Reddit website and app work faster. Now that you know why is Reddit so slow for you, here are some of the most common ways given below to speed up the website. 

1. Update Your Device And The App

You might need to install the latest software update to make the device work faster. Also, you can factory reset the device to make it work more quickly. Finally, you need to make sure that the version of the app is compatible and meets the device requirements. 

Also, if the version of the app is not updated, then make sure to update it. Even if the latest version of the app can cause a slowdown, having bugs in the newest version is very common. So, you will need to wait for some time until an update fixes it. Are you still wondering why is Reddit so slow, then make sure to check out the other ways?

2. Clear Your Cache

As mentioned in the reasons section, the overloaded cache can slow the website and interrupt the experience. So, you will need to make sure that the cache memory is cleared before browsing the Reddit website. Then, remove all data, cookies, caches and reload Reddit. If the slow performance occurred from cache overload, then it will be fixed immediately. 

3. Try Changing The Browser

Many users have claimed that the Reddit website is faster in Microsoft Edge than Google Chrome. If you are using the Chrome browser, then you can switch to improve the performance. However, there is no way to confirm that this is the answer to why is Reddit so slow.  


In case of internet issues or Reddit server issues, waiting will resolve the issue and make the website work fine again. However, if you use it often and face performance issues, you can learn the most common underlying reasons. Also, find out the most common and best fix to get the fast performance again.

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