Is Steam Achievement Manager Safe To Use In 2022?

Steam Achievement Manager

ThereAre you one of those few thousands who do not like the integrated Steam Achievement Manager? Do not hesitate to say that you are one of them. Plenty of gamers like you want to complete specific achievements in a game but cannot do so because it is bugged out. 

Suppose you want to personally customize and manage all your steam achievements from all your games through one application. In that case, you should download and use the Steam Achievement Manager or SAM. If you want to know how to download and use this application, start reading now!

What Is The Steam Achievement Manager?

What Is The Steam Achievement Manager

The Steam Achievement Manager was launched by a Reddit user named RickGibbed (self-proclaimed Half-Life fanboy). Like us, he was a gamer who was frustrated with the Achievements section of Steam. 

Around this time, many users reported Steam for not updating the achievements of many games. This was concerning because multiple reports of achievements were not getting registered even after meeting its prerequisite conditions. This meant that many completionist gamers ranted about broken Steam Achievements on various online forums, like Reddit and Steam Community. 

Rick created this application to satiate the needs of all these angry young gamers by launching an unlicensed freeware called the Steam Achievement Manager. This came as a boon for many completionists because they were now able to automatically complete many in-game achievements with just a single click, bypassing the need for actually grinding hours upon hours to achieve them. 

While many gamers were still frustrated with the idea of using an external program to mark achievements as completed and considered it as cheating automatically, most users were satisfied with the use of this application to completely 100% a single-player game (and often multiplayer too).

Functions Of The Steam Achievement Manager

The primary functions of the Steam Achievement Manager are:

1. Modify In-Game Achievements

Modify In-Game Achievements

Almost all offline single-player games (Like Dying Light 2 and Elden Ring) have some achievements that you can complete by doing certain specific tasks in-game. These often reward players with exclusive weapons and in-game items that you can use after you have completed an achievement.

This is one of the reasons why many gamers pride themselves on completing all achievements in a game, believing it to be equivalent to an Oscar or a Grammy award. While completionists hardcore gamers are frequently found on many online forums and are typically content creators, they have a goal of completing a game 100% and being happy with others praising them. Who would not want praise from others?

You can use the Steam Achievement Manager to modify the achievements of a game, like a cheat code, so that you can get early access to all those exclusive gear that would have taken you hours of grinding to get. Use this to remain anonymous on gaming forums or become super popular there.

2. Get Steam Trading Cards

Get Steam Trading Cards

Steam Trading Cards are a new addition to Steam. After completing specific achievements, you can get Trading Cards – collectible cards that you can sell in the Steam market to collectors for real-world money and Steam Gift Cards. 

You can now get hundreds of these cards of Sea of Thieves just by using Steam Achievement Manager. You only need to select the game and mark all achievements as completed to do so. Well, that was pretty easy to do. 

How To Steam Achievement Manager Download And Install?

How To Steam Achievement Manager Download And Install

To download and install Steam Achievement Manager, you need to:

  • Open your browser
  • Go to – the official website of RickGibbed.
  • Download Steam Achievement Manager.exe and all other associated files (like .dll files). 
  • Unzip the folder and paste them on your computer. Do not paste them into the Steam folder.
  • Install Steam Achievement Manager. 

How To Use Steam Achievement Manager 6.3?

How To Use Steam Achievement Manager 6.3

To use Steam Achievement Manager, you need to:

  • Launch Steam and minimize it in the background.
  • Launch Steam Achievement Manager.
  • The application will automatically detect all games in your library. Select any one of them – the one whose achievements you want to alter
  • A list of all the in-game achievements of the selected game will appear. Tick on the ones you want to mark as complete. 
  • Click on the Store option and wait for a few minutes. You quill then get Steam pop-ups that notify you about completing the achievements.

Can You Get Banned For Using Steam Achievement Manager In 2022?

Can You Get Banned For Using Steam Achievement Manager In 2022

The use of the Steam Achievement Manager has been subjected to various discussions and controversies in many online chatting forums and social media platforms. While you can justify the use of this application to complete bugged achievements, its use is considered cheating by many elitists. 

This is because they did not like the idea of gamers being able to complete achievements with a single click – while they ethically grind the game to get them.

Another central point to consider regarding the safety of this application is the chance of getting VAC banned by Steam. VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) bans refer to steam accounts getting banned from playing certain games because VAC deciphered the use of cheating and hacking software while playing a game. 

While its use in single-player games is nonexistent, multiplayer gamers can suffer a lot from this. For example, after using this application, Steam Achievement Manager Payday 2 players reported being banned from the game. Therefore, getting a Steam Achievement Manager VAC ban can become quite common and problematic if you are using it to alter the achievements of multiplayer games. 

How To Unlock Achievements With Steam Achievement Manager?

Let’s examine Apex Legends Steam achievements. Steam Achievement Manager will display a list of all the accomplishments offered for that game once you choose it from the list or pull it up using the AppID.

Simply check the boxes next to the accomplishments listed to complete it. If you feel inclined, you can choose one, a few, or perhaps the whole bunch.

When you’re ready for the Steam achievements to unlock, click Commit Changes.

Once you do, presuming Steam is already functioning, you ought to see the accomplishment pop-ups activate. Check your Steam profile to see whether the adjustments are operating.

You can easily and instantly access any accomplishment with the help of the Steam Achievement Manager. Some people could view this as cheating, while others would regard it as a simpler way to get around in-game achievement criteria.

For you, it might not even be about the games. Perhaps all you want to do is display the eye-catching achievements on your Steam profile page.

Whatever the cause, Steam Achievement Manager will easily unlock any achievement, irrespective of whether you have completed the requirements for it.

The best part is that you can use this technique multiple times to get all the achievements that you want. Now you know how to easy it is to show your achievements to all your friends in your Steam friends list!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is Steam Achievement Manager Banned?

Ans: A few users have reportedly gotten banned from Steam significantly while altering Payday 2 achievements. However, they were soon unbanned.

Q2. What Is The Steam Achievement Manager?

Ans: Steam Achievement Manager is an application that lets you alter and complete (or incomplete) many in-game achievements on Steam. 

Q3. How Do I Get The Steam Achievement Manager?

Ans: You can download the Steam Achievement Manager from

Q4. How Do You Get Fake Achievements On Steam? 

Ans: You can get fake achievements by marking them as complete using Steam Achievement Manager.


We all have played games where you can get achievements for doing a particular set of actions in the game. This can be easy achievements like getting 30 kills or something more complex and challenging like killing a specific boss with specific weapons and in a limited time. 

Whatever it is, achievements are fun to complete, and you can feel great after completing one of them. However, there are many games where bugs and glitches prevent you from doing so. Therefore, Steam Achievement Manager is your best buddy if you need help completing in-game Steam achievements.

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