How the Onset of 5G Will Benefit Online Gamers


Although it’s taken some time, we’re now at a point where according to Digital Trends, 75% of the U.S. now has 5G connectivity. This latest generation of technology will allow for 100 times more traffic capacity over that of 4G and increase network efficiency for every one of us who has a 5G enabled device.

With over 290 million of us across the country now owning a smartphone, it highlights how important it is for us to stay connected; however, it’s even more vital for gamers.

There are now more mobile gamers across the country than ever before, with over 89% of the nation’s gamers preferring the smaller, portable devices to partake in their hobby. Also, that number is expected to increase further with more of us returning to work as the restrictions brought on by the pandemic continue to ease.

While 5G will deal with the increased userbase with the larger bandwidth, gamers will also see other benefits.

Superior tech brings greater gaming

Gone are the days of playing simple games such as snake, or Angry Birds on mobiles. The devices can now run almost console-quality games, and that’s demonstrated by the influx of huge franchises from the static, home-based consoles coming to smartphones.

With faster 5G connectivity and lower latency, it makes higher-end competitive gaming possible, demonstrated by the likes of Call of Duty which is now available on mobile.

Such is the power and flexibility of the new connectivity; developers can now rely on the infrastructure in the cloud to be powerful and stable enough to support the demands of their software. In short, this all points to more of the top-level titles coming to mobiles.

However, it’s not only the traditional gaming industry that is taking advantage of the tech. Major names in the other gaming sectors also benefit from access to more bandwidth to give their players better gaming experiences.

Even some iGaming titles have become quite processor-intensive, with identifiable branding a key offering from developers. For instance, the online games on Foxy Games include Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen and Gremlins, both brands that need to be accurately represented on the device to appeal to players.

Another game that had the same treatment has been Pokémon Go. Consider this question: If the 800,000 daily Pokémon catchers didn’t experience quality, consistent branding, and constant improvements to the game, would they have kept coming back time and time again?

In conclusion

All this shows is that the advancements in technology mean that everyone now has a true portal to the world of gaming right in their pocket. Most would think of 5G as just mobile technology, but it’s something that’s having a positive effect on connectivity for everyone.

While there are still some bumps in the road, and we’re yet to see complete 5G coverage across the country, it shows that there is an even better future just over the horizon for the gaming industry and the gamers it serves.

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