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Best Oppo Phone Card Case In 2023 – Reviews  

oppo phone card case

Planning to buy a new Oppo phone card case for your phone? Looking for the best 2023 Oppo phone card case then this article might just be want you need. In this article we have listed the best Oppo phone card cases in 2023 that you can purchase for your phone.

Also learn what factors you should consider before buying a phone case.

Best Oppo Phone Card Case In 2023

Here are the best Oppo Phone Card cases you can purchase in this year. From price to protection these cases offers exceptionally well rounded compatibility with your Oppo phone and budget. Keep reading to learn what these Oppo phone card cases are.

Asuwish Oppo Realme Protector Case

Asuwish phone card case is compatible with your Oppo Realme 7i and C17 phone models. The phone card case comes with a compact card holder where you can put your credit cards or other cards. The card case also comes with screen protector made from toughened glass that will protect your cards along with your phone.

The phone case has a hybrid design which acts as a kickstand for your phone that you can use to film videos. You can also watch movies or video hands-free using its built-in stand. This case is suitable for only Oppo Realme 7i and C17 models so no other Oppo models will suit this case.

Price of the case:  12.99 dollars on Amazon.

Review: Amazon user Esvin Raul Balcarcel Lopez says, “It looks good and protects the phone.”

CCSmall Oppo Reno8 5G Wallet Case

CCSmall Oppo Reno8 5G Wallet Case is compatible with Oppo Reno 8 5G phone. The phone case features a solid color scheme CS brown and black and made of high-end polyurethane (PU) leather. The phone wallet case comes with a cardholder and a flip design that protects your cards within the case.

The case features scratch and drop proof so if you phone fall down it won’t break or get scratched. But this phone in only compatible with Oppo Reno 8 model so don’t try it on other Oppo phone models.

The also offers a purse to hold money and two card slots to carry your choice of credit cards.

Price of the case: 6.99 dollars on Amazon.

FDCWTSH Oppo Realme 5 Pro Wallet Case

FDCWTSH Oppo Realme 5 Pro Wallet Case is compatible with Oppo Realme 5 Pro and Q models with 6.3 inch displays. This phone wallet case would not work on other Oppo Realme models. You can keep your cards or cash in the leather case that comes with a cardholder with a flip-over design. The flip-over design is to keep your cards secure.

The wallet case offers stand function and comes with wrist lanyard for watching movies or videos hands-free. The case come sin different colour that you can choose from, yellow, brown, black, blue, pink, red, and gray. The case is made of premium PU leather and offers protection from dust and scratches or abrasions.

It is durable, soft and wear-resistant.

Price of the case: 11.99 dollars on Amazon.

HualuBro Oppo Find X5 Pro Case

HualuBro Oppo Find X5 Pro Case is compatible with only Oppo Find X5 Pro phone model and no other Oppo phone models. The card case boasts magnetic full body protection along with a flip leather case to protect your phone and you from electric shocks.  

The phone case comes with a cardholder to keep your credit cards and cash. It comes in red and black color. The case is made of high quality retro synthetic leather and TPU in the inner cover that will make the case durable and soft to touch.

The case offers magnetic flip style opening and closing band that keeps your phone and cards secure inside the case.

The phone case offers shockproof, scratch-proof and other damages on the phone body. The ports for charging, buttons, audio ports and speakers are properly cut-out on the case.

Price of the case: 7.98 dollars on Amazon.

Akabeila Oppo Reno6 Lite Case

The Oppo Reno 6 Lite and other Oppo models including Oppo F19, Oppo F19S,  Oppo A95 4G, and Oppo A74 4G is compatible with Akabeila Oppo Reno6 Lite phone case. The phone case come with flip cardholder that is designed wallet style with cardholder function to carry your credit cards or cash.  

The case is made up of polyurethane or (PU) leather of premium quality and comes with a magnetic closing and kickstand. You can watch videos hands-free using this feature. The case offers thick corner protection and protective design on camera and screen. The case is oil-resistant, dirt-resistant, and fingerprints.

It is being made from silicon feels smooth in texture and can cushion shock to phone due to sudden fall.

Price of the case:  9 dollars on Amazon ans 1 dollar on AliExpress.

Factors to Consider While Buying Oppo Phone Card Cases

Before purchasing a Oppo phone card case you should look for certain factors that will offer you your money’s worth. Here are what factors you should keep in mind while buying a phone card case.

  1. Compatibility– Opt for a phone case that’s compatible with you Oppo phone. This means all slots and nooks of your phone fits perfectly within the phone case without compromising its use and safety. Wrong phone case can create a lot of problems with security and usage.
  2. Material– You might want to see the material of the phone card case while purchasing it. Like silicone cases are flexible and offer a luxury feel to it. While TPU cases offers great protection for your phone and cards. Hybrid cases offer the highest level of protection due to using different materials for different security purposes.
  3. Card Capacity– Buy phone card case based on your requirement on how many card you want to carry. You might want to carry some ID along with credit card on your phone card case so opt for a double card slot case or more card slots.
  4. Protection– Buy a phone card case that offers good grip, defense against scratches and sudden drops. The edges of your phone case should be well protected against bumps and scratches.
  5. Durability– Always pick a phone card case that is durable and would last you for a long time. Also purchase a card that will protect your phone and cards from damage.
  6. Price– You should always opt for a phone case that meets your requirement and is within your budget. There are several price points when buying a Oppo phone card case so stick with a suitable budget of your choice and pick one.


So which case you would like to purchase after reading the listed Oppo phone card case for your Oppo phone. Let us know.

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