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Google Pixel 3a Cardholder Cases Prices And Reviews  

Google Pixel 3a Cardholder Cases

Did you purchase the latest Google Pixel 3a phone? Are you looking for phone cases with cardholders that will fit your phone? Then we have got you cover. As we have listed some of the best Google Pixel 3a cardholder and wallet cases for you in this article below. Keep reading this article to know what these cases are.

Top Google Pixel 3a Cardholder Cases Prices And Reviews  

Here are top 10 Google Pixel 3a cases with cardholders and what they cost.

EXEC WALLET Cases For Google Pixel 3a / 3a XL Series


EXEC wallet cases for Google Pixel 3a series will cost you 29.98 dollars. The cases come in three color variants: red, black and gray. The case is made up of leather, polycarbonate and TPU. Benefit of buying this case is its durability and lifetime warranty.

The case is scratch resistant and has removable slots.

Features in the wallet cases are:

  • Dual-Layer Shockproof Design
  • Magnetic Leather Folio Pocket
  • Versatile Modular Wallet
  • All Buttons Are Easily Accessible
  • Withstands Drops
  • Leather Pocket Holds 3 Cards
  • Fingerprint Unlock Compatible
  • Versatile Modular Wallet
  • Military Grade Standard Tested

Review: Anthony Anthony J. says “Well Worth the cost,” about the phone case.

DDJ Leather Case

DDJ Leather Case

DDJ leather cases for Google Pixel 3a come with a price of 9.99 dollars on Amazon. The case comes in many color variants like Rose gold, blue, champagne, black and gray. It is make up of premium quality TPU, it is soft and flexible.

The case has rounded edges and offers full body protection to your phone by covering all sides. The case comes with a single pocket where you can put your money or card.

Review: Shaun S. says, “Pros: It looks ok. Cutouts are good. Cons: The product name declares that it has a strong closure. The front flap doesn’t even hold itself shut, I barely tilt the phone.

Being pedantic, the texture of the case on the inside isn’t vertical. It’s almost like it’s been print on roughly 3 degrees off center. Not a huge deal, it does screw with my eyes if I look at it. The TPU is straight, the case texture is not, it’s slightly jarring.”

Olixar Wallet Stand Case For Google Pixel 3a

Olixar Wallet Stand Case

Olixar Wallet Stand has a price of 12.99 dollars on Olixar website. The case is build to be a lightweight wallet stand case that you can use to watch videos or read books on your phone. The case has double interior slip pockets to hold cards or cash. It comes with magnetic clicks that offer double safety.

Feitenn Wallet Case

Feitenn Wallet Case

Feitenn Wallet Case is price at 10.99 dollars on Amazon. The Pixel 3a wallet case is design using premium quality synthetic PU leather. Against scratches and bumps the Feitenn wallet case offers decent protection. The camera and screen on your Pixel 3a are preventing from getting scratch by raise edges on the case.

The case comes with 1 cash holder and 3 card slots where you can carry your cards or IDs and cash. If you think these many slots make the case bulky, you are wrong. The case is build to be lightweight.

Janmitta Wallet Case

You can purchase a Janmitta wallet case at 10.99 dollars on Amazon. The case will provide your phone with all-round protection. It has soft leather on the inner side, the outer case is make by using leather.

The case is design in a way that your phone screen is protect from scratches. There are three card slots along with a note slot inside the wallet. You can use your phone in landscape mode using this case.

Olixar Attache Leather Case

Olixar Attache Leather Case comes at a price of 12.99 dollars on Amazon and Olixar website. This case is make of high-quality faux leather. You can easily remove the case from your phone and install it as well.

The case has tactile texture for better grip. All ports, fingerprint sensor and camera have been precisely cut. The case comes with a protective layer to make your phone drop safe and other impacts.

Review: Elaine BG says, “I have had problems with my present phone with clear silicone gel cases on phones turning yellow, makes them look dingy. This is an alternative case I found online. It’s not squishy like the gel one, a little give to it so hoping with my screen protector, I won’t break the phone to deal with I drop the phone. It looks nice.”

PEIBIN Luxury Crocodile Skin Case

PEIBIN Luxury Crocodile Skin Case

PEIBIN Luxury Crocodile Skin Case is priced at 2 dollars at Aliexpress. The case is built of Crocodile skin leather and it’s not real. It has the most elegant design with comfortable construction. The case is shockproof and all edges are protected.

PEIBIN Wallet Case

PEIBIN Wallet Case costs 2.40 dollars. The case was designed for Google Pixel 3a phone to fit like a second skin. The case comes with a magnetic flip that will secure your phone and cards properly. It is lightweight and easily attachable to your Pixel 3a.
The case has unique design and along the ports, camera and fingerprint scanner it’s precisely cut to be accessible easily.

Review: L**a says, “Yakish and screwed. I recommend it. Box for trimmings in the hands and breakdowns in the hands.”

Qoosea Wallet Case

Qoosea Wallet Case will cost you 8.99 on Amazon and 4.49 on Aliexpress which is half the price. The case is designed using PU leather which is durable and offers cushion protection.
The case has three card slots where you can keep your credit cards. It comes with a larger slot for keeping cash or other receipts. The case comes with a port cutout protected by clear cover to easily access it.

Spigen Liquid Crystal

Spigen Liquid Crystal is a transparent and slim case for people who want to flaunt the design of the phone and keep it secure as well. The case is made of TPU material that protects your phone from drops and scraps. You can easily install the case over your phone.
The phone is more prone to scratches, this design will highlight your phone design protecting it.

Review: ngsatish says, “worth the money.” Amazon buyer says, “My Second Spigen Case. Fits perfectly.”


Which case cover did you ultimately choose for your Google Pixel 3a phone? Let us know your choice.

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