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DragonBall Z Voice Actor Accused Of Sexual Harassment To Pay More

DragonBall Z Voice Actor Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Main Highlights:

  • Dragonball Z and Fullmetal Alchemist Vic Magnona were accused of sexual misconduct by former employees of Funimation back in 2019.
  • He lost the trial in October 2020, after which he was given a chance to file an appeal.
  • However, he lost that too on all counts on 18th August 2022 and now has to pay more legal fines.

Vic Magnona, the vice actor of Broly, has to pay more fines after losing his appeal in court against a sexual harassment lawsuit. Vix is the English-dub voice actor of famous anime characters like Dragonball Z’s Broly and Fullmetal Alchemists Edward Elric.

A sexual misconduct lawsuit was filed against him by former Funimation employees and voice actors in 2019. The jury has passed the verdict that he has not provided any substantial evidence to prove his innocence in court. This was decided by the Court of Appeals in the Second Appellate District of Texas.

The court has found him guilty of all his actions. He has hereby been made responsible for paying the appeal fees. In addition, he also has to pay the attorney fees for accusing voice actress Monica Rial and her finance Ronald Toye. The total fees so far have exceeded a bill of $125,000.

Rial, her fiance Ronald, and other voice actors all spoke up about his inappropriate behavior on a long Twitter post. Vic then later filed a defamation lawsuit against everyone who accused him. All his 17 defamation claims were dropped by the court, prompting him to file an appeal, which he subsequently lost a few days before.

Funimation has apparently cut all ties with him, removing him as the voice actor of Broly and replacing him with Johnny Young Bosch from Bleach.


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