Upcoming Technology Launches From Big Tech Companies In 2024  

Technology Launches From Big Tech Companies

All major launches in the year 2024 by major tech companies from latest AI-infused refrigerator to latest AI chatbot, you will find in this article.

  1. LG AI Incorporated Smart Home  

LG is said to feature a new AI agent with its Smart Home at its upcoming CES, according to a new report from Interesting Engineering. This AI agent is a two-legged robot that serves as an interactive assistant with visual and voice interfaces so that users can interact. Along with conversational capabilities this AI robot can also manage different smart home appliances or IoT devices. This LG AI agent also monitors real-time environmental conditions, air quality, navigates spaces, takes charge of functions and serves as a household security guard.

  1. LG AI TV  

LG will not only launch it’s AI Smart Home but also a 98-inch AI TV at CES 2024.This 98-inch QNED TV will feature an AI-driven picture enhancer and powered by the A8 AI processor.

  1. Samsung AI Refrigerator  

December 2023, Samsung announced the debut  of a new refrigerator with the Bespoke 4-Door Flex at CES 2024. This refrigerator comes equipped with AI Family Hub and AI driven camera built-in the fridge to access ingredients inside the fridge and suggest recipes accordingly.

  1. Nvidia  

Nvidia in its latest blog post revealed that it plans to showcase its AI advancements in CES 2024. The revelation at CES 2024 will be a generative AI which might be an AI chatbot. Nvidia along with its AI revelation will also conduct several sessions  at CES 2024 with focus on robotics, company’s AI powered tools and AI gaming.

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