What Is TorrentGalaxy And What Are Its Latest Working URLs?

What Is TorrentGalaxy And What Are Its Latest Working URLs

For those who are unaware, TorrentGalaxy is a newly launched torrent website. Members and employees of ExtraTorrent who were made homeless after it shut down provided inspiration for the website. Later, more WWT employees joined them with the intention of building a distinctive torrent site.

To learn more about this Torebnt site, keep on reading this post till the end.

TorrentGalaxy Working URLs (Proxy URLs)

TorrentGalaxy Working URLs (Proxy URLs)
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Torrent sites have a tendency to be taken down by the government because of their hosting of pirated content. Here, TortrentGalaxy offers various proxy servers for you to access the website. Therefore, if one of the proxy servers gets taken down, you can opt to use another one in its place.


TorrentGalaxy Features

The primary features of using TorrentGalaxy that people mostly use it for are:

Torrent Search
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One of the primary features of TorrentGalaxy, similar to other Torrent sites, is its use as a Torrent Search engine. Do you want some of the latest games and movies to be released for free? Or do you want a “cracked” version of an application that you wish to use? You will get them all here at

You simply have to enter the website and just search for what you want. Whether it’s a new movie, Netflix TV series, software, or pornography – you will get them all here.

2. Download Torrents

Download Torrents

After you have searched for the torrent that you want in TorrentGalaxy, it’s now time for you to download them. There are two methods that you can apply to download the torrent that you want.

  • Torrent Download: Every file that you see on Torrent sites is embedded inside torrent files. You cannot directly download the files that you see on any Torrent website, since they are uploaded to the Torrent network. Therefore, you need to first download the torrent file and then open it through a Torrent client, like uTorrent. After you have done so, you can finally download the files you want.
  • Magnet Download: If you already have a Torrent client downloaded to your computer or smartphone, then you should click on Magnet Download. This will allow you to bypass the step of downloading the torrent file and opening it through a torrent client. Therefore, you can directly download the files from the torrent client. This is the most commonly used step used by most Torrent users.

3. Stream Content

Stream Content
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The best feature of TorrentGalaxy setting it apart from its competitors is its ability to stream video and audio content. If you wish to download entire music albums, movies, or a season of a new Netflix series – you can directly stream them now.

Therefore, you don’t need to download such content to view it. You can simply do so directly from your web browser by using the torrent galaxy website. After you are done searching for a torrent, you can click on Watch It to see it on the screen. The site has its own media player, which will allow you to play audio and video content without downloading them.

4. Share Content (P2P)

Share Content (P2P)
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Since Torrent sites like Torrentgalaxy relies on peer-to-peer shared content, you can upload content you wish to share. Therefore, if you want to become a content pirate and an advocate for free content for all, be my guest. 

Why Should You Not Use TorrentGalaxy?

Why Should You Not Use TorrentGalaxy
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Unreliable Torrent website makes use of shady advertising networks. This is a typical method of monetization that works by forcing redirection to a variety of shady and harmful websites. Peer-to-peer sharing networks violate copyright laws in addition to the risks associated with accessing the recommended web pages.

Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs) and even malware (such as ransomware, Trojan horses, etc.) are frequently available for download on torrent networks, often concealed as or combined with legitimate content. Consequently, you are highly discouraged against going to or utilizing

Various fake, sale-based/promotional, misleading, fraudulent, hacked, and harmful pages are promoted on websites that use rogue advertising networks. They accomplish this by forcing users to visit the sites when they do, or they make users go to them when they click on any of the hosted adverts or other material (such as buttons, links, etc.).

Rogue websites frequently feature obtrusive ads, which are more than simply an annoyance (such as pop-ups, banners, discounts, surveys, etc.). Once clicked, these adverts can run scripts to covertly download and install the software in addition to pointing to risky websites. PUAs are a good example of a material that has been introduced this way into systems.

These programs could appear trustworthy and safe. Additionally, the unwanted applications provide a wide range of “helpful” functionality that is rarely functioning but may even have hidden, hazardous activities. Some PUAs have the ability to force open malicious websites. Adware types make it possible for invasive adverts to be placed on every website that is viewed.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

People ask various questions regarding Torrentgalaxy. Here are my answers.

Q1. Why Do People Prefer Torentgalaxy Over Other Torrent Sites?

Ans: TorrentGalaxy aims to stand out from the hundreds of other torrent websites by keeping an active community and experimenting with innovative features. This includes streaming, which is something that most torrent sites avoid.

Q2. Is Torrentgalaxy Safe?

Ans: No, Torrent Galaxy is not safe, This is because most torrent sites share pirated content, which often contains a lot of adware and malware. Therefore, only use such sites art your own risk.


Even though TorrentGalaxy is just a few months old, its administrators have big plans for the website. The service was founded by former ExtraTorrent users and employees, therefore its creators are not new to the torrent scene. 

However, they believe that torrents are no longer sufficient on their own, so they have started to add streaming films to their site in an effort to close the gap between the two. Unsettling news for Hollywood.

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