3 Things To Consider Before Selling A Website

Selling A Website

Selling a website is something that requires a lot of planning. Even if you need the money right now, rushing the sale process could lead you to leave lots of money on the table.

You also have to see whether your website actually has value in the first place, or you may be disappointed by the results. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should consider before selling a website.

Is My Site Valuable?

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You can be selling a website for whatever price you want but that doesn’t mean you’ll find takers for it. You need to see if you have the type of site someone would want to buy. Understanding the current market is also extremely important.

If you own a website that has little to no intellectual property in a questionable niche, and that’s fairly new on top of that, you can’t expect people to show interest.

There are also some types of sites that are more difficult to sell than others because of how you demonstrate profits. This is why blogs typically sell for significantly less than eCommerce stores with all things equal.

How Can I Increase My Site’s Value?

If your site is in a niche that you know is hot at the moment, you need to do everything in your power to up its value before you sell it.

One of the easiest ways to make your site more valuable is to wait simply. If the website is less than two years old but close to it, we would strongly suggest that you wait until it gets to that psychological mark.

Any website that is under six months old will be severely devalued, so if your site falls into that category, try to wait until it is at least six months to sell if possible.

Another thing you should do is beef up your on-site content and work on SEO. Having lots of proprietary content will please prospective buyers.

So will a vast and diverse link profile. So, work on these two fronts so you can make your site as attractive as possible.

How Am I Going to Sell It?

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Next, you have to decide what approach you’re going to take to sell your website. You can sell it on your own if you wish, but that’s usually not the most efficient way and you run the risk of getting short-changed or worse.

There are two main options you could take here. You could check out website marketplaces like Empire Builders or Flippa, or go with a broker.

A benefit of using a website marketplace is that you’ll be able to do everything on your own and won’t have to pay a commission.

The issue, however, is that selling might take more time and you might not get as much for the site as you would if you sold through a broker.

A broker will actively go after buyers for you. This means that you’ll often be able to sell a website much faster. Not only that, but they have more credibility than you, which could allow you to receive more money for your site.

We have to warn you that brokers will usually only work with sites that they deem valuable. So, if you think your site is worth something, going with a broker is probably the best option.

A broker will also help you with making the site more valuable and coming up with a realistic valuation.

You need to look at all of these things before you put your site up for sale. The more prepared you are, the smoother the whole process will be, and you’ll be more likely happy with the outcome.

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