Which Of The Following Factors Can Impact The Open Rate Of Your Email Campaigns?

which of the following factors can impact the open rate of your email campaigns?

Question: Which of the following factors can impact the open rate of your email campaigns?

1: The number of links contained in the email. ❌

2: The number of images in your email. ❌

3: The opportunity for customers to opt out. ❌

4: The subject line of the email.

Final Answer: 4. The subject line of the email.

Which Of The Following Factors Can Impact The Open Rate Of Your Email Campaigns?- The Explanation

Do you want to know which of the following factors can impact the open rate of your email campaigns? You calculate an open rate by taking the number of individuals who open the email and dividing it by the total number of emails delivered that did not bounce. 

Therefore, it means dividing it by the total number of emails that did not reach the receiver. 

For example, if you send 100 emails and 10 of them bounce, you’ll still have 90 emails sent. Let’s assume 10 of those 90 emails are opened. This suggests that the open rate of your email campaign is 11%. It follows the formula of (10 / 90) * 100. 

Since one cannot open the mails that have been bounced or have not been delivered, this value is excluded from the open rate percentage.

You must know that B2B email marketing has been the most popular marketing channel for several years. Now, as the average number of promotional emails sent to readers continues to rise, you’d imagine that the email open rate is declining. That’s why you have to have a reliable list of emails from trusted email finder sites such as

Between 2015 and 2018, the average email open rate remained stable, averaging about 24% worldwide. In 2020, however, the average open rate was 21.3 percent, which was a slight decrease compared to 2019.

What Is Email Campaign Open Rate?

If you already know which of the following factors can impact the open rate of your email campaigns, you must understand what email open rate is. The percentage of subscribers who open a given email among your total subscribers is known as the email open rate.

Many people use their brand’s email open rate to evaluate their email campaign’s effectiveness. Now, while this measure is essential, it should not be used to establish your marketing approach. 

Instead, think about the many indicators and the objectives you want to achieve using the email marketing method.

In the same way, you must evaluate your brand’s email open rate in terms of your industry and how your open rates are increasing or not over a certain period. 

This will give you a better idea of how frequently consumers anticipate receiving your emails. You’ll also be able to figure out what kind of material your target audience enjoys the most.

Are you considering the global challenges that might affect your brand’s email open rates? For example, are you providing suitable material to the right segment of customers? Is it possible that your email sending rate is not often enough? On the other hand, is it possible that you’re sending emails too frequently? 

There are a few questions you need to consider to establish your optimal open rate. First, you must check your email preheader text and subject lines.

Finally, make sure that your company follows email marketing best practices and sends high-quality information to the correct sections of customers. It will enhance your brand’s email open rates more significantly over the years to a more interested audience engaged with your brand. It is better than spending excessive time on your subject line, which will only result in a higher open rate, but that will be for that one email only.

Why Is Email Open Rate Important?

Which of the following factors can impact the open rate of your email campaigns? We have already given you this answer. So, you must know that one of the essential elements of an email marketing method’s effectiveness is the open rate. It helps in identifying which characteristics of your email strategy need to improve.

You must consider this as a wake-up call if your open rate continuously becomes poor. For example, think of an email marketing campaign as a sales funnel. If the readers don’t open the mail and read it until the end, they won’t take the preferred action you hoped they would via your email marketing. 

You may have hoped they would click on your site link, increasing your CTR rate, but this objective won’t be achieved if they don’t open the mail. 

The email open rate becomes the most effective when used with other email campaign success indicators like unsubscription, click-through, forwarded, and spam complaints. This set of metrics gives you a complete picture of how effective an email marketing campaign is. 

Therefore, if your brand’s email open rate is extremely low, it’s possible that you didn’t attract the attention of your subscribers with your subject line or that you didn’t send the email at the right time. 

Which Factors Influence Email open rate?

Which of the following factors can impact the open rate of your email campaigns? There is no standard email open rate, which is universally accepted everywhere, so there are many factors to influence the open rate. The open rate changes across the industry, the email pattern (transactional email, newsletter, triggered email), and a range of several other factors. Apart from that, a few cultural and technological factors also impact the open rate. Some of the elements are;

  • The e-commerce enterprises that deal with sports, art, religion, and leisure activities have a more effective email open rate.
  • The ones that have more specific themes have a higher open rate than emails with generic topics.
  • The larger your mailing list, the lower your email open rates are.
  • As some people turn off their images, their open rate does not count unless they click through the link inside the email.
  • If there are no pictures in plain text emails, their open rates are typically low as they fail to attract audience attention.
  • The feature to preview images is available in several email applications. Though it will be considered as an opened mail, the receiver may actually never open it.


As we are nearing the end of this article, we think you may have some questions left on your mind about this topic. However, we have handpicked a few such questions here that can guide you better in this process. Let’s take a look;

1: How Do You Increase Email Open Rate?

Ans: You must always keep your email subscriber list fresh, avoid spam filters, and segment the list according to customer interests. The best way to increase the email open rate is to make the subject line stand out so that people are intrigued to open it. Also, make the email content engaging and follow a friendly tone to increase the open rates of your emails.

2: What Is A Good Open Rate For An Email Campaign?

Ans: If your company follows only email campaigns as its marketing approach, it has to have a more than 25% open rate. However, an open rate between 20%-25% is considered good if an email campaign is your secondary marketing approach.

3: Is Open Rate Important For Email Marketing?

Ans: Open rate is one of the most important metrics for email marketing as it shows how engaged your audience is with your emails. A low open rate will signify that your mail is reading the wrong segment of the audience. It may also mean that your content is not up to the mark, so people are not intrigued to read it till the end.

Putting It All Together

 This article has elaborated enough details on the ‘which of the following factors can impact the open rate of your email campaigns?’ question. To summarise, you don’t need to use the email open rate as the primary metric for determining the effectiveness of an email campaign. But if your brand’s open rate suddenly drops, it means something is wrong, and it’s time to act on it. Conversely, if it increases much higher all of a sudden, it typically signifies you’re on the correct course. If you want to know more about it, you can reach us through the comment section.

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