Why Is My Xbox Controller Blinking? Top 7 Ways To Fix It  

Why Is My Xbox Controller Blinking

You must read this article if you searched for ‘Why is my xbox controller blinking?’. In this article, we have provided some reasons why your Xbox controller keeps blinking. We have also provided reasons as to why your Xbox controller keeps disconnecting. So, read this article to learn more on this topic.

Why Is My Xbox Controller Blinking?

If you have been searching for ‘why is my xbox controller blinking?’ then continue reading this article.

You might have noticed that the controller blinks while playing games on the latest Xbox X/S series or the Xbox One. It does not necessarily mean something is wrong with your Xbox controller if the light keeps blinking.

At the same time, this controller light also indicates battery issues when the light blinks slower than usual. Your Xbox controller’s battery might need changing when this slow blinking occurs.

Again, if the blinking in the Xbox controller is fast, this indicates that it’s trying to connect with a PC or console. Here are some of the common causes as to why your Xbox controller keeps on blinking.

  • One of the main reasons for an Xbox controller blinking is that there might be a problem with its battery pack. Your controller’s battery might be draining or dying. You must replace your Xbox controller battery pack when you see slow blinking.
  • Xbox controller light can also blink if your controller has a faulty update or needs an update. Due to no update in your controller, it often becomes incompatible with the latest console.
  • Again, the light will keep blinking if there is a problem with your Xbox controller cables or accessories or syncing and power supply,
  • When your Xbox controller faces interference from other Bluetooth devices or smartphones while connecting to a PC or console, it blinks.
  • The last reason, if none of these reasons matches your controller’s blinking chances, is your controller is broken.

Why Is My Xbox Controller Blinking Then Turning Off?

If your Xbox One controller flashes then turns off, then your controller is most probably not receiving much power, hence why it’s shut down to save energy. Usually, if any Xbox controller blinks and turns off, check for the power source first, as that’s usually the problem. Not getting proper power results in shutting down the controller, which is Bluetooth-enabled to save power.

You can try turning off the Xbox, then waiting for some time, and again turning your Xbox on. This will help stop your controller from blinking and shutting down.

You can also check your Xbox plug-in to see if it’s properly connected or needs to be properly plugged in.

Why Does My Xbox Controller Keep Disconnecting?

Your Xbox controller keeps disconnecting, most probably due to your controller not having enough battery power. When this happens, you need to check your Xbox battery.

Suppose you have an Xbox 360 controller, and the controller keeps disconnecting. You can charge the batteries of your Xbox controller by using the Xbox Charge Kit, which has a charging cord that will power up the batteries if it’s low on power.

You can also plug in your controller and charging cable in a USB power source. While charging, the light will blink in orange. After the battery of the controller gets fully charged, the light will turn white.

But if your controller still doesn’t connect after charging, you will need to replace the Xbox 360 controller battery pack.

Ways To Fix Blinking On Xbox Controller

Here are ways you can fix the blinking of your Xbox controller by checking for the reasons given below. Chances are one of these reasons is disrupting your controllers’ connectivity.

Test the Batteries in Your Xbox Controllers  

If your Xbox controller flashes but won’t turn on, it mostly happens when your battery is out of power. Or if your controller remains disconnected, you might want to check those batteries, as they might be the reason for your controller not connecting.

So the best way is to charge your red Xbox controller or Xbox One white controller, whichever you have.

Re-sync Your Xbox Controller  

You can also try re-syncing your controller with your Xbox console to see if it connects. It will take you hardly seconds to re-sync your controller with your device. Sometimes, when we pair controllers with different devices like PCs, phones, or consoles, it gets out of sync. So, the best way you can start your controller is by re-syncing.

Try Reconnecting the Console and Cables  

If your Xbox controller still keeps on blinking, then try reconnecting your xbox console. You must disconnect all the cables on your console and ensure the power is on. Next, you will need to plug in the cables in the power source to start the console and try syncing your controller to the console.

This will hopefully solve the blinking on your Xbox controller. Also, check your network connection while r-plugging the Xbox console cables.

Power Cycle Your Xbox Controller and Console  

When controllers have trouble updating firmware, the controller can disconnect or keep flashing lights and then turn off. Performing a power cycle on your controller will eliminate any firmware issues blocking the connectivity of the controller.

Power cycle means to press and hold the controller button for 10 seconds, which will turn off the controller. Again, restarting the controller after a few seconds.

Check the Firmware Updates  

Your Xbox controller update might be long overdue, so your controller seems to keep blinking or getting disconnected. Keep your controller up-to-date by updating its software to ensure smooth running.

You can try connecting Your Xbox Controller With a USB Cable.  

Cool Down the Power Supply and Console  

You can revert the Firmware on Your Controller.  

You can try Switching to a Different Console or Power Outlet.  

If none of these methods work, you probably need a new xbox controller, as your controller is broken. We hope you won’t need to search for ‘Why is my xbox controller blinking?’ anymore. Hopefully, these methods will solve your controller’s problem. Let us know if these methods solved your problem with the controller.

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