Top 10 Valorant Trackers For Ultimate Players In 2023


Valorant has slowly become the biggest online game since its release in 2020. With a tough as nails gameplay similar to Counter Strike balanced out with the chaos of Overwatch, it’s one of the most perfect games ever made conceptually. But why do you need to use a Valorant tracker?

Using a tracker is the best way to keep track of your performance and stats each game. Therefore, start using these tracker to become a better Valorant player now! Keep on reading to find out the best trackers you can use in 2023.

Best Valorant Trackers You Can Use Right Now In 2023

These are the best Valorant tracker you can use in 2023 to take note of your performance and better yourself:


When it comes to using a Valorant tracker in 2023, is by far the most popular one. This tracker is endorsed by most professional Valorant players and streamers, as you can see it appear on their streams.

Blitz Valorant has an application that you can download on your computer. Plus, it shows your stats for other Riot games, like League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, and Team Fight Tactics.

In addition, it also shows metrics for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, and Apex Legends as well.

• Intuitive UI
• Easy to use
• Has a Windows application
• Doesn’t provide in-depth stats – just the necessary ones


If you want to see the most amount of stats from a single Valorant tracker, then start using

This Valorant stats tracker shows in-depth stats about every Valorant game you have played. This includes your K/D ratio, which guns you use the most, number of aces this season, your most-played Valorant agents, and lots more.

In addition, this website and app has lots of video guides for you too. This includes lineups for agents like Viper, Sova, Killjoy, and more!

• Shows the most in-depth information
• Has its own mobile application
• Video guides of agent-specific strategies
• The UI can become crowded at times
• Some in-depth performance reports are locked behind a paywall (premium features)

3. Overwolf


When it comes to Valorant trackers, Overwolf Valorant Tracker is the most popular. Apart from Valorant, Overwolf is able to track your stats for many popular PvP multiplayer games. This includes the likes of Hearthstone, PUBG, DOTA 2, League of Legends, and Fortnite.

The Overwolf application is famous for not taking any memory at all. Therefore, as you are playing games, you can run this in the background with no performance drops.

• You can see the stats of your friends as well by searching their usernames
• Overwolf shows the same stats as
• Everything has to be done through the Overwolf app.
• The UI can become confusing at times

4. is a great Valorant tracker that is specifically made for this game. If you want in-depth reports of your performance after each match, bookmark this website now.

This Valorant star tracker is famous for its post-game analysis that gives info about which abilities you used, your weapon accuracy, and your favorite angles. Think of it more like an in-depth version of Valorant’s in-game post-match analysis.

• Provides an in-depth post-game analysis after the end of every match
• Makes use of the Valorant API to fetch data
• The website is still pretty buggy and glitchy at times
• Might take some time to load up stats


If you want a pretty basic Valorant tracker that shows all the essential stats, try using You can download this application from its official website for free instantly since it’s a pretty small app.

However, unlike trackers like, this one shows only the most vital stats. There’s no in-depth post-match analysis like as well. Plus, it shows no additional guides as well.

• Shows only the most essential stats
• The application is pretty easy to use
• Intuitive UI
• No additional stats for hardcore Valorant nerds
• No Valorant guides and news for noobs
• Can suffer from downtimes occasionally


If you want to swiftly skill up using Chamber Valorant by learning from your mistakes, then is here.

Unlike other Valorant trackers, Swiftskill provides various detailed graphical representations of your performances. Uniquely, this stat tracker also provides detailed summaries after each match. You can look at them and understand where you need to improve.

• Intuitive UI
• Easy to understand graphical stat representation
• Provides in depth post-match analysis
Only shows stats. Guides and news are not shown
• Post-match analysis is locked behind a paywall (premium feature)

7. is another popular Valorant tracker getting more recognition over time. This stat tracker is getting more and more popular because of its straightforward UI and various other information as well.

In addition to your stats, this tracker also shows helpful guides l;ike the current Valorant meta. This will allow you to master different agents according to the maps that they are good in.

• Clean user interface
• This is the only Valorant tracker that shows Meta information and agent pick rates across maps
• Shows only the essential stats
• No post match analysis
• It doesn’t show win rates across maps

8. Spike Stats

Spike Stats

If you want a Valorant tracker for tracking specific niche stats that you want to focus on, use Spike Stats. This app is best used alongside another tracker app from this list, like, which is what I mostly did.

With this app, you can get info on stats like the use of specific weapons and agents on specific maps. In addition, you will also get graphical data representation of your performance after every match.

• Provides information on useful niche stats
• Clean UI
• Graphical stat representation
• Downloading the application is necessary


If you like using the Overwolf Stat Tracker, then you will also enjoy using This tracker will provide players with all stats, all in one place.

However, the feature that separated this tracker valorant from others is its use of a Voice Assistant. If you have Cortana activated, you can simply provide voice commands to show specific stats as an overlay while playing Valorant. However it’s not always convenient in the middle of a B rush!

• This app tracks most of the stats
• You can have a look at many online guides on this site
• Use Voice Assistant for faster results
• The Voice Assistant can be wonky sometimes
• Downloading the app is necessary

10. Valoperf


Getting good at Valorant is not an easy task. You have to train your aim and learn the lineups and utility usage for each agent map by map. Therefore, if you need a Valorant tracker to track your improvement, use Valoperf.

With this website, it shows your performance improvement over the last three months. This includes showing accuracy improvements with each gun, and increase in map and agent win rates as well. Plus, you can find new teammates with its “Mate Finder” feature that pairs you with other players with similar stats!

• Shows your skill progressions over the last few months
• Find new teammates using the “Mate Finder” feature
• You cannot check the stats progressions for other Valorant players
• The site will often suffer from downtimes and server issues

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Valorant players all over the world have various questions to ask regarding how to Valorant Tracker download. Here are my answers to their questions:

Q1. Are Valorant Trackers Trustworthy?

Ans: Yes, you can trust all the data about your performance on Valorant stat trackers. The only thing you need to keep an eye out are its updates. Sometimes, it will take some time before it updates your stats with your latest match data.

Q2. Does Using Valorant Trackers Reduce Performance?

Ans: No, using Valorant stat trackers does not reduce or hamper your in-game performance. These apps are very light on size and do not take up too much of your memory.

Q3. Are Valorant Trackers Riot Approved?

Ans: Yes, most trackers have been approved by Riot. Whenever you start using a Valorant stats tracker, it asks you to connect your Riot account with it. When you do connect your Riot account with the tracker, you give it permission to access all your account details.


Using a Valorant tracker is the best way to get in-depth details about your performance in every match. This includes knowing about stats like your headshot accuracy, K/D ratio, map and agent win ratios, damage per round, and more.

In addition, some of these trackers also show various video guides uploaded by users. These guides can range from learning about the best peeking spots and post-plant lineups to clutch the round without a scratch!For more Valorant guides, check out more of these and much more right here in TechMagNews!

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