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4k video downloader

When you come across an interesting video on Youtube, you might want to download it and watch it later. However, you find yourself stuck there because you do not know how to do so. If you have been facing this dilemma, this article is for you. 

4K Video Downloader is a great Youtube video downloader that you can get on the internet. This application got developed by a Russian company called Open Media LLC. This comes under the 4K Download series of cross-platform applications. 

After reading this article, you will be able to understand the functions of this application. You can then decide whether this is the application you were looking for as a 4K video downloader free. 

What Is A 4K Video Downloader?

What Is A 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is a free-to-use multiplatform video downloader created by Open Media LLC. This application allows you to download all your favorite videos from video-sharing websites like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. This application was developed using the C++ programming language and launched in 2014. 

Some of the earlier version of this application was open-source found on libraries and frameworks. However, this Youtube 4K video downloader has become quite famous since its launch and became synonymous with the tag of “Best Youtube Video Downloader.”

How To Install 4K Video Downloader

How To Install 4K Video Downloader

You can install this application on your computer or smartphone by following the steps explained below:

  1. Go to their official website by searching on Google.
  2. Click on the Downloads tab on top of their homepage.
  3. Click on the link to download the application and download the .exe file.
  4. Go to My Computer and then find the file that you downloaded. It will probably be on the Downloads folder on your computer.
  5. Click on the .exe file and follow the instructions to install the application. 

After the installation process has finished, you can now start using this application and downloading your favorite videos from YouTube!

Features Of 4K Video Downloader

There are multiple valuable features of the 4K Video downloader that you can use right now. These are the options to:

1. Download 4k Videos From Multiple Websites

Download 4k Videos From Multiple Websites

The main feature of this application is to allow its users to download 4k videos from multiple websites. These include Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, and many other websites. 

You can download all videos in 4k quality if the source video is in that format. Then, all you need to do is copy and paste the links to those videos in the application and let it do the rest for you. 

2. Extract Subtitles From Youtube Videos

Extract Subtitles From Youtube Videos

We often ended up watching Youtube videos in foreign languages that we did not understand. Therefore, there is a high chance that the video will have embedded subtitles that you can turn on and off. 

Suppose the video you are watching does have embedded subtitles. In that case, you can download the subtitle file using a 4k video downloader. You can download these Youtube subtitles as a text file with an extension of .srt. We used media players like VLC Player to display these subtitles on the screen while watching them because of this file. 

3. Setup In-App Proxy

Setup In-App Proxy

This application has an in-app proxy changer that allows you access to geographically restricted videos on many websites. Setting up a secure connection with this application is easy and can be done in seconds. 

4. Activate Smart Mode

Smart Mode is an exclusive feature of this application that we liked. This feature allows you to record the details of your favorite Youtube channels that you have subscribed to. 

If you want, 4K Video Downloader will automatically notify you when that channel releases a new video and automatically download it if you give the application the necessary permissions. We mostly downloaded videos in 4K. Therefore, we were thrilled to know that this application saved our preference and automatically downloaded 4k videos when we hit the download button. 

Advantages Of 4K Video Downloader

1. Download Entire Youtube Playlists

Download Entire Youtube Playlists

This application allows you to download the entire video playlist that a channel has compiled. This includes full music albums and discographies of your favorite artists, and tutorial video series on a specific topic. 

You can queue all the videos to get downloaded one at a time in the free version of this application. This allows you to download videos in the background while you continue watching more. 

2. Multiple Supported Video Formats

Multiple Supported Video Formats

You get the nifty option to download your favorite youtube videos in multiple supported formats. This ranges from 144p to 4k 60fps. Of course, you can also download them in other file formats like mp4, Mkv, and much more. We were thrilled to find this option since many devices support different video formats. 

3. Available In 13 Languages

A great benefit of the 4K Video Downloader is viewing the website in multiple languages. From Mandarin to Spanish, you can read the information on the screen in your native language without much hassle. 

4. Intuitive User Interface

We found this application’s user interface to be easily accessible, with ease of navigation being a central focus of this application. All the buttons and tabs are big enough to be clicked on, along with the application being smoothly scrollable. The inclusion of Smart Mode also makes this application work better with intuitive controls. 

5. Android Version

We were happy to find that we can also use this 4k video downloader for android smartphones. This will allow you to download your favorite videos on the go, whether you are on a long bus journey or in the middle of an office meeting.

Disadvantages of 4K Video Downloader

1. Limited Downloads With Free Version

Suppose you are using the free version of this application. In that case, you will not be able to download more than one video simultaneously. If you want to do so, you have to upgrade to the premium version, allowing the download of seven videos simultaneously.

2. Intrusive Advertisements

We were pretty annoyed with all the constant advertisements popping up on the screen. We know that most users will use the free version, as it’s great for personal use. However, the number of advertisements soon became quite overwhelming, with ads often popping up with every click. 

3. No iPhone Version

Though we were pretty happy to use this application in our android smartphones, we got bummed out to find no similar mobile versions for iOS devices. Therefore, you are sadly out of luck if you happen to own an iPhone. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is 4k Video Downloader Really Free?

Yes, it has a free version that lets you download all the videos you want, although with some restrictions. You can purchase the premium version to gain access to all the features of this application. 

Q2. Which Is The Best 4k Video Downloader?

This application is one of the best video downloaders available on the internet right now. You can install and use this application for free from its official website. 

Q3. What Is The Official Site For 4k Video Downloader?

The official site for this application is You can download the application on your computer or smartphone from this website by searching it on Google. 

Q4. What Is Latest Version Of 4k Video Downloader?

This video downloader has many versions. For the computer, the latest version is, released on 3rd February 2022. For android devices, the newest version is, released on 24th December 2021. 


After you read this article, we hope that you can finally download your favorite videos from Youtube with the click of a few buttons. 4K video downloader is a great companion for you if you want to use this on your android phone while traveling. If you found this article on youtube informative, then check out our other pages as well!

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