Apple Developing an In-house 6G Modem That Will Be Used For Future iPhone Models  

6G Modem

For sometime, Apple was known to be working on developing a 5G modem in-house but did not find any success developing it and currently depended on Qualcomm for its 5G modem for its iPads and iPhones.

But Apple did not stop developing its 5G modem and continues its work on the 5G modem. In a recent report by Bloomberg that suggested that as of now Apple is also working on developing an in-house 6G modem.

6G modems anticipation with electronic devices like phones, laptops and tabs have already led to tech giants like Apple working on developing its in-house 6G modem. 6G modem is said to offer higher data transfer speed up to 11 Gbps up-link speed and ultra-low latency for devices like laptops, smartphones and tabs.

Mark Gurman in the PowerOn Newsletter says that Apple has been working on this 6G modem since 2021. Apple has started developing it early, as 6G modem will not be in the market until 2030, hence, it gives the company lots of time to develop its 6G modem along with testing and optimizing it.

Although this development might take time, if successful Apple will not only be self -reliant but also have more control over its hardware. Alongside this, the company will also offer financial benefits for its customers in the long run.
In modern smartphones modems are an important part and they are difficult to develop. These modems in smartphones need to be tested around the world before being used.

Although Apple has successfully developed chips for its different devices like iPhones, Macs, iPads and Apple Watches but it’s unable to develop modem for its devices, the last missing part of its device.
Hence, why Apple is looking for an architect working on cellular platform to coordinate and drive its 6G reference architecture. The company wants an architect in cellular platform to conduct experiments and develop prototypes for its 6G technology and plans to access candidates for this position.

As of now, Qualcomm is the only 5G modem provider for the company. Even after some conflicts between the two tech companies, Apple renewed its license in September 2023 with Qualcomm for its 5G modems in the iPhones up

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