AC Companies Wants Cool Designs For AC But High Cost Becoming A Hurdle For Them

AC Companies Wants Cool Designs For AC But High Cost Becoming A Hurdle

Air conditioning manufactures companies plan to make coolers designed AC to cool the warming world but high cost is becoming a hurdle for them. The demand for AC is rising along with rising temperatures all over the world.

The price of owning an AC is also risen in the last two decades but as everything needs an upgrade so does AC. Hence why AC companies want to invest in new cooler designed AC. But the cost of the AC will be considerably higher when manufacturing these new cooler design AC.

The high cost is becoming a hurdle for AC companies. While AC does help us from the deadly heat outside during warmer months but at the same time it accelerates the climate crisis as well.

This summer when temperatures rose 40 degrees in European countries, AC helped the population cool down. 23% jump in sales was seen in Spain this year itself during the summer heatwave.

According to the International Energy Agency 7% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the world come from coolers and refrigerants. So demand for AC or coolers could triple this emission rate by 2050 said the agency.

The United Nations Environment Programme’s Cool Coalition head, Lily Riahi says, “We’ve got a big problem. Without strong policy actions, emissions will skyrocket.”

In 2023 U.N. climate summit, major companies and the government have grappled with problem of climate crisis by discussing efficient energy ideas to replace high-polluting refrigerants. Several countries have backed COP28 for reducing cooling-related emissions by 67% from 2022 to 2050.

Industry experts have given their thoughts about the matter saying governments should offer incentives to companies who are developing sustainable AC technologies. These incentives will encourage more companies to develop sustainable AC and introduce them in the market faster.Riahi said that making present efficient units of AC affordable can also help increase its sale among the masses. This will ensure the shift towards sustainable products especially AC easier. She adds, “There is super efficient equipment available today that is not being tapped into. We need to create demand with policy.”

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