Microsoft Announces New AI Chips And More Tech News

AI Chips

All tech announcements from the tech world from Microsoft announcing latest AI chips to Whatsapp Channel having more than 500 million users, you will find here in this article.

  1. At the Ignite Conference 2023, Microsoft announced an in-house AI chips. These AI chips will be able to do generative AI tasks like model training at 2023 Microsoft Ignite.

Microsoft’s Maia 100 chip will be designed to run large language AI models or power products such as Azure OpenAI service.

Microsoft also showcased a CPU based on the Arm architecture called Cobalt 100. Cobalt 100 has 128-core chip that was built with the purpose of offering general cloud services that was running on Azure.

  1. Whatsapp Channel have crossed the 500 million mark of users and included some new updates. The latest updates are that now you can add stickers to your Whatsapp Channel.

The Whatsapp Channel will highlight famous channels on Whatsapp like the International Cricket Council, Indian Cricket Team, Allu Arjun, Katrina Kaif, Diljit Dosanjh, Vijay Deverakonda and Mumbai Indians.

  1. Instagram has announced several new features and updates. Instagram got new AI stickers generators that you can customize. You can covert a picture or video to a sticker using this AI sticker generator. Instagram new updates also comes with new filters and options to edit your videos and pictures in the app.
  2. Google app is now testing a feature that adds notes to links on search results along with articles that appear on Discovery feed. This feature is only available in Google Search labs as is an experimental feature as of now.

iMessage capabilities soon to be launched on Android through Nothing Chats app. This custom chats app has been developed by Sunbird. Users of this app will have to log in with an Apple ID on their Android phone and then enjoy most features of iMessage. The iMessages will be linked to Mac mini located in Europe or the US.

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