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How To Solve Apple Watch Update Stuck On Preparing – Complete Guide

apple watch update stuck on preparing

When it comes to choosing the best smartwatch in the market, Apple comes at the top tier. The Apple smartwatches offer plenty of features that make living daily life easier. With time, Apple is coming up with some advanced features in their latest models with frequent updates. As a result, most Apple Watch users have an excellent user experience and are satisfied. However, that does not mean there are no downsides. 

Just like every other smartwatch, there are some cons available in the Apple watch. The Apple watch update stuck on preparing is the most recent one among all of them. Unfortunately, many users have experienced the same thing with the recent update. If you are reading this article, you are one of them, and you want to get a solution. Don’t worry; we will help you find out some of the best ways to fix this issue

Some Of The Common And Proved Solutions To Fix The “Apple Watch Update Stuck On Preparing” Issue 

As mentioned above, there are plenty of ways available to fix this issue and complete the update. All of them might not work for you, but some of them will definitely help you out. Go through all of the solutions to find out all the details about them. Stay tuned and look at all of the solutions to find out more. 

Check The Status Of Bluetooth & Wi-Fi 

Check The Status Of Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

If you face the “Apple watch update stuck on preparing” issue, then before trying anything else, first check the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth status. If the iPhone and the Apple watch do not have access to both Bluetooth and Wi-fi, then the update of watchOS can fail or stall. 

To check the status one the Apple Watch, press the Digital Crown and tap on the Settings. Next, scroll down the settings and go to the sections “Bluetooth” and “Wi-Fi” Check if the toggles beside Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are active. 

Be Patient 

Whether you are unable to check for update Apple watch or the Apple watch update stuck on preparing, you need to be patient. Most of these functions take a lot of time, and most users do not have enough patience to wait for a while. Although the updates are not as big as Mac or iPhone, it still takes time to finish. 

You need to ensure that you provide enough time for the whole process. Try to avoid updating it while you are outside or at work; the best time to update the watchOS is overnight. Also, if you are updating as soon as the update comes out, it is normal to experience slow download speed due to overload in the server. So, you have to wait it out to complete the process successfully. 

Keep Apple Watch and iPhone Close. 

During the update process, you need to make sure that the Apple Watch and The iPhone are next to each other. Although it is very hard to keep your devices idle and not touch them for a long time, this is necessary during the update. If the communication between both the devices is delayed, it can cause the Apple watch update stuck on verifying or the Apple watch update stuck on preparing. 

Connect The Apple Watch To Charger 

The issue doesn’t need to be happening due to a major reason. It can happen if the charge of the iPhone is low. Also, it is recommended to have more than 50% battery when you are charging the device; there are many users who want to start the update when the charge is lower. 

Although the watch won’t initiate the update if the charge is below 50% during the update, the charge can go down, and you can face the “Apple watch update stuck on preparing” issue. So, try to put your device in charge while on an update to ensure that the charge is not low. 

Delete The Update File And Try Again 

You might get a corrupt update file on your phone for many reasons. For example, maybe you have tried to update previously, somehow it got interrupted, or for other reasons. However, if you have such files stored on your Apple Watch, you might get issues like “Apple Watch unable to check for update” and others. Here are the steps that will help you find out how to delete the corrupt update file. 

  • Open the app of iPhone Watch and visit the sections general>Usage>Software Update
  • You can then tap on Delete to remove the existing update file 
  • Now, come back to the General screen and tap on Software Update to download and re-install the update from the beginning

You can also delete the file from the watch by visiting these tabs Settings, Usage, then Software Update. Finally, tap on the file to remove it from the watch. 

Make Storage On The Apple Watch 

Just like iPhones, there is a certain storage limit on the Apple Watches. You will need to keep that in mind while updating your watch. It will help you to make the update go smoothly without any issues. If you are getting the “Apple Watch update stuck on preparing” issue, you need to check the storage of the device. 

If the storage of your Apple Watch is full, then the download might get stuck, or the update can get stuck. The best way to get out of it is by making storage on your watch before starting the update. You can remove unnecessary things from your watch to make space easily. 

Reset The Apple Watch

If all of the above processes are not working, you will have to reset the Apple Watch as a last resort. In most cases, resetting the Apple Watch helps fix all the issues. For example, you will get a solution to the “Apple Watch update stuck on preparing” issue. However, you need to know that resetting the device will delete all the data; make sure to take a backup.   

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. What Do I Do When My iOS Update Is Stuck On Preparing? 

There are plenty of things that you can do when the “Apple Watch update stuck on preparing” Here are some of the processes that you can try to fix the issue. 

Restart the device 
Reset the watch
Be patient and wait
Keep the devices in range
Connect the charger to the Apple Watch

Q2. How Long Does Preparing An Apple Watch Update Take? 

According to Apple, the process can take as long as an hour or more. However, the update process can take even longer if there are any issues. Therefore, do not interrupt the update if it has already reached the process of installing.  

Q3. Why Does Apple Preparing Update Take So Long? 

The Apple preparing update takes longer when the Wi-Fi is not working as it should. Therefore, it is important to connect with a good and reliable network. If you are not connected to a reliable Wifi, the update can take longer than it should. 

Q4. Why Is iOS 14 Stuck On Preparing Update Mean? 

There are plenty of reasons that can create iOS 14 stuck on preparing update. One of the major reasons that can cause this issue is the existing update file. If the update file is corrupted or incomplete, the update can get stuck.  


If you are reading this article, you are also facing the “Apple watch update stuck on preparing issue” You will find some of the best fixes available in this article that will help you finish the update successfully. Make sure to go through all of the solutions to get the perfect one for you

All of these solutions might not work to fix the issue. But one of them will indeed work and help you resolve the issue. If this article has helped you get the solution to the problem, share it with others. Also, make sure to share your feedback about the article in the comments to help us improve. 

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