Top 10 Best Laptop Cooling Pad In 2021

best laptop cooling pad

One of the most common dreams of every laptop owner is to have a cold temperature on their devices. Unfortunately, most laptops tend to get very hot with heavy gaming or multitasking. It prevents the laptop users from keeping the laptop in their body parts or sensitive area of the room. Also, the performance of some laptops gets interrupted when hot. 

Laptop manufacturer companies are increasing the features and power of their laptops with each launch. Some gaming laptops are thinner machines with lots of power. This is why they are bound to get hot after heavy use. When the processors and GPUs are pushed to the limit, they tend to get very hot. 

There are some laptops that come with a cooling process to keep them cool even under high use. But, unfortunately, others have heat-related problems that make it uncomfortable to use. Fortunately, you can find many best laptop cooling pads in the market that can turn down the heat of any laptop. 

They are very useful for gamers, creators, or people who like to push their laptops to the limit. However, you need to choose the best cooling pads to get extraordinary results, and other cooling pads get the job done but are not that good for extended use. So, if you do not want to waste your money, here are the top 10 best laptop cooling pads given below. 

Top 10 Leading Laptop Cooling Pad In 2021 

Are you looking for the best cooling pad for a laptop to cool down the temperature? Well, many new cooling pad models from different brands were launched in 2021. Here are some of the best ones you can choose for optimum results. 

1. Cooler Master Notepal XL 

As the name suggests, they know how to cool down the heat and provide better performance. It uses a single fan of 230mm, which is large and very impressive. In addition, you get a fan speed controller to control the temperature. It is designed to provide optimal airflow through the laptop. The powerful cooling system of this cooling pad is rated to provide 89.8 cubics every minute.

2. Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5 

It is one of the best gaming laptop cooling pads on the list. It comes with five fans, one of which is a 120mm large model, and the rest are 70mm. As a result, the cooling system of this cooling pad is impressive. The best thing about this cooling pad is the option to control any of the fans. You can turn some of them off based on your cooling requirement. 

3. Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB 

If you are the owner of a large laptop or notebook, this is the perfect and best laptop cooling pad. No matter how massive the laptop or notebook is, it can handle upto 19-inch gaming laptops. It comes with a 200mm fan with adjustable speed and three different angle settings. As it is used for bigger laptops, the massive fan helps to provide perfect cooling. In addition, the RGB lighting is a plus that makes your laptop look even cooler. 

4. Targus Chill Mat 

On the next position, Targus Chill Mat comes with extra features with its cooling ability. It comes with two large fans and 4 USB ports. Although the size of the fans is not disclosed, they can run at more than 2500 rpm. This cooling pad is very slim and compact in size. Also, you can adjust the height levels between 4 different angles. If you require both the best laptop cooling pad and some USB ports, this is a perfect choice.

5. Enermax TwisterOdio 16 

Just like the last one, this one also comes with extra features. You will get both a cooling pad and built-in speakers. Although it provides additional features, the cooling system is top-notch. Most laptops struggle with heat, and another very common issue is sound output. With this cooling pad, you do not have to use any external speakers. The speakers are above average and come with 2W output. 

6. Cooler Master MasterNotepal Maker 

Another masterpiece from the Cooler Master, which is known to be the best laptop cooling pad. It comes with 2 x 80mm fans that you can place as you want. Being a modular cooling pad, it provides the option to position the fans. The build quality and cooling capability of this cooling pad are impressive. It also provides features like an attachable USB hub, removable stoppers, cable management, etc.

7. TechNet N8 Laptop Cooling Pad

If you have a low budget but want to get the best laptop cooling pad, then the TechNet N8 Laptop cooling pad is an excellent choice for you. Of course, being a budget-friendly cooling pad, you can’t expect to get cooling like all the other ones on this list. However, compared to the price, it does a decent job of cooling down any laptop. In addition, you will get to see three 118mm fans and a USB port to plug any device. 

8. Tree New Bee Cooling Pad 

It is another very budget-friendly model that comes with good cooling capabilities. Comes with four fans of 110mm size and adjustable speed. You can turn down two fans if you want to adjust the cooling. The best thing about this cooling pad is its price. It is very affordable and comes with high-quality features. However, the only bad thing about this product is the height adjustment. 

9. Tarkan Heavy Duty LED Gaming Cooling Pad 

Suppose you are someone who pushes their laptop to the limit with heavy games and applications. It comes with four different fans to provide the best cooling. The fans are mighty, but there is no sound produced from them. If you are looking for the best laptop cooling pad, this can help you get a flawless experience. 

10. Cooler Master Notepal X-Slim 

Are you looking for the best portable laptop cooling pad that is price efficient? Well, Cooler Master Notepal X-Slim is the best laptop cooling pad with a large 160mm fan. Despite having a big fan, it is very lightweight and slim. This cooling pad is best to use with a 12-17 inch laptop. 


If you are looking for the best cooling pad, you can look at the list of top ten to choose the best one for you. Make sure to choose one based on the specification and compatible laptops.

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