Where Are Minecraft Screenshots Saved? Must Read!

where are minecraft screenshots saved

Minecraft has always been one of the best games on many platforms. There are plenty of fans of this game scattered throughout the world who are very proud of their creation. Most of them want to save the creation and show the world what they made, like castles, buildings, mansions, houses, and others. 

Now, the only way to do that is by taking screenshots of your unique creation or moment and sharing them with the world. Taking screenshots while grinding in Minecraft is a very common thing. However, it might be hard for some players to find out how to take screenshots. 

Even if they find out how to take screenshots, the most common problem is finding them. Many players have the same question as ‘where are Minecraft screenshots saved?’ If you are having a hard time finding the screenshot folder, then follow these processes given below. 

What Is Minecraft? 

Before knowing anything else, we need to figure out what Minecraft is. It is one of the oldest games that are very popular among gamers. While games have evolved so far with technology and violence, Minecraft was a game about building houses and blocks. In the past, even in this era, the game is still played by many people. 

 It was one of the first multiplayer games that became a classic for all time. You can become creative in this game and create some unbelievable structures. There are different modes available such as timeless mode, creative mode, survival mode, and others. 

While this game might seem old school to the new players, this game is recognized and respected by many gamers around the world. They play this game with their friends to have some fun like in old times. Nobody wants to lose the chance of showing their creation to friends and others. 

But if you don’t know where are screenshots saved Minecraft, you will need to follow this guide. 

Where Are The Minecraft Screenshot Folder Located? 

Where Are The Minecraft Screenshot Folder Located

The location of the screenshot folder might change based on the devices and operating systems. Here are all of them given below with steps to find the folder easily. 

1. Android 

Since the game is compatible with Android devices, many players play Minecraft on their Android phones or tablets. You can take a screenshot by pressing down the power and lower volume button. Apart from that, you can also take a screenshot from the notification bar. Afterward, the screenshots can be accessed from the gallery. 

2. iOS 

iOS is another popular platform used by Apple phones and tablets. Playing Minecraft on Apple devices is quite common. You can take a normal screenshot in Apple by tapping the top button and the home button. The screenshot will be saved automatically to the photo gallery. So, you might not face any confusion like where are Minecraft screenshots saved

3. Windows 

Windows is the most chosen platform to play this game among all the other operating systems and devices. To find the screenshots in Windows, you will need to go to the C drive. Then, go to the AppData folder or Roaming to find the Minecraft folder. In the Minecraft folder, you will see a specific screenshot folder. Click on it to find all the screenshots of Minecraft and share them. 

4. Windows Bedrock Edition And Windows 10 

Compared to all the normal windows devices, you have to dig deeper to find out where are Minecraft screenshots saved Windows 10. First, open the Minecraft settings, then press G and Windows. Next, click on the camera button under the screen capturing option to take a screenshot. 

After taking the screenshot, a notification will tell you that the screenshot was saved successfully and the saving path. Mostly, the screenshots are saved in C: \\Users\\<username>\\Videos\\Captures. 

5. MacOS


You can take screenshots in macOS while playing Minecraft with the help of Shift+Cmd+3. Many people take the full screenshots, but they find it challenging to discover the screenshot folder. Mostly, the screenshots are stored in the library and application support. You will be able to see a folder named Minecraft in the application support. Click on it to find the screenshots folder. 

6. Nintendo Switch 

Nintendo Switch 

On the left joy-con, you will see a camera icon; press it to take a screenshot in Nintendo Switch. But where are Minecraft screenshots saved? It is saved in an album. You can access the folder from the home menu. 

7. PS4 


Taking a screenshot in a PS4 is very easy as it can be done by pressing down the ‘Share’ button from the controller. Along with screenshots, this share button also opens a menu with options like share the captures, record a video, and others. All the videos and photos are saved in ‘Photo Gallery’ on PS4. You can access this folder from the home screen. 

8. PC/Java


One of the most complicated places to find a screenshot or take a screenshot of Minecraft. You have to either press the F2 button or the F2 and Fn button together to take a screenshot. These buttons are changeable by visiting the options menu and controls. 

All the screenshots are saved in the folder named. Minecraft directory. The screenshots will be saved with the time and date as the title, making it easier for you to find one. 

9. Xbox One 

 Xbox One

Double tapping on the Xbox button from the controller helps you to take a screenshot. But where are Minecraft screenshots saved, and how to find them? First, you have to visit and log in to the live account to find the screenshots. There you will get an option ‘Captures, open it to find all of your screenshots. 


Do you want to find out where the screenshots of Minecraft are saved? Here is everything you need to know about different platforms and devices. You can go through the details to find out where the screenshots are saved to share with friends. 

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