How Do You Connect Center Channel Speakers To A TV?

Center Channel Speaker

If you have a surround sound system. You already know the significance of the center channel speaker in the sound system. Almost 70% of your audio playback runs through the center channel speaker of your surround sound system at a given time.

You will observe at the time of watching movies or TV shows. The best center channel speaker is the one from which most of the dialogues and vocals come. Furthermore, most of the vocals in the music are also handled by this center channel speaker. And it controls all the audio actions to create a realistic audio feeling.

Can You Make Use Of Your TV As A Center Channel Speaker?

Use Of TV As A Center Channel Speaker

Of course, you can make use of your TV speakers as a center channel speaker. But it depends a lot on the model of your TV, as well as the operating system of your TV. All you need to do here is connect your surround sound speakers with the A/V receiver of your TV speaker if you want to use it as a central channel speaker.

However, your TV speaker should be capable of being a center speaker. Your TV show comes with an in-built center channel speaker mode if you want to use it as a center channel speaker for your surround sound system. If your TV does not come with the features of center channel speakers. It might get a bit challenging for you to use your TV even as a low profile center channel speaker.

Importance Of Having A Center Channel Speaker

Center channel speakers can be traced back to the 1930s era when technicians tried to find out sound areas centered around the TV screen. Later, this became a significant function of speakers with surround sound systems. In this case, the center channel speaker is the one from which the main vocals come. Center channel speakers can come in various forms that, include slim center-channel speakers, box-type center channel speakers, and many more.

In addition to the vocals of the speaker, most of the sound that you are listening to is coming from the center channel speaker of your sound system. A high-quality center channel speaker will be able to deliver clear sound without much noise muddling in the system. Some of the best options in the market include Sony and Bose center channel speakers.

With the help of a center channel speaker, you will be able to change the level of volume without interfering with the right and left speaker channels. If you find vocals and dialogues that are too low or high, the center channel speaker will be able to compensate for that.

With the help of center channel speakers, you can also add special effects to your audio sounds too. You will get excellent surround sound if you make use of a quality center channel speaker for your home sound system.

How To Use Your TV Speaker As A Center Channel Speaker?

If you want to use your TV speaker as your center channel speaker, then your TV should be able to support the center channel speaker mode. Here, you will need to set your surround sound speaker system to the audio system of your TV and make use of your TV speakers in the center channel by connecting the A/V receiver to the central speaker of your TV’s IN terminal. As per the option of a port on your TV, you will either need an HDMI cable or an optical cable to connect.

Here are the major steps that you need to follow if you want to make your TV speaker a center channel speaker:

Step 1:

Make sure that your TV has the in-built option of being a center channel speaker. Switch on the mode of the TV by going to the TV settings.

Step 2:

Get a speaker cable (HDMI/ Optical) to connect your TV through the audio-video receiver of the speaker.

Step 3:

Use the cable of the speaker to connect the center channel speaker terminal of your TV to the AV receiver.

Step 4:

Turn the speaker ends and insert them into the connective ends of the TV receiver and the AV port.

Step 5:

Connect the center channel speaker cables in such a way that the – and + between the TV receiver and the AV receiver match in all cases.

Effectiveness Of Using Your TV Speakers As Center Channel Speakers

If you make use of your TV speakers as your go-to center channel speakers, you might face signal strength issues on your speaker. The sound that comes from your TV comes in the form of a line-level signal. This is actually of low voltage since it tries to save the power of your TV so as to produce the sound that comes from a surround sound speaker.

If you still connect your center channel TV speaker with a line-level signal, your speaker will produce a slight buzzing sound since it does not have a lot of power (watts) to run the speakers.

This is the primary reason why center channel speakers come with an in-built internal amplifier. This internal amplifier actually helps to amplify and enhance the line-level signal in the speaker by adding more electric power to it. This helps in furthering the quality of the speaker and enables the speaker to produce better sounds as a result.

Most of the center channel speakers that you come across require plugging into a wall outlet. Furthermore, they themselves come with a power adapter since they need a power boost apart from the power coming from the audio cable. The surround sound speakers also enhance the line-level signal that is coming out of the TV, which in turn, adds power to your speaker.


With the use of the above steps, you can surely use your TV speaker as a center channel speaker. But we do not recommend it since most TVs do not have the option, and even if some have the option, you will not get quality sound through that. Instead, we recommend using a separate center channel speaker along with your surround sound system.

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