Why E-Invitations Are The Perfect Choice For Your Next Celebration


In the United States alone, organizations use 12.1 trillion sheets of paper annually; due to this figure, more and more individuals and organizations are making considerable efforts to reduce the amount of paper waste in their lives.

One of the main driving forces behind this shift is the internet, which has made it possible to host celebrations like weddings, funerals, christenings, etc., via online video streaming platforms like Zoom.

As a result, paper-based invitations are becoming less and less, while the use of relatively new online invitations is surging.

Despite a recent emergence in the party-planning industry, individuals quickly see the numerous benefits of e-invites over their paper-based counterparts, from being more eco-friendly, easier to customize, saving valuable time, and the convenience of being able to send invites across a variety of platforms from Facebook invitations to text message invitations.

There are so many reasons you should choose e-invitations over traditional invites, which is why we’ve created this article outlining some of the main advantages.

So, if you’re planning to host a celebration soon, be it a wedding anniversary or the christening of your first grandchild, here’s why you might want to consider handing out digital invites.

Much More Convenient

Long gone are the days in which you’d go to your local shop and spend ages trying to find the perfect card or invitation set, only to take them home, fill them out, and mail them several days later.

With online invitations, you can find an appropriate design, fill them out, and send them from the comfort of your own home, saving you considerable time.

As well as being easier to design and fill out, e-invitations are more accessible to send to recipients since various social media platforms have several options that make sharing files, documents, images, and other media with recipients easier.

You can share via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many other instant messaging platforms, even text.

Unlike their paper-based counterparts, you won’t have to worry about your text message invitations getting lost in the post or delivered to the wrong address.

With just a few taps of your fingers, you can share your text message invitations with everyone on your contact list, which is much more convenient and allows you to put the time you’ve saved back into organizing your celebration.

With the help of companies like Greenvelope, sending text message invitations has never been more straightforward (or beautiful!).

Through text and other digital messaging platforms, you can send an invite via text message for bachelorette parties, christenings, birthday parties, and much more.

Using their messaging center, you can see who has viewed the invite, send out updates, and respond to RSVPs.

Consider learning more about their beautiful e-invites by visiting their website or contacting them directly for specific inquiries and seeing how their services could help ensure your next celebration goes without a hitch today.

Add Relevant Links To Your Invitation

When you use e-invites, you can add relevant links to websites, gift lists, etc., making it easier for your guests to view any necessary information and anything else that might be relevant to your event.

The link you include in your invitation could lead to a venue map, costume ideas if it is a themed event, and a gift registry.

Your Invitation

As well as adding relevant links to your invitation, you can also add an RSVP link, which makes it easier for guests to respond to your event and allows you to track attendance, unlike traditional invites.

Sending paper-based RSVPs can be incredibly time-consuming, as you’ll be restricted to the time scales of your mail provider, which can take between two to seven days to arrive, depending on the state the mail is being sent to.

Adding an RSVP link to your text message invitations can cut this waiting period in half. Depending on which provider you enlist the services of, you can see if recipients have yet opened or viewed your digital invitation.

Has Less Effect On The Environment

We are all taking steps towards an eco-friendlier lifestyle in our professional and personal lives. If you’re looking to increase your efforts of going green, sending out paperless invitations is an excellent way to reduce your paper consumption.

Regarding important milestone events like christenings, birthdays, weddings, etc., very few recipients keep their invitation after the event has been and gone, instead opting to throw the piece of paper in the trash or leaving them on tables after the event has drawn to a close.

Regarding milestones like the above, you can expect a guestlist in the hundreds. Supposing that most of these attendees discard their invites after the event – you can only begin to imagine the amount of paper waste sitting in garbage cans.

With e-invites, this wastage is eliminated, as you haven’t wasted time and money printing information on paper. Instead, guests can delete the invite once they’re ready and avoid contributing to the paper waste phenomenon. 

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