Emerging Technologies And New Tech Trends In 2024  

Emerging Technologies

Day by day, technology is evolving and making progress at an accelerated rate which enables us to complete activities at a faster rate. But IT professionals have realized the with change in technologies their role would also change in near future.

With emerging technologies new technology trends will also come which will shift the job role of IT professionals or those who work in the tech field.

So IT professionals has to learn constantly, unlearn and relearn in 2024. Here we have listed the top upcoming technology trends in 2024 that IT professionals should upgrade their skills for.

  1. The list would start with Generative-AI which has been the talk off the town since 2022. AI is cutting-edge technology that has already revolutionized different industries by helping machines create content resembling human-generated work.

The AI application keeps on expanding so those who can master this skill can open the way for many opportunities I this field. From becoming data scientist to AI researcher, AI Ethics Consultant to becoming a content creator using AI innovative storytelling, etc.

  1. In this digital era, computing power has established itself in most sectors of our work. From devices to appliances, everything has been computerized. With 5G connectivity the tech industry is in its all time high along with advances in Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

So you can upgrade your skill or learn a skill to get opportunities in IT Management, Robotics and as Data Scientists. You can also become a Robotics designer, AI Engineer, AI Architect and Robotics researcher.

  1. AI has also enabled devices that make our daily lives smoother and smarter. Robots like social robot, work devices, and appliances have made our lives more easier. Here are the best jobs in this sector: IT manager, Product manager, Product tester, IT researcher, Data scientists and Automation engineers.
  2. Data is the new oil in the current decade as everything from devices to software are powered by data. In fact, businesses are also using data to manage their sales and increase customer bases. Hence data-driven technology is the latest trend in the upcoming years.

Big Data Engineers, Data scientists, Business Intelligence Analyst, IT architect and Robotics engineers are a few professions that are going to be in demand.Few other professions in demand will be Machine Learning Engineer, AI Research Scientist, AI Engineers, Game Designers, Pro Gamers, Creative Directors, Software Developers, Extended Reality Architect and AR/VR Support Engineers.

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