7 Easy Ways To Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing On Android

Instagram keeps crashing

Did you search for ‘Why Does My Instagram Keeps Crashing?’ on the web? Did your Instagram app keeps crashing everytime? Worry not we have listed 7 simple steps you can follow to fix your Instagram app from crashing.

7 Easy Ways To Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing On Android  

Does your Instagram keeps crashing? Then keep reading this article to fix the issue. Here are seven ways you can fix your Instagram crashing on your Android phone.

Restart Your Phone

The best way to fix the Instagram crash on your android phone is to restart your smartphone. This action will effectively solve your Instagram from crashing or when your Instagram shuts down. This method is simple to act on for anyone.

Here’s how you can restart your Android device. You will have to press the power button which will pop-up two options : Restart And Power Off.

Restart- If you select the restart Button your device will shut down and restart itself automatically.

Power Off- If you select the Power Off button your phone will shut down and not restart automatically. You will have to manually start your phone by holding the Power button for a few seconds.

Restarting your phone is simple but works wonders as it removes glitches in the system or overcome lags and resets malfunctions in the system.

Force Stop And Restart The Instagram App

There is another simple way you can fix the Instagram crash by restarting Instagram app or by force stopping it. This action will refresh the Instagram (IG) app memory that will fix your Instagram shutting down.

Here is how you can force stop or restart your Instagram app.

  • Go to your phone SETTINGS
  • Locate the APPS option and then select the Instagram from the list
  • Search for the FORCE STOP option on the page
  • Then relaunch Instagram and put in your login details and continue your session.

Uninstall And Re-Install or Update Instagram For Android

You can uninstall and then reinstall your Instagram app to stop your IG from crashing. This action works similar to restarting your phone where the memory of the device gets refreshed. Your device gets removed from software glitches or errors and helps IG work smoothly by reinstalling your IG app.

  • Go to your Google Play Store and search for Instagram App
  • After you find the app, you will see an option Uninstall below the App logo and name
  • Press the uninstall option and then again press Install which will reinstall the IG app.

Similarly you can also update your Instagram app by selecting the Update option. This action has benefits too as the new updated app will have fixed previous issues in the software of the app. Updated IG app will fix existing glitches in the phone system as well.

How you can update your IG app:
  • Go to Google Play and search for Instagram app
  • Then click on the Instagram app and you will see two options below the IG logo and name, Install/ Uninstall and Update
  • Press the update button to get the new updated version of the IG app.

Check Device Storage  One of the main reasons ‘Why Does Instagram Keep Crashing?’ is due to lack of storage on your device. You need at least 15 percent free space in your storage on the phone to install IG and for it to work properly.

When your phone storage is low, you will have problems updating Instagram or installing an IG app. Other apps on your device might also start lagging. If you have the IG app already installed on your phone then you will have problems opening the app.

The IG app will stop as soon as you open it or some functions of the app might not work. So check your android device, in this case phone storage.

  • You can check this by going to your phone settings
  • On the setting search for Storage option
  • Select the storage option and see the total storage left on your device

If your device shows full storage then delete some useless apps, videos and files on your device to free up space.

Clear Instagram App Cache And Data

You can declutter your Instagram caches and data just like clearing your phone storage to free up some space. This action will help your IG app work smoothly. Here’s how you can clear IG cache and unnecessary data.

  • Go to your device SETTINGS
  • Then select the APPS option
  • Under the APPS option you will find Instagram App that you will click on
  • Under Instagram you will find STORAGE where you can see how much storage is left on the app
  • If no storage is left then click on CLEAR CACHE and CLEAR DATA options to start clearing the IG app storage.

NOTE: this action will remove all cache and data related to IG app only from your phone.

Opt Out Of Beta App Testing

Beta programs are created by app developers to test the features on an app with a group of selected users. After testing these features the app with the latest features gets rolled out to the public.

Your Instagram app might be a Beta Tester which will make the app unstable which will crash more frequently. So revert back to the stable version of the app by following these steps.

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Search the Instagram app and select it
  • Go to the button of the IG page to see if you have downloaded a beta tester app. Locate You’re a beta tester window
  • Then select LEAVE option
  • Hold for the notification and then uninstall your IG app
  • Again install the regular version of IG app

Update Your Phone To The Latest Version

If you IG stops working then you can also update your phone to the latest software version. Instagram often crashes due to glitches in older phone softwares that gets fixed after you update your Android phone.

  • Go to your Phone Settings
  • Locate the Software Update option
  • Select download that will install the latest version software on your phone

Why Does My Instagram Keep Crashing? 

Your Instagram might keep crashing for several reasons. Some of these reasons are:

  • Not enough space on your phone or device
  • Your Instagram app storage might be full of caches and data
  • You might have a Beta Tester Instagram app
  • Your installed IG app might have some software errors
  • You phone might not have updated to its latest version
  • Your phone might have some glitches in its system

We hope that this article was able to solve your query on ‘why does my instagram keep crashing?’ Let us know if these seven tips helped you fix your problem.

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