The Best Valorant Stat Tracker To Track Your Performance  

Best Valorant Trackers That You Should Use In 2023

Riot Games is known for developing one of the best eSports games of all time – League of Legends – 2020 was a turning point for them. Amidst the lockdown, they released one of the best competitive shooters of this generation after CSGO – Valorant.

Fusing the tight gunplay of Counter-Strike with the over-the-top powers of Overwatch, this game is simply amazing. However, as a competitive game, you must constantly improve at playing Valorant. This is where a Valorant stat tracker comes in to help you out.

These trackers are designed to give you vital information about your performance, like win rates and headshot accuracy. Therefore, to track your progression to become the next Valorant god, read this post now!

Five Best Valorant Stat Trackers In 2023  

Five Best Valorant Stat Trackers In 2023  

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While there might be no Valorant shop tracker, a Valorant stat tracker for your performance is more crucial. Therefore, if you wish to improve at Valorant and track your skill progression, you can start using any of these trackers in 2023:


A comprehensive in-game overlay called includes statistics and may notify players of the agents they perform best with. It provides KDA and victory % data breakdowns, player and team headshot percentages, and more.

Players may view the previous five games they’ve played in and those of their teammates. Players may do this to see how their colleagues have performed recently. It also enables gamers to monitor their progress.

At lower tiers, looking at the wins and losses helps identify Smurfs. Smurfs frequently have five defeats and a high headshot percentage. Additionally, this may be used to estimate how well a team might do.

There are sections for maps that provide the data for players’ most popular maps. Attack and death per round percentages are covered by The rate of headshots and fatalities compared to a player’s prior round is tracked.

The call-outs for each map sector are also included; if players want to learn the call-outs by heart, they may utilize this option to peruse the maps and pick up the names of the various regions as they see fit.

Additionally, offers gamers instructions to polish how they play their primary characters and pick up some new abilities. Blitz has the best in-game graphics and overlays overall among all Valorant Stat Trackers.

⦿ Good UI
⦿ You can install the Windows application and run it in the background
⦿ No in-depth stats


Players may see their stats from previous games using various options on These statistics mirror those from the previously listed trackers.

A player’s headshot percentage, kill-death assist ratio, kill-death percentage, and past match results are discussed. Additionally, it offers players real-time Valorant data that indicate their chances of winning a game. Players may access complete stats about their teammates, adversaries, and themselves on

.Through their relationship with Overwolf, can obtain video of player games. Clips can be taken at particular points in time, such as during play, when a player scored a kill, when a game was won, etc. Reviewing what worked and what didn’t in matches is an excellent use of this.

The community on allows users to share helpful footage with one another, which is its finest feature. At Valorant, gamers are assisting other players in improving. It simplifies navigation for gamers while breaking down every aspect of a player’s gaming. It is simple and has an app for Apple and Android smartphones. Thanks to this, players may now check or share their stats whenever they want.

Note that and Valorant Stat Tracker by Overwolf are identical. The Overwolf recording program is integrated into the app as the Valorant Stat Tracker by Overwolf.

⦿ It provides a lot of in-depth information
⦿ No PC app, but it has a mobile application
⦿ Video guides for various strategies
⦿ The UI is pretty confusing
⦿ Many in-depth reports are premium features


Like, conducts much data collection, but it’s browser-based. Players must also publicize the statistics on their Valorant accounts to utilize this service. Unlike a standard Valorant stat tracker, this one does not offer an overlay for the game. It primarily serves as a massive database of player statistics. The statistics cover headshot %, win %, kill %, player score, kill death %, and avg. damage.

Players may analyze all of their statistical data on Thanks to this, players can identify where they need to improve the most. Players may view their statistics on particular maps. The website provides statistics for the whole world, including agent selection rates. Additionally, it offers information about Valorant’s most effective agent formulations. Every 24 hours, their data is updated to keep them current with the Valorant meta.

Players that wish to thoroughly examine their Valorant accounts without the overlay in between games are the main focus of

⦿ Easily navigable
⦿ The only Valorant tracker to show the current Meta for each map
⦿ It displays only a few stats
⦿ Zero post-match analysis
⦿ Win rates are not shown across maps


There is a tonne of statistics data on It differs in that it focuses on a player’s statistics rather than the statistics of the entire team. It provides players with information on their overall winning percentage, kills, assists, kills per round ratio, first blood obtained, aces, clutches, most kills in a round, and many more statistics.

Players may check their performance with particular agents, weapons, and team combinations on particular maps using the website. Additionally, it details for players what they must concentrate on to advance. As stated on its website, does really contain a wide variety of game-related information.

In terms of the stats it provides a player, this app has the finest algorithm. Players can assess their performance in relation to that of other games. A gamer may use this Valorant stat tracker to see where to improve. It may be a tremendous asset to many players if utilized with other resources.

⦿ It gives in-depth post-game analysis after the end of every match
⦿ Uses the Valorant API to get stats
⦿ The website often becomes pretty buggy
⦿ The website responds pretty slowly

5. Valoperf  


It takes a lot of practice to get good at Valorant. You must practice your aim while learning each agent’s lineups and tool use, map by map. Use Valoperf instead of another Valorant stat tracker to keep track of your progress.

This webpage demonstrates how your performance has improved over the previous three months. This illustrates how accuracy increases with each gun and map and agent victory rates also rise. Also, its “Mate Finder” function lets you partner up with others with  comparable stats so you may make new friends!

⦿ Shows your skill progression over time
⦿ You can use a “Mate Finder” feature to look for new teammates
⦿ You cannot check the stats of your friends
⦿ It has lots of server issues

So, How Accurate Are Your Headshots?  

If you wish to know the answer to the question above, you should start using a Valorant stat tracker.

In this post, I have mentioned ten of the best stat trackers for Valorant that you can use in 2023. Therefore, if you wish to get better at this game quickly, using such trackers is absolutely essential.

If you download and use any of these, let me know how well you like them in the comments! In addition, let us know about another Valorant stat tracker I still need to mention here!

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