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How To Clean Mac Keyboard, Display, And More

how to clean MacBook keyboard

Keeping your Mac clean can help it work more smoothly and protect your pricey laptop from any functional error. That’s why we have accumulated a few ideas on how to clean MacBook keyboard. However, while cleaning, if the liquid gets inside your Apple product, you must contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider or an Apple Store as soon as possible. 

In this context, you must remember that liquid damage is not covered by the Apple product warranty. However, you may have other consumer rights, so make sure you reserve an appointment at the nearby Apple Store before you visit them. Anyway, let’s focus on how to clean MacBook keyboard now.

How To Clean MacBook Keyboard?

You certainly don’t have to be fussy about cleaning your MacBook because these easy steps can help you clean it up regularly. Especially if you have a MacBook that you carry around with you wherever you go, you have to make sure that you know how to clean a keyboard mac. So, let’s follow the steps on how to clean MacBook keyboard;

Step 1: Unplug The Keyboard

If you want to know how to clean MacBook keyboard, firstly, disconnect your keyboard from your MacBook. If you have a wireless keyboard, detach the batteries. Shut off the laptop now, and unplug the power adapter if you’re planning to clean Your Macbook keyboard. Blow away the dust and, if required, clean the space between the keys or even under them, depending on the kind of keyboard your MacBook has.

Step 2: Clean With Alcohol

Clean With Alcohol

Then, using disinfectant wipes, clean your keys. Because the alcohol evaporates, there is no danger of the liquid harming the keyboard. Even so, be careful to squeeze out any sopping wipes. If you don’t have wipes, a drop of regular dishwashing soap in a cup of water would be enough. Immerse a soft cloth in this mixture and dry it out until it’s barely moist. Next, wipe the keys with a towel to remove the filth. Next, rinse the bleach off your cloth, rinse it out, and then brush your keyboard down again.

Step 3: Prevent Your Keyboard From Getting Dirty

If you find cleaning your keyboard is a hassle, or if you have a new one that you want to protect from pet hair, and cookie crumbs, you might want to use a keyboard protector. One of the best keyboard protectors for MacBooks is such iSkin ProTouch. It is a washable silicone keyboard cover, which costs around $20. The Moshi ClearGuard is an even thinner solution for MacBooks. If you follow these steps you don’t have to figure out how to clean MacBook keyboard for a long time.

How To Clean MacBook Display?

The process of how to clean MacBook keyboard, and how to clean MacBook screen is different. To wipe the screen on your MacBook, turn it off and disconnect the power adapter. Next, use a soft, wrinkle-free cloth dampened with water only to clean the computer’s screen. To remove thick scuff marks, wet the fabric with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. I keep a microfiber cloth to clean my Apple display—the sort used to clean eyeglasses on hand. To clean screens more effectively, Apple suggests using a soft, slightly moist, cotton gauze towel.

How To Clean Behind The Screen Of Your MacBook?

Acquire a suction cup that is at least a couple of inches broad. Place it on the black border towards the top of the screen. Don’t worry because you can remove any suction cup marks afterward. Pull carefully, and you’ll discover that the screen’s plastic cover actually comes off. It is simply held onto your MacBook display by magnets. Clean the interior of this cover with a gentle cloth, then reinsert it again. Just start putting it from the bottom edge and let the magnets do their job.

How To Clean MacBook Peripherals?

When we shared how to clean MacBook keyboard, we did not ask you to turn off the device. But, to clean the peripherals you must turn off the device. Remove the batteries from your laptop if it has them. Simply disconnect your gadget from your computer if it is wired. Next, clean the exterior of your device using a lint-free cloth that has been lightly dampened with water. No moisture should enter any apertures, and no aerosol sprays, solvents, abrasives, or cleaners with hydrogen peroxide should be used.

How To Clear iPhone Case?

Remove your iPhone silicone case from the iPhone to clean it. Next, wipe the exterior and interior of the iPhone cover using a gentle, slightly wet, lint-free cloth. Avoid using solvents, home cleaners, window cleaners,  ammonia, aerosol sprays, cleaners containing hydrogen peroxide, or abrasives to clean the iPhone cover.

Cleaning the leather iPhone case may change its color. If you want to clean this case, first take it off your iPhone. Then, gently wipe the iPhone case with a dry cloth, lukewarm water, and gentle hand soap. You may also use a mild cleanser and a dry clean cloth. Leather cleaners and conditioners can affect the color of leather, so don’t use them.

How To Clean iPhone Accessories?

Use a gentle, slightly moist, lint-free cloth to clean your Apple Pencil. Wipe your Apple Pencil with the wet towel from the tip end but don’t rub it on the tip itself. Allow no moisture to enter the gap between the tip and body of your Apple Pencil.

Remove your Smart Keyboard Folio, polyurethane Smart Keyboard, Smart Case, or  Smart Cover from the iPad before cleaning it. Use a lint-free, soft, slightly moist cloth. With a gentle, lint-free cloth, clean the front and interior.

Remove the Magic Keyboard from the iPad before cleaning it. Use a lint-free, soft, slightly moist cloth. With a gentle, lint-free cloth, clean the front and interior. You can use a wipe with 70% isopropyl alcohol or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. Avoid getting moisture into any openings, and never immerse your Magic Keyboard in cleaning solutions. Do not use home cleaners, window cleaners, solvents, aerosol sprays, ammonia, solvents, cleaners containing hydrogen peroxide, or abrasives to wash this product.

Putting It All Together

In this article, we have talked about how to clean keyboard mac. We have also offered suggestions on how to clean MacBook display, accessories, and other peripheries, including Apple Pencil and iPhone case. But, you may have some additional questions regarding the cleaning of Apple products. If that’s the case, you can always reach us in the comment section, and we will get back to you.

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