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How To Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working Error?

iPhone flashlight not working

Smartphones are one single device that can do the work of plenty of gadgets. It made it easy for the users to carry just a single device to do all the work. From FM radios to flashlights, everything is available in a smartphone. With time, smartphones are evolving and coming with even better features. Among the smartphones, iPhones are very popular in the market and come with the best functions. 

However, that does not mean that you will not face any issues with them. You might face very often the iPhone flashlight not working for different reasons. It is needless to say that this is one of the functions that help us in different conditions. In certain situations, the flashlight not working perfectly can cause a lot of issues. However, you are here to find the solutions. So, let’s take a look at all the solutions to find out all the ways to fix the issues. 

Top Solutions To Fix iPhone Flashlight Not Working. 

There are plenty of reasons available that can cause your flashlight not to work properly. Of course, the first thing in this situation that comes to mind is to visit a service center or repair shop to get the phone repaired, right? But what happens when there is none nearby, or you are in the middle of your travel?

Well, you will need to fix the situation by yourself by trying some easy fixes. Yes, there are some fixes that are easy to perform and proved effective. Although some of them might not work to fix the issues, at least one of these methods should work. So, if you want to find out how to fix a flashlight not working on iPhone, here are the methods provided below in detail. 

1. Restart The Device 

The most common action that comes after “why is my flashlight not working on my iPhone” is a restart. If this issue is happening due to a software fault, chances are very high that a restart will be enough. Rebooting the whole system will relaunch the flashlight app as a new one. It might be useful to get the flashlight working again. To restart your iPad or iPhone, you will need to hold the button “Sleep/Wake” until the slide comes. Then, slide to power down the phone and start again, or restart the phone. 

2. Put It In Charge 

Many people wonder why isn’t my flashlight working, ignoring the fact that the battery might be low. Yes, if the battery is low on your iPhone, the flashlight might not work. But, especially if your device is in extreme cold or warm conditions that can reduce the functions, then low charge might be the reason. 

Try to take your mobile device to a moderate temperature and put it in charge. After charging for a while, the flashlight might work. If this method is unable to fix the issue of the iPhone flashlight not working, then here are some other ones that might be helpful to you. 

3. Close The Camera App

If none of the above-mentioned fixes are not working, you can try closing the camera app. If the camera application of your iPhone is open, the flashlight might not be able to control the LED. So, you will need to make sure that the camera app is closed before turning on the flashlight. Even if the camera app is not open, make sure it is not running in the background. You can just swipe up the center to close the camera of the iPhone. If the app is running in the background, clear the ram and all the background processes. This might help you to fix the flashlight on iPhone not working. 

4. Reset The Settings 

If all of these methods are not working to fix the iPhone flashlight not working issue, you will need to reset the settings. Resetting the phone settings will erase images, data, and other things. But some of the default settings like the alarm, wallpaper, and other things might change. You can easily reset them from the settings options, and it might help restore the functionality of the flashlight. However, even this method does not work in some cases, and the question remains how to fix the iPhone flashlight not working. 

5. Soft Or Hard Reset 

As a last resort, you can try resetting your phone. However, before proceeding with this method, make sure to backup all the data to different storage. All the data on your phone will be deleted after the reset. You can take the help of iCloud to backup your data and restore them after the reset. There are two different formats available such as soft reset or hard reset. If a soft reset is not working to fix the issue, why is my iPhone flashlight not working, you will need to hard reset the device. 

Now that you have the answer to why can’t I use my flashlight, make sure to choose the best method for you among the provided ones. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. How Do I Fix My Flashlight On My iPhone? 

Ans: There are plenty of ways available that you can use to get a solution of “my flashlight is not working” From restarting the phone to performing a reset, you can try a lot of different things. One of them will help you to turn on the camera.

Q2. How Do I Reset My iPhone Flashlight? 

Ans: Resetting your device is one of the best ways to fix flashlight not working on iPhone 11. Here are the steps that you will need to follow. 

Open Settings app
Select the control center option
 Go to the control center
There is a + icon in greed available near the flashlight.

It will help to add the flashlight app to the control center. 

Q3. Why Is My Phone’s Flashlight Not Working? 

Ans: There are several reasons available that might be causing issues with the flashlight. You can try all the methods to fix the problems easily. Among all the different ways, choose the best one to fix the iPhone flashlight not working. 

Q4. Can An iPhone Flashlight Burn Out? 

Ans: Yes, if the temperature of the device is too high due to the temperature or others. You will need to keep it in cold or moderate temperature to cool down and relaunch the flashlight application. 


If you are reading this article, it means you have also faced the issue of the iPhone flashlight not working. This is one of the features of smart devices that help you see your way clearly, find things, and others. If your flashlight is not working on the iPhone, you will need to know some easy fixes. 

Here are all the different fixes provided in this article in detail. Make sure to go through all the different methods to find out more. If this article has helped you solve the flashlight issue, share it with others. 

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