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How To Combine Videos On iPhone – Effective Ways

how to combine videos on iPhone

Sometimes it becomes very necessary to combine videos to make a slideshow or merge videos for different events. While most iPhone users think it takes a lot of work to merge videos, things are very different. It is not rocket science; you will be able to combine videos very easily if you know the right steps. Also, not only one, but there are several ways available to combine videos on iPhone. 

If you are here, it means you want to find out how to combine videos on iPhone. Well, you are in the right place that will help you to know all the effective ways. We are going to talk about all the different ways to combine videos on iPhone. So, make sure to stay till the end to find out all the different ways in detail. 

Top Ways To Combine Videos On iPhone 

There are plenty of ways available to combine video on the iPhone. You will find countless methods, but all of them are not easy and safe. So, while it is very exciting to find out how to combine videos on iPhone, you need to pick up the best methods. We have packed some of the best methods and listed them below in detail. 

1. Videoshop 


One of the most common and popular choices that you can pick to combine videos on the iPhone is the Videoshop app. It is the perfect answer to how to combine two videos on iPhone and edit them. This app comes with some of the best features that put it ahead of all the other ones. Some of these features include cropping, adding, resizing, and trimming videos and music. If you want to use this app to combine videos, here are the steps given below that will help you find out all the details. 

  • First, you will need to download the apk from the website and install it on the iPhone.
  • You will find a plus (+) sign, click on it get all the options available like cropping, adding, resizing, trimming music, selecting the videos to combine, and many more. 
  • Once you are done with all the editing, tap on the button “Next.” 
  • Now, you will need to add the title, name of the author in the video and save it. 
  • Apart from that, you can also share the video on different platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others. 

This is how to combine 2 videos on iPhone, which will help you to do this easily. 

2. iMovie 


It is one of the most common tools that most users use to combine videos on the iPhone. Using this software, anyone can easily combine videos and add a lot of transitions to a specific video. In addition, combining two different videos helps to save a lot of internal storage as well. Here are the steps that will help you to know how to combine videos on iPhone camera roll. 

  • Make sure both of the videos that you want to combine are saved on the device. Then, install and open the iMovie app on your iPhone and click next on the welcome screen to step forward. 
  • You will find an option “create project,” click on the option to start your new project. It will take you directly to the recent videos and photos to choose one. 
  • Choose the videos that you want to combine in the new project and add them. 
  • After adding the videos, there is a check box bottom. The option “create a movie” is there. 
  • On the movie interface, you will find both of the videos, along with all the options that you can add to the video. Simply cut the moment where you want to add the transition and add it easily. 
  • When you are done with the whole combining process, click on save the videos. There is a share option available that can help you share it with others and social media websites. 

3. Filmora 


While iMovie is a very popular and most picked app to combine videos on iPhone, you might feel some issues from time to time. If it is the case, you need to have other apps ready to do the work seamlessly. This is why Filmora comes at the third position and provides the best video combining experience. It offers plenty of features that make it different from all the other ones. Here are the steps you can follow to find out how to combine videos on iPhone for free. 

  • Download the Filmora app and install it on the iPhone or Mac. 
  • There is an option available, “import from device,” click on it to select the videos. The videos will be displayed on the screen. 
  • Now, you can apply all the features you want to add to the videos, such as music, editing, cropping, trimming, etc. After adding the videos, you can easily edit the videos from the film app. 
  • After you are done, save the video or share it with others through social media platforms easily. Just by tapping the button “export,” all the options will appear very fast. 

4. Clips Video Editor 

If you have been using iOS for a long time now, you have already heard about the clips video editor. This app is completely free to use and comes with some of the best video-enhancing features. For example, you will be able to merge two different videos easily in this app. In addition, the application allows you to record all the sounds and them in the created video. 

Apart from that, plenty of different things makes this app some step ahead of others. So, whether you want to find out how to combine two vertical videos on iPhone or how to merge videos on iPhone, here are the steps that will help to do it easily. 

  • Once the application is installed, open it and choose the videos that you want to merge. 
  • You can choose some of the things like the sound and the duration of the video. 
  • After making all the changes or merging the video successfully, you can save it and share it with others. 

5. Video Merger 

Video Merger

As the name suggests, this is another excellent option that you can use to combine videos on your iPhone. If you are seeking the answer to how to combine videos on iPhone free, this is the best answer for you. The app is entirely free to use and comes with a lot of features. It will help you to combine two different videos easily and add all the features. Even people who have never used a video merging can easily use this video merger. Here is the 

  • Install the app and launch it to start the process of combining different videos 
  • You will be directed to select the videos just after launching the app
  • Choose the position vertical or horizontal and the rating 
  • After you are done, click on the save button to save the created video. You can share the video with different platforms and others. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. How Do I Combine Multiple Videos Into One? 

You can combine multiple videos into one easily using different apps and software. Some of the most common and popular ones are Clips Video Editor, Video Merger, Videoshop, Filmora, etc. 

Q2. How Do I Make Multiple Videos Into One Video For Free? 

There are plenty of free video merger apps available that can help you to create one video with multiple videos easily. It takes less than 5 minutes to merge all the videos and create one single video using these apps. 

Q3. How Do You Merge Videos On iPhone Without iMovie? 

iMovie is one of the best apps available in the market to combine videos. However, that does not mean that there are no other apps available that you can use to merge videos. There are plenty of other apps available that you can use to merge videos. 

Q4. What Is The Best App For Combining Videos? 

When it comes to combining videos, there are plenty of apps available for both Android and iOS. However, the number of apps that can combine or merge the videos is much more in Android compared to iOS. In addition, these apps offer plenty of features along with combining videos such as video adjustments, speed control, transition effects, and others. 


If you are reading this article, it means you want to find out how to combine videos on iPhone. It might be hard for the new users to find out available options to combine videos. People who started using iPhones from Android devices might get a lot fewer options for combining videos. 

Don’t worry; we have mentioned some of the best apps for iPhone that you can use to combine videos. Make sure to go through them to find out more and other details about them. If this article has helped you get the perfect app for you, make sure to help others by sharing it with them. 

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