Microsoft Co-Founder, Bill Gates Said That AI Has The Power To Change The Employment Sector For Good  

Bill Gates

The potential of artificial intelligence has been part of many conversations along with AI impacts on humans. Some experts believe AI can overpower humans and there will be no need for jobs.

Founder of Tesla, Elon Musk says, “AI have the potential to become the most disruptive force in history.” Adding further he said that development of AI can create a situation where ‘no jobs is needed.’

But this did not stop the AI market from capturing people’s attention, especially after OpenAI launched its generative AI system, ChatGPT. ChatGPT became popular in an instant among GenZ and Millennial an AI system that engages in conversations and automate tasks.

But in a recent podcast with a well-known comedian, Trevor Noah, Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, talked about the impact of AI. Gates had some strong opinions about AI and how it can affect jobs forever. Gates in the podcast said that AI would not take jobs but would definitely ‘change it for ever.’

In the podcast, ‘What Now’ Bill Gates discussing the benefits and risks of AI says that integrating AI in work can make a 3-day work week. AI has the potential to complete a week’s work within 3 days, making your work week shorter from day to day. Doesn’t that sound amazing, especially when you imagine from getting 2 days’ holiday per week to 4 days’ holidays.

According to Gates, AI has the potential to benefit humans. AI would change the way we work positively. In the 45-minutes session, he says that humans can be adaptive to AI with help from government support.

Instead of working for 40-48 hours a week, this new technology can create more free time for us. Gates says AI will eventually create a day when humans “don’t have to work so hard.” He adds, “if you eventually get a society where you only have to work three days a week, that’s probably OK.”

Recently, there have been talks about transforming work week to 4-day per week by 2033 in the UK and US. So although AI’s impact on humankind wouldn’t be as dramatic as experts say, its introduction to the world is as huge as the introduction of personal computers.

In July, Bill Gates said, “Word processing applications didn’t do away with office work, but they changed it forever. Employers and employees had to adapt, and they did.” Such positive statements from leaders in the tech sectors about future technology creates an optimistic outlook towards new opportunities.

This outlook, especially for employees working really had to earn money to improve their lives, offers a way to relax a bit in future.

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