How To Recover A USB Drive In RAW Mode?

Recover a USB Drive in Raw Mode

USB drives are the extension of the internal hard drive. Whenever we need some extra space, we always turn towards the USB drive. Despite how convenient it is to have some extra space at your disposal, mishandling can convert the USB drives into RAW.

When a USB drive turns RAW, the file system does not recognize it, and the data becomes inaccessible. Therefore, you will not be able to open and access the files and folders that have been on the USB drive. You can recover a USB drive in Raw mode just you have to follow certain simple steps. 

Thus, to recover data from a RAW USB drive, you need to perform RAW USB recovery. However, before you get down to the solution to recover data from RAW USB, it is important that you know the reason that contributes to the RAW USB drive.

Causes Of RAW USB Drives

USB drives are versatile storage devices, and they generally do become RAW without any reason. However, if you find that your USB drive has become RAW, that might be due to the following reasons.

  • USB Drive Is Password Protected: When a USB drive is password-protected, you need the password or the recovery key to access the data from the USB drive. You should first unlock the drive before plugging it into the system to open it without any issue.
  • File System Does Not Support USB Drive Format: Sometimes, the users can format the USB drive into other formats. If that format is not supported or recognized by your file system, it will be shown as RAW. Therefore, you should ensure that the USB drive format is the same as what the file system supports.
  • USB Drive Have Been Corrupted: This is one of the most contributed reasons for a USB drive to show RAW. When the drive is connected to a different computer, it might get exposed to a virus infection.
  • Unauthorized Ejection: If you remove the drive from the system without permission, it can harm the drive and ultimately result in a RAW USB drive.

How To Recover A USB Drive In RAW Mode?

After going through extensive research to find the most practical solution to solve the problem, we came across these three methods.

Method 1: CHKDSK

Only a handful of people know about the CHKDSK command. It holds the authority to fix RAW USB drives without formatting them. If this is the first time you have heard about the CHKDSK command, follow the steps to execute it effectively.

  • Connect the USB with the system.
  • Type CMD in the taskbar. Choose Run As Administrator.
  • Type: chkdsk X: /f. Press enter.

Method 2: USB RAW Recovery Software

USB RAW Recovery Software

This method needs the help of a third-party software tool to recover data from a RAW USB drive. Although different software has different steps to follow, if we generalize the steps, this is how it looks like.

Step 1: Connect the USB drive with your computer. Launch the software to find the drive. Select the USB drive, and start the scanning process.

Step 2: The software will start the scanning process and try to find all the lost data. After the scanning process, all the data will be visible on the screen. You can use the filters to find the specific file type.

Step 3: Double-clicking the results will allow you to preview the results. Select the data you want to recover and press Recover. You can follow these steps to easily recover a USB drive in Raw mode. 


Generally speaking, it is easy to fix and recover a RAW USB drive. The methods we have listed above will help you fix the problem, but only the third-party software will help you recover the data from the RAW USB drive.

We hope that you were able to solve this after reading this article. If there are any other queries related to this article, feel free to drop them in the comment section.  

FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions) 

1. How can you recover that Flash Drive that Has become Raw? 

You can perform the repair files function that has turned raw. You can recover the files in the mode of the NTFS/ FAT format. These are some of the situations where the USB files will become raw. 

2. What Are The Main Reasons Why USB Files Turn Raw?

The unintentional and unsuccessful formating of the flash drive to another format. Due to the voltage drop due to the sudden power outage. Damage of the files due to virus and other malwares. Due to the shutdown of the flash drive while saving, transfering, copying or deleting of the data. These are some of the factors that you gave to take care of while you delete the USB files. 

3. How Can You Format The Disk Management? 

There are certain simple steps you can apply to format the disk management for that you need to select the desktop icon on the PC by right clicking on it. After that you need to select or manage the disk management. After that you need to select your raw USB drive by right clicking on it. 

4. How Can You Fix A Raw USB Drive File? 

The partition recovery software can help you to fix the USB drive file to maintain the file structure in a proper way. It will make your life easier if you can make use of this software to fix the file from the USB drive. Proper usage of the raw USB drive file data can make things easier for you. You can follow this technique to recover a USB drive in Raw mode. 

5. How Can You Format Using File Explorer? 

First you need to introduce the USB drive into your computer. After that you can use the file explorer by making the right click on the raw disk. After that you have to select the format from where you can safely disconnect and you can then reconnect from the USB flash drive. It is the process you can follow to format the file explorer. 

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