How To Photoshop Someone Into A Picture

how to photoshop someone into a picture

When it comes to editing pictures, Photoshop is second to none. It is software that will unlock the world of creativity for you. A new world of fun will be open for you to create anything you want. But, unfortunately, this image editing tool is hard to use even for the users who are using it for 1-2 years. 

Using Adobe Photoshop can be fun for people who know how to edit pictures. For example, changing background pictures, including someone in the photo, is very good. But you need to know the process very well. This article will help you understand how to extract someone from a picture and put it in another. 

The process of blending someone into another picture is easy if you follow some simple steps. You will need hardly 20-30 minutes to complete this process. Apart from that, there are many other things that you need to take care of before knowing how to photoshop someone into a picture.  Let’s read more to get an idea what we are talking about.

Necessary Things To Prepare 

First, you have to make sure that you have a licensed Photoshop application. Also, the version of photoshop needs to be CS5 to CC. Finally, make sure your PC can handle the editing software. Now that you know what are things you need to have let’s find out the process. 

Process To Photoshop Someone Into A Picture 

Photoshopping someone is not as easy as normal picture editing. It is a lengthy process that includes many steps. You have to go through all those steps without skipping any of them to ensure the best result. Here are the steps are given below in detail to help you know. 

1. First, you will need to open both images from which you are going to extract and to which you are going to add that person. Now, extract the person from the picture that you want to remove. You have to take the help of some tools for the extraction part. 

One of the best options to select and extract images is the quick selection tool. Select the picture that you want to extract using this tool and change the background of the picture first. Using a clean and transparent background helps to extract better. 

If you are extracting the picture without changing the background, then use the pen tool. This tool can help you select a specific part of the picture and later convert it into a selection. You can do it only with a right-click. 

2. This is the second step of how to photoshop someone into a picture. While extracting the picture of a person, do not worry much about the hair. It can take a lot of time to select the hair precisely. Instead, you can take the help of the select and the mask option. You can get the mask option available after selecting the picture at the workspace top. 

3. You can look at the top of Photoshop to find the refined edge brush tool. Using it, you can paint the hair edges to make it look realistic. Also, make sure that the transparency setting is in the 60% to 70% range and onion skin view mode.  

4. If you want to know how to photoshop someone into a picture, this step is crucial. You have to take your time while using the brush tool, mask tool, quick selection, and others. Get rid of any excess area at the edges and make it more visible. 

5. When you are done with all the changes to edges and others, it is time to move the extracted picture. You have to open the picture that you want to paste into a layer. At the same time, copy the new selection of the extracted picture when the dialogue closes. Copy and paste it into your destination file. 

6. Now that you have successfully extracted the figure you want to photoshop, you must play around and resize it to fit it correctly. You can try different sizes and tweak the depth sense too. These steps are very important to know how to photoshop someone into a picture. The selection refinement on the original picture will help you to get a fabulous and natural final result. 

7. If there is a person in the picture that you want the extracted person to be with, then make sure to keep them close. Resize the extracted image of the person the same as the person in the final image. You can place it anywhere you see fit with the picture but do not keep much far away. 

8. If you want to make the extracted figure look much more realistic, then add shadows. Mostly. A shadow under the feet works fine. Shadows are one of the important parts of learning how to photoshop someone into a picture

9. Next, you need to add some natural shadows in the picture using the brush tool. You can select both dark brown or black but make sure that brush hardness into zero. It will help to soften the look of shadows. 

You can go to the brush palette to adjust the hardness of the brush. Also, you can set the brush’s opacity percentage. Now, change the mix of the shadow layer into an overlay. Keep a copy of that layer that will help to intensify the shadow. 

10. To get a more natural-looking shadow by reducing the opacity of the shadow copy layer. Keep adjusting the shadow until it perfectly matches with the picture shadows. Now that the shadows are done, you have to adjust the colors. 

You have to keep changing the color, brightness, contrast, and others of the extracted figure to match the original picture. You can do it by finding the adjustment option in the extracted image layer. It will only affect the colors of this extracted layer. 

When you are done with color adjustment, you will get the final result. The extracted figure will become a part of this pic as well. This is how to photoshop someone into a picture for free


Want to look cooler with a beautiful background or want to be with a friend in a separate photo, then Adobe Photoshop does excellent work. You can learn how to photoshop someone into a picture in this article. Go through the step-by-step process to know all the details and editing knowledge. Now, you will be able to make any of your pictures look much better. 

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