How To Fix Drive Is Not Accessible In Windows 10/8/7

How To Fix Drive Is Not Accessible In Windows

“Hard drive is not accessible, access is denied” is one of the most common errors that happen to hard drives. When this error occurs, it cuts off your accessibility to the drive. However, for general troubleshooting of your drive that has lost access to the present data, the problem can be solved with simple formatting. How To Fix A Drive Is Not Accessible In Windows? It is no longer a bigger question for you. 

However, this method might solve the problem, but all the data will be erased in the process. Furthermore, since the drive cannot be accessed at the moment, you can neither backup the data before formatting the drive. So the idea of formatting the drive is out of the question. 

Why The “Parameter Is Incorrect” Issue Happens?

If you have been using the system for a long time, we are sure that you must have encountered issues at one point in time. This is usually displayed when you try to access the drive. 

So, why does it happen?

  • The Drive Might Be New Without The Partition: If the external hard drive is brand new and there is no partition whatsoever, the system will not recognize the drive.
  • It Is Too Old For Your Driver Software: You need to update your disk drive if this happens.
  • External Drive Is Encrypted With BitLocker: If the drive is BitLocker encrypted, you need a password or the recovery key to access the drive.

How To Solve “Parameter Is Incorrect Issue”?

As we have already talked about how different errors can result in this problem, we need different solutions to solve the problems. Therefore, follow the solution we have listed below.

1. Add Partition

This solution is for the problem caused by using a brand new hard drive. When a brand new hard drive is connected to the system, it does not have any partition, and as a matter of fact, it is not formatted according to the system’s file system.

You must first check for the partition of the drive. If there are no partitions, you can partition the hard drive to be accessed easily. How to fix the drive is not accessible to windows? It will no longer be an issue if you make the correct choices. 

2. Update The Disk Driver

The parameter is incorrect and also happens when the disk driver is outdated. For example, if your hard drive is visible in the Disk Manager but not in Disk Management, this shows that your driver is not updated.

Follow the steps to update your driver.

  • Open My Computer.
  • Navigate to system properties.
  • Now select the Device Manager > USB Controller > Update Driver Software.

Wait for the update to progress and let the driver be installed. Once the installation process is complete, reconnect the drive to see if it works. 

3. Check For Hard Drive Errors

If you find that your hard drive is no longer operating on your computer, there is a chance that your hard drive is facing problems. In this case, you can use the error-checking tool of the system to find what this error is all about.

The error checking tool scans your system and drives to see what is wrong and solve the error. How to fix drive is not accessible in windows? 

4. Decrypt The Drive

You will need to go for this solution when your drive is encrypted with the BitLocker encryption tool. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Go to the windows search box and press: Windows +R.
  • Now type: services.msc. It will open the local service page.
  • Find the BitLocker encryption services.
  • Go to the properties.
  • Reboot the BitLocker drive encryption services.

5. Formatting

The formatting needs to be the last thing you do. Formatting your drive will result in deleting all the data from the drive. However, if nothing worked, formatting the drive will certainly work. To effectively format the drive, you can take help from the iBoysoft software tool that will help you recover the erased data. How to fix drive is not accessible in windows? It is not possible if proper execution of formatting is incomplete. 


The Parameter is incorrect is an issue that can be caused due to several errors. This article has talked about the different scenarios where this problem can occur and has talked about the different solutions that hold the potential to solve the issue.

You must go for the formatting method only after you have no other ways left. Formatting the drive will result in erasing all the data from the drive, so think carefully about this method. How to fix drive is not accessible in windows? Will no longer be a big issue if mentioned points are followed properly.  

FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions) 

1. How Do I Fix Access Denied Hard Drives That Are Not Accessible To Windows 10? 

For fixing the drive you need to right-click on the inaccessible hard drive by selecting the properties. You can make a click on change in order to attempt the operation for getting the administrative permission. When you are asked about the user group then you can choose the Advanced option first. 

2. How Do You Fix The Drive If It Is Not Accessible? 

You can fix the drive in several ways if it is not accessible with the presence of the other error messages. There are several factors that you have to select from while you want to make your selection like:- 

  • You must select the drive with some corrupted file system. 
  • Run the software. 
  • Wait for the tools that perform the repairing task. 
  • You can make use of the filter or the search option if you find the lost files are selected in the hard drive. 
  • Select the drive where you can choose your data for that you need to click on scan. 

3. How Can You Fix The Hard Drive If It Is Not Accessible?  

You can make the right click on an inaccessible hard drive for selecting the properties. You can go to the security tabs after hitting the advanced and edit buttons. On the owner tab you can modify the ownership of the specified amount. 

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