All Tech News Of Today: From Sam Altman’s New Status As CEO to iMessage App Being Shut Down  

Sam Altman

Learn what’s going on in the tech world in a single article. We provide updates on latest news in the tech world from product launch to latest developments in the tech world. In this article we will talk about the upcoming Nothing Chat App which shutdown to Sam Altman being reinstated as the CEO of OpenAI.

  1. Sam Altman who was fired from being the position of CEO at OpenAI and joined Microsoft’s “new advanced AI research team” was reinstated as the CEO of OpenAI. Altman was fired by the decision of the board members of the company and the news came as a shock to the tech world, especially what this meant for the future of OpenAI.

OpenAI is the company that developed GPT 4, a powerful AI software. The company released in the market its first product, ChatGPT that can answer any queries and find solution to almost all problems. After a chaotic weekend at OpenAI and Microsoft, a major investor in the company it seems to come to an end after reinstating Sam Altman to his former position as its CEO.

  1. Sunbird the company that developed an Chat App that offered compatibility with iMessages on android phones. This Android Chat App was to be launched with Nothing Phone 2 which would have offered compatible with Apple’s iMessage.

The Beta version of this Chat app went live and several users of the app reported security issues including privacy issues. Hence Sunbird took down the Chat app from the Goggle Play Store.

  1. OpenAI’s product ChatGPT have made its voice feature available for iOS and Android users for free. You can now use this voice feature to interact with ChatGPT by using voice messages. The response from the software would also be human-like sound. Until recently, this feature was only available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers.
  2. OnePlus has announced its next flagship phone OnePlus 12  to be launched in the market in China on 4th December. OnePlus 12 features Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC, has a display that’s 6.8-inch with 2K resolution display and the phone would come with 3X periscope zoom lens that was also in OnePlus Open.

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