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What Are Some Top SD Card Readers For iPhone?

sd card reader for iphone

Since the past few years, plenty of iPhones has been released on the market. All of them are equally powerful and come with plenty of features. They are capable of completing the work of a computer with the help of those features. However, the need for some support is still there that can help to fasten the process. 

However, when you are thinking of accessories, you might not have thought of SD card readers. But they are very helpful and provide a lot of features as well. They are not only easy to use but convenient, which makes it easier to operate your iPhone. We researched and found some of the best ones in the market, which will help you get the best SD card reader for iPhone. 

What Is A SD Card Reader For iPhone? 

Before choosing the best SD card reader, you will need to know what is an SD card reader for iPhone. They are the small accessories that can make the iPhones as powerful as computers. Yes, just by using them, you can get access to all the contents of cards and phones to move or copy. Not only are they easy to use, but they are the medium that helps to move files freely. 

Whether you want to check the videos or photos from your card or export the files from card to phone, this simple and small card can make the work easier. Also, they help save a lot of time to transfer files from cards. Yes, they are so small that preventing them from losing is an issue. Here are some of the best ones mentioned below that will help you pick the best one. 

Best SD Card Readers For iPhone

As mentioned earlier, plenty of SD card readers is available in the market. However, it will take a lot of hard work and time to find out the best ones among them. So, we have already picked the best ones to save both time and effort. Here they are listed below that can help you to find the best SD card reader for iPhone. 

1. Suntrsi Micro/SD Card Reader 

One of the most common names that come up when talking about the best SD card readers for iPhone is the Suntrsi Micro/SD card reader. This card reader might look very ordinary at the first stare, but there are plenty of different features that are tucked up in the sleeves. Unlike the SD card reader of Apple, this one comes with two slots and supports the regular TF cards and SD cards. 

The white appearance of this SD card reader is almost like the Apple product. One of the best things about this micro SD card reader for iPhone is that it comes with a lightning port that lets you charge your phone as well while transferring files. Although the price of this card reader is way lesser than the original one, it never disappoints you when it comes to functions.  

2. Apple Lightning To SD Card Reader 

If you want to stay in the Apple ecosystem, this is the choice that you should go for. This is the official SD card reader from Apple that is known for having a simple yet compact design. You can easily carry it in your bag or pocket whenever you need it. 

The SD card reader comes with only one slot and a very simple plug-and-play device. So, plug the card in the reader and use it on your iPad or iPhone. However, do not get high hopes with this SD card reader for iPhone 6 or other devices. It only supports USB 2.0- grade speeds. 

3. Wamgra SD Card Reader For iPhone 

Another option that you can go for while choosing the top SD card reader for iPhone is the Wamgra SD card reader. It supports both standard SDHC cards and SD cards up to 256 GB. If you do not have the high budget to purchase the official Apple SD card, you can go with the Wamgra SD card reader. 

It comes with a simple design and thick wires to provide better connectivity. The only drawback is that it does not support high-speed cards and doesn’t support this card reader. However, you do not need to use the SD card reader app for iPhone when using it. 

4. GeekGo SD Card Reader 

Very popular in the market and well-known for its compatibility qualities. It supports a lot of different types of SD cards like Micro SDHC, Micro SD, Micro RS-MMC, Micro RS-MMC, Micro SDXC, and others. This is the ideal card reader for people who want to use something small and compact. 

The look and design of the SD card reader match perfectly with a USB drive. With the help of this SD card reader for iPhone, you will be able to transfer files without any issues. Not only photos and videos, but you can also transfer many other media files with the help of this card reader. The availability of this SD card reader for iPhone Amazon and other sites is very high. 

5. Aibit SD Card Reader

Just like the last one, this one also supports plenty of different card types such as Micro SDXC, Micro SD, Micro SDHC, Micro TF, Micro Ultra II SD, and others. There are lots of positive reviews available on the internet on this product. However, if you are using a thick cover for your phone, this card reader won’t fit. 

Even if it fits, you will still get many connection interruptions. So, take a look at the SD card reader for iPhone how to use it before using it. However, this SD card reader for iPhone best buy is still liked by many users. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. Is There A SD Card Reader For iPhone? 

Yes, an official SD card reader available from Apple comes with plenty of features and unique features. For example, you can easily transfer photos and videos from phone to card. However, this official SD card from Apple is much more expensive than all the other ones available in the market.

Q2. How Do I Use SD Card Reader On iPhone?

To use the SD card reader on iPhone, you will need to plug the SD card adapter into the iPad or iPhone. Now, insert the microSD or SD card in the card reader and import all the photos and videos you want. The app Photos will automatically launch and provide you the option to import media. 

Q3. How Do I Transfer Photos From SD Card To iPhone? 

You will need to take the help of a paperclip of medium or small size. Unfold it one straight side to make one side stick out. The sticking side of the paper goes directly into the hole of the SIM ejector.  

Q4. Will iPhone Have SD Card Slot? 

No, it is very unlikely that Apple will ever add an SD card slot in the iPhone. 


Although there are plenty of SD cards available in the market for both Android and iOS. All of them do not work as they should. To find out the best one among them, you will need to do a lot of research. However, this article can help you save a lot of time and hard work. 

We have researched and presented you with some of the best SD card readers for iPhone to choose from. Make sure to go through all of these card readers to find out the best ones. This article helped you to choose the best one? Share it with others to help them as well. 

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