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Do you wish to see TV shows and movies for free? While many fear that the rising prices of Netflix and movie theatres are becoming cumbersome, many turned towards free-straining websites. This is where TVShows88 comes in to give you access to a large collection of movies and TV series. 

To learn more about this website and its features, continue reading this post till the end. 

TVShows88 Features

The primary TVShows88 features that compel you to visit this site every day are:

1. Watch Free Movies And Series

The primary reason why people access this website is because of its large collection of amazing movies and series. This website has all the movies that you would wish to see when you get bored in your house. Therefore, if you are looking for great action-packed movies or the most romantic comedies, feel free to visit!

On this website, you will find everything from old movies and series to the newest ones as well. Here, you will get lots of recently released movies that came out weeks ago as well. In addition, if you are ever in the mood for some old-school Clint Eastwood movies, you can easily watch them on!

2. Vote And Rate Movies

A great feature present in TVShows88 is its ability to let movie watchers vote and rate their favorite movies and shows. Therefore, if there is a new movie or series that you can’t stop rewatching, then vote it as your favorite! Just click on the thumbs-up button below the movie to give it a recommended rating!

In addition, you can also give special scores to these movies as well. These ratings will be totaled and calculated by TVShows88. Therefore, you can help other viewers know which movies are great by giving them a score-based review!

3. Request Movies

One of the best things about TVShows88 compared to other free streaming websites is that you can request movies. Therefore, you can request a particular movie or series that you wish to be made available on this website. Chances are you will get lucky here, and the admins of this website might actually upload that movie or TV series you wished for!

All you need to do is simply click on the Request option at the top iof the screen. Here, you simply have to state the name of the movie or TV series and the year it was released. 

Note: There is no guarantee that the movie that you requested might get uploaded. The admins of TVShows88 receive a lot of requests. Therefore, it’s best to wait for a bit, but do not keep your hopes up too much.

TVShows88 Best Alternatives

If, for some reason, you are not able to access TVShows88, then fear not. This might happen from time to time due to server issues. The webmaster often takes the site down temporarily to work on maintenance updates.

If you face such a situation, then here are some great TVShows88 alternatives that you can visit:

1. 5Movies


Many people consider 5Movies to be a site for classic movie lovers. This site has a large collection of older movies that are revered now as “classics.” You can watch all the movies in high definition HS qualities, with fast servers to load them up easily. 

However, unlike TVShows88, 5Movies has various other categories of shows to watch. This includes anime and other American cartoons as well. In addition, this website also has lots of Asian shows as well, especially many tear-jerking Japanese and Korean dramas.

2. Pubfilm


If you want to watch a large assortment of action and dance-packed masala Indian Bollywood movies, Pubfilm will have it. Here, you will get lots of Indian movies, from the most emotional Bollywood movies to over-the-top south Indian movies. As an Indian lover, you definitely should not miss this website.

However, if you thought that this movie only contained Indian movies, then you are wrong. This movie also contains various Hollywood movies as well. However, you will be right if you think that this movie has more Bollywood movies compared to Hollywood movies.

3. YesMovies


If you want a website from where you can search for movies that you want to see in the most intuitive manner, YesMovies has got you covered in this regard. This website has the best search engine, far better than that of TVShows88

Here, you can definitely search for specific movies you want by typing in the name of the movie. However, to get more accurate recommendations, you can use its intuitive search filters. Here, you can filter the search results by using filter options like genre, nation, IMDB scores, and much more. This makes getting the best movie recommendations easier.

4. MovieNinja


If you want websites that are better than TVShows88, then you can definitely visit MovieNinja.

But why is this site better? This is because of the overall website UI and its large collection of movies and series. MovieNinja is touted to have one of the biggest libraries of movies and TV shows to watch for free.

In addition to watching these flicks for free, you can even download them if you want. To do so, simply click on the movie. When the stream starts, you can find the download option below the viewing screen.

5. Popcornflix


If you want the largest collection of Oscar-winning movies to see for free in 1080p HD quality, then open PocornFlix. Another pretty popular movie streaming website that is deemed better than TVShows88, this website has numerous proxy websites and domains. Therefore, if you see that the servers of this website are down, fear not. There are five other proxy domains that you can still access and keep on binging!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Movie lovers have asked a few questions regarding the features of TVShows88. Here are my answers to their questions.

Q1. Can You Watch Movies Offline From TVShows88?

Ans: No, you cannot watch movies offline directly from this website. However, you can download them first and store them in your drive to watch them offline later on.

Q2. Can You Watch Anime In TVShows88?

Ans: No, you cannot watch any anime on this website. However, you can watch American cartoons like Rick and Morty and The Simpsons.

Q3. Can You Watch TVShows88 App?

Ans: Yes, you can view every content available on the website in its application. The best feature is that you can download this application on various platforms

Time To Go And Grab Some Popcorn!

TVShows88 is a great website to watch lots of great movies and TV series for free. You will get lots of content here, which you can stream or download for free. They are all available in high-HD qualities and are constantly updated. Therefore, expect to see new seasons of your favorite TV shows appearing here soon.

If you know about other websites from where you can download TV shows and movies for free, mention them in the comments below!

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