How Much Health Does The Warden Have In Minecraft?

How Much Health Does The Warden Have In Minecraft

When it comes to playing Minecraft, there are various types of enemies that skulk around in the dark. However, none are as terrifying s the Warden lurking around in dep dark biomes and Ancient Cities. Before you muster up the courage to fight it head-on, you should know how much health does the warden have in Minecraft.

Minecraft is a game where players build communities and buildings using blocks and protect their houses and areas from creatures and destruction. Minecraft is a creative game where players need to use their imagination and blocks to build an art piece or they can use their gaming skills to survive the night.

Several features and items can be found in the game which you either have to find or purchase. You can also find useful items to survive the might and build your house or community.

The goal of the game is not set so players can play however they want hence why the game is called “sandbox game” sometimes. This game brings out creative skills in children as they can use their imagination to play in the game.

The games have many challenges that develop problem solving skills in players while they are facing the challenge. You can go on epic adventures and explore the Minecraft world. Since the game is built around blocks which you can use to reshape and craft broken landscapes also along with building art creations.

The game consists of creatures that you can either befriend or battle. Minecraft has PEGI rating of 7. So if you are above 10 you can play the game.

Knowing your enemy is said to be the most important step in winning a fight. Therefore, read this post until the end before you fight the Warden.

Who Is The Warden In Minecraft?

Who Is The Warden In Minecraft

When it comes to facing the variety of enemies in Minecraft, the Warden is by far one of the deadliest. The warden is located deep within the bowels of the haunted deep dark biomes. 

It’s different from all other enemies in the game since it does not follow standard Minecraft enemy span rules. Unlike other enemies that spawn once the player gets near a certain area, the warden spawns only when alerted by the Sculk Shriekers. 

Sculk Shriekers are certain blocks that emit a sound when you go near them. The moment you go near it, it emits a sound as if it’s signaling someone. To spawn The Warden up from the ground in your location, you need to get detected by Skriekers four times. 

Therefore, triggering the sculk shriekers four times typically spells doom for most players. The game is designed in a way that you play stealthily to avoid getting detected by sculk shriekers. Know this to learn how to spawn the Warden in Minecraft

How Much Health Does The Warden Have In Minecraft?

How Much Health Does The Warden Have In Minecraft1

The Warden is a force to be reckoned with in Minecraft. This dread-inducing beast has massive stats for any player to face in-game. Have a look at the Warden stats in Minecraft:

Health (HP)500 (250 hearts)
Melee Attack DamageEasy Mode: 16 (8 hearts)Normal Mode: 30 (15 hearts)Hard Mode: 45 (22.5 hearts)
Ranged Attack DamageEasy Mode: 6 (3 hearts)Normal Mode: 10 (5 hearts)Hard Mode: 15 (7.5 hearts)
HitboxHeight: 3 blocksWidth: 1 block
DropsSculk Catalyst5x Experience Points

As you can see above, the Warden has the highest health amongst all enemies and mobs in Minecraft. Its staggeringly high 500 HP makes it almost impossible for players to kill this hulking giant. In addition, it has a pretty high attack power, too (15 hearts in normal mode) at melee range.

One of the most interesting facts about the Warden in Minecraft is that it is blind. Instead of charging at you upon seeing you, it first takes a few seconds to track your location. It does so by detecting nearby vibrations on the ground and any sound being made.

Therefore, if you move inside the vicinity of the Warden (30 blocks), it will try to pick up your movement. It even recognizes the vibrations of all projectiles being shot at it (like arrows). When it “sniffs” for nearby players, its anger meter gets raised. Every action you do raises its anger meter (you cannot visually see the anger meter). Once this meter charges up and the warden is boiling with anger, it starts chasing after you by letting out a roar.

However, attacking the warden directly or being too close to it (5 blocks) will immediately make it angry. Here, it will immediately start chasing you. However, if you escape from the clutches of the Warden and stay undetected for 60 seconds, the warden calms down and burrows back underground. To respawn it again (if you are brave enough to do so), you need to get detected by the sculk shriekers four times.

Tips On How To Beat The Warden In Minecraft?

Tips On How To Beat The Warden In Minecraft

Is your stealth not up to the mark in Minecraft? Did you get detected by the Warden, and now it’s chasing after you in the dark?

Chances are you will be dead in one or two hits if you let it get close.

This is where the “fight or flight” question comes into your mind. The creators of Minecraft – Mojang Studios – made this mob encounter the most unique in the game.

First of all, the warden is blind. It tracks you by detecting the vibrations of your movement and any sound you make. However, the deadliest part is that if you get too close to the Warden, you will be inflicted with darkness. This status effect stunts your visibility, making you only able to see things in front of you. This is how it evens the playing field in terms of sight.

However, getting hit by its attacks means certain death since it has two very powerful attacks:

  • Melee Strikes: This is the Warden’s favorite attack since it likes to get up close and personal. These hits pack quite a punch. In easy mode, it takes only two hits to kill you. In medium and hard modes, one is enough to see the “game over” screen. 
  • Sonic Shriek: Just because you are out of the warden’s melee range doesn’t mean that you are safe yet. Here, the Warden has a special weapon up its sleeve – the Sonic Shriek. Here, the Warden emits a sonic wave at you (similar to Piccolo’s Special Beam attack). This attack is mnt as deadly as its melee strikes. It takes away 3 hearts in one attack (normal mode), 5 hearts in medium, and 7.5 hearts in hard mode.

In addition to these attacks, the Warden is also immune to fire damage, which includes lava damage as well. Also, in terms of defense, it has knockback immunity as well, making it well-guarded. Plus, it has an IQ as well, since rather than attacking every mob (enemy) near it, it tracks the most suspicious one (that being you, of course). 

Facing off against the Warden is like a David and Goliath fight – it seems impossible at first, but definitely doable. Since the Warden has the highest health in Minecraft, it will take you approximately 50 hits to kill it with a powerful enough enchanted Minecraft sword. In addition, I would recommend wearing Diamond Armor or Netherite armor for the best defense. Some of the best tactics to defeat the Warden are

  • Kiting: Just dodge its attack, get one or two hits, and dodge again. Rinse and repeat.
  • Cobweb Trap: You can create a cobweb trap underground and trap the Warden there. Then, you can use ranged attacks to kill it. Just be careful of its Sonic Shrieks.
  • Just Run: Simply run from the warden. Thats what the game wants you to do anyway. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

Minecraft players have a few questions to ask regarding how much health does the warden have in Minecraft. Here are my answers.

Q1. Is The Warden’s Health Higher Than Wither And The Ender Dragon?

Ans: Yes, the warden has the highest health in the game (250 hearts) – more than the Ender Dragon (200 HP, 100 hearts) and Wither (450 HP, 225 hearts). However, in hard mode, the Wither has more health than the Warden (by a slight margin).

Q2. Is The Warden Immune To Lava?

Ans: Yes, the Warden is immune to lava and all fire-based objects, projectiles, and weapons. Therefore, luring the Warden to a lava pool is not a good choice.

Q3. Can The Warden Break Your Shield?

Ans: Yes, every melee hit of the Warden can break your shield. In addition, all its arracks can disable your shield for 5 seconds, making you vulnerable.

Q4. What Does Warden Drop?

Ans: The Warden drops only 5 experience points and a sculk catalyst after being defeated. The drops are not worth it since you are not supposed to fight it in the first place and simply run. 

David And The Warden

While the Warden certainly is the biggest baddie in Minecraft, knowing how much health does the warden have in Minecraft is crucial for this fight. It has 500 HP (225 hearts) – the highest in Minecraft. My recommendation is not to get detected by the Skulk Shriekers and escape the warden battle completely. If you are unlucky enough to spawn the Warden, then fight it head-on and dodge its one-hit-kill attacks. Good luck, miner.

Reviews On Minecraft  

Here are some reviews on Minecraft.

  1. Roman Utahraptor says, “I’ve been playing Minecraft since July 2010, so I’ve seen most major updates for the game. The game offers “Infinite wonders and endless possibilities” Minecraft isn’t actually infinite or endless, but it might as well be due to the large amount of things you can do with the game. My favorite parts of the game are survival and hardcore singleplayer, and survival multiplayer. Minecraft may seem simple at first, but there are a lot of mechanics under the hood and there are ways to manipulate the game in unintended ways. Multiplayer is another big part of Minecraft, where I play on my private servers with friends and family. There are a lot of Multiplayer servers, although most are private. My favorite is my private server and 2b2t, the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft is another experience altogether. In summary, Minecraft is a game that is definitely worth a try, and is more than a simple little block game.”

2. AndoraAvalin says, “Minecraft is an excellent game for young children to help encourage their creativity and problem solving. It’s also an excellent way to bond with kids, I play it all the time with my young niece. One thing parents need to be aware of though is the online features and micro transactions. As with any online space for kids, parents need to carefully monitor what’s going on with their children. Before letting a kid play on any servers be sure to have a conversation about online safety, and check in often to make sure no one sketchy is using the chat function to talk to your kid. Let them know what to look out for as well. Also be aware that Minecraft is popular with all ages, so not every server is age appropriate. Be sure to check in with your kid and make sure they aren’t playing on servers they shouldn’t be. As for micro transactions, parents should be aware that Microsoft owns Minecraft, and is using a similar strategy to app games to make more money. Make sure your kid can’t make purchases on their own, just in case. I also recommend having a conversation about microtransactions. Be aware that they will probably ask for things in the Minecraft marketplace. I have 3 different recommendations for dealing with this. The first is to explain that mine coins cost real money, and that you aren’t going to buy any.’

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