Google Plans To Add An AI-Powered Text Generator To Its Desktop Chrome Browser

AI-Powered Text Generator

Google has been planning on adding an AI-powered text generator in its Chrome browser according to recent reports by the website 9To5 This AI-powered text generator is called ‘Help Me Write.’

This ‘Help Me Write’ feature can be found in Google Messages, Google Docs and Keep and Gmail at present with some variation. Now the tech giant, Google wants to make this feature available for its internet browser.

‘Help Me Write’ feature takes input from its users as text prompt form and then generate textual responses. These responses can be long-form content as well depending on the input from its users. As per the report by 9To5 Google, the tech giant was developing this feature  as desktop version to being it to Chrome For Windows, Linux and Mac for its desktop users.

Google refers to this feature as ‘CCO’ or ‘Compose’ internally but its stable version is being branded as ‘Help Me Write.’ This generative-AI feature when gets available in the market can be found in Chrome’s autofill popup while typing text online. You can also access this feature from the right-click menu.

This AI feature will also check content of the page you are on to get more context on the topic you want to write and give you it’s results. Google might also add some options that will help you adjust the AI’s writing style.

This text generator will also ask the users for their preference on the topic they want written to be shorten or elaborated and if they want it in formal or casual format.

Recently Google pushed its launch of foundation model- Gemini, an AI which could not handle queries in non-English language. The earlier plan was to launch this AI in the market before Christmas around mid-December but now its pushed back to January. Gemini AI model is said to have the capabilities to comprehend and utilize data from different sources like images, text, video and audio. This AI model is set to challenge ChatGPT’s dominance in generative AI space.

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