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Amazing Mac Tips To Help You Stay Productive

Amazing Mac Tips To Help You Stay Productive

Every new software version or update, Macos become more powerful than ever. Whether you are an age-old MacBook user or a new edition to the Apple club, there’s a lot to learn. In this article, we will cover useful Mac tips that make your work easier and faster.

1. Rename Large Batch Of Files

Rename Large Batch Of Files

Renaming files seems to be an easy task that takes nothing more than your creativity to name a file so that it’s easy to search and locate. But what if you have to rename a bulk batch of files altogether? Sounds tedious?

On Yosemite and later macOS versions, select all the files you wish to rename and right-click them or press Control + Click. Next, tap Rename, and the files will save with sequential file naming format. This way, you will save a lot of time and effort that you otherwise spend on renaming each file manually.

2. Convert HEIC to JPG

HEIC (High-Efficiency Image File Format) is developed by the Moving Picture Expert Group to improve and come up with a fresh image file format. HEIC consumes about half of the storage space as JPEGs, making them lighter to store on the device.

However, this file format is not quite popular and has some compatibility issues with smart devices. Most of the regularly used apps won’t accept or display the HEIC files, so you need to convert them to JPG. As per, you can either convert HEIC to JPG in the Preview or Photos app or can utilize third-party apps for successful and efficient conversion.

3. Copy & Paste Text Between Devices

This is a productivity tip that allows you to work proficiently on your Apple devices. You can copy the text on one device and paste it on another Apple device instantly. Select text on your Mac, copy the highlighted text and paste it on your iPhone.

Make sure that the WiFi and Bluetooth on both devices are turned on. Moreover, you will have to log into the same iCloud account to be able to use this feature. It allows you to stay efficient and multitask across Apple devices.

4. Run Windows on Mac Computer

If you have recently switched to macOS from Windows, you might be missing your old operating system. You can install Windows on your Mac using the Boot Camp utility by navigating to the Applications folder.

This feature allows utilizing the benefits of two major operating systems on one device. Moreover, you can play high-end games on Windows partitions that you otherwise may not be able to play on Mac. Make sure to clean your Mac screen and declutter the hard drive for an optimal gaming experience.

5. Sign Documents Digitally

If your work involves signing dozens of documents, you must understand the pain of following a set of tasks that the entire process includes. You need to download the document, print it, sign it, scan it, and then email it back. It’s time-consuming and annoying (most of the time).

Use the Preview app to sign documents digitally and speed up the signing and sharing process. Put your signatures on plain white paper, capture them using your iPhone’s camera and then upload them to add to the document.

6. Switch Between Multiple Windows

Switch Between Multiple Windows

If you are working in multiple apps and programs and need to switch between the windows, press the Command + Tab keys. For example, if you have Applications, Finder, and Camera open on your computer, you can change the app without exiting any window.

Alternatively, use Command + ~ keys to switch between multiple windows of the same app or program. If you are working on multiple Word documents and want to switch to Document 1 from Document 3, this combination will help you.

7. Start-Up Your Mac Silently

The startup chimes are one among many popular features that make Macs and MacBooks stand out. Macs and MacBooks produce loud sound waves that are sometimes annoying, particularly when you are in a classroom, library, or a place where silence is crucial.

Hold down the Mute key when your Mac is starting to avoid the inconvenience caused due to the loud sounds. If you are using your MacBook in a public place, this simple tip will help you start your laptop silently.

8. Use Spotlight for Calculations & Conversions

The Spotlight app is a powerful place where you can handle a lot of tasks efficiently. It allows you to convert units, such as centimeters to meters or kilograms to grams. It also enables you to convert currencies such as GBP to USD or USD to AUD, and so on.

You need to connect to the internet to be able to work in Spotlight. Launch the window, type in the figures or units that you need to convert, and you will get the answer almost instantly. It helps you to open the calculator or only

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