All The Innovations We Bid Farewell In 2023

Bid Farewell

2023 was a great year for the technology sector due to the AI innovations boom. AI devices were being launched one after the another by tech companies. But with every innovation in the tech sector, there are some innovations that do not get to overcome the challenge in the market and get discontinued.

Just like life, technology also has its own ending and graveyard where all unsuccessful or old innovations end up. 2023 also saw some innovations getting discontinued from Google’s visionary, an augmented reality headset to Lenovo’s Legion Gaming phone being discontinued.

Here’s all the innovations that we bid farewell this year.

  1. Lenovo’s Legion Gaming Phone

In March this year, a spokesperson from Lenovo confirmed the news about Lenovo Legion gaming phone division shutting down. According to the spokesperson the decision to shutdown was stems from “a wider business transformation and gaming portfolio consolidation.”

  1. Google’ Glass Enterprise Edition

Google’s reality headset, Glass Enterprise Edition, was discontinued this year. This augmented headset was announced in 2012 publicly bringing in the era of wearable computing devices that will keep your has free. But due to high price point and lack of functionality paired with privacy concerns led to the doom of this product.

  1. Amazon Halo Brand

Amazon decided to discontinue their Halo brand altogether this year in July. Halo by Amazon was a line of fitness trackers that was created to break in the wearable market in 2020. Halo was not able to compete in the competitive dominated wearable market dominated by Fitbit, Apple and other companies.

Hence why the Halo line of fitness trackers were discontinued this year.

  1. Windows Cortana

In August 2023, Google discontinued Cortana app to scale back its support to push Google’s AI Copilot and Bing Chatbot instead.

  1. Microsoft WordPad

You might have used Microsoft WordPad once in your lifetime which is included in your Windows PC for free. This text editor will be discontinued after 25 years and new Windows version would not have WordPad.

  1. Omegle

Omegla was an online chat platform based on connecting people from different parts of the world and making new friends. Once popular online platform announced its shutdown in November this year siting sustainability as the reason for closure.

  1. Hyperloop One

Hyperloop One, an ambitious startup focusing on transportation by developing a network of high speed tunnels for levitation pods. Hyperloop One in spite of 400 million funding was unable to get any more funding for their tech leading to closing of the company this year on 31st December, 2023.

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