Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II Early Access Beta Kicks Off On September 16th

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II

This early access beta for players who pre-ordered this game will also get to play on the new multiplayer map Grand Prix.

Key Points:

  • The early access to the beta version of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II will be open to players from 16th September to 26th September.
  • This will exclusively be available to players who pre-ordered the game on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One S,  and PC.
  • Players will be given a code to download and enter gaming sessions from 1 PM EST.

The open beta to the early access version of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 starts next month on 16th September 2022.

After successfully rebooting the iconic Modern Warfare franchise with 2019s Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, the direct sequel to the game already went underway after the release of 2020s Call Of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War.

This time, players who pre-ordered the game will get access to the multiplayer modes of the game as early as the 16th of September. This will only be available to players who pre-ordered the game before its official slated release date on 28th October 2022.

However, players who did not pre-order will also get a shot to test out this new game. Activision is reportedly giving away access codes through the live streams of sponsored content creators and live streamers on Twitch.

PS4 and PS5 players can test out this game first from 16th September. Xbox and PC players will then get access from 22nd to 26th September, where it will have open cross-play between all platforms.

Infinity Ward also teased a new race-track-themed map for the game, named Grand Prix, which will be made available to open beta players.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II releases for platforms like PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on 28th October 2022.


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