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5 Items You Need To Add To Your Home Office

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The pandemic has taught us that doing work at home is possible.

During that time, many people were sent back home and told to work from there. Although it is possible, it can be distracting and off-putting for some.

This is because we often associate being at home with time to rest and not do work. But with new regulations since the pandemic, doing work at home became the usual.

Consequently, while doing work at home, you may find yourselves wandering away from doing actual work. This may be because your home office does not have the right essentials to make you fully productive at work.

Fret not; this list of items you can add to your home office is just for you. Take a read and consider the suggestions.

1. Ergonomic Furniture

Working from home is not as easy as one may think.

For example, you might spend hours at work hunching over your computer, which may lead to health problems, such as carpal tunnel, back pain, etc. This is because when you hunch over, you also stress your joints and muscles.

Consequently, this will also make you feel fatigued and overexert yourself. To avoid this, consider looking at ergonomic-friendly furniture such as chairs and desks.

Products that have been created with comfort, functionality and the movement of the human body in mind are referred to as ergonomic furniture.

Ergonomic Furniture

So, when you switch out your chair to an ergonomic chair, you will find yourself able to do work for longer hours than before.

In contrast, using a normal chair can be uncomfortable, and you will find yourself fidgeting or moving around a lot. But when you use an ergonomic chair that caters to the needs of your body, you will be able to do work more proficiently.

Similarly, having a dining table is simply not enough for you to work at home. This is because a dining table and a study or worktable have different purposes as well as designs. Instead, invest your money in good pieces of ergonomic furniture, so you will be able to maintain a good work performance.

2. Lighting

Not many truly realize how important lighting is when it comes to working.

Having the right lighting makes all the difference when you are doing work. You can either focus and retain more information or be easily fatigued during working. Hence, lighting is very important for working, especially when you end up burning the midnight oil.

So, what is the best lighting for working? Naturally, the best lighting comes from the sun itself. You can situate yourself near a window or a natural light source during the day to help you work well.

However, the sun sets, and now you are left with darkness; you will have to turn to artificial light to continue working. If your study lamp is warm-toned, it may make you feel too relaxed, leaving you drowsy. What you should look for is a cool-toned colour that mimics daylight.

Home Office decoration

What is important is you should find what works best for your needs and decide accordingly

3. Sound System

Working at home will also bring meetings and discussions to your home.

Since it is a frequent activity, you should upgrade your sound system to take your meetings to the next level. For instance, you will deal with some distractions, especially when you live with your family or other people. It might be difficult to listen to people during your meeting when there is noise from people at home.

Avoid this by having a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones in addition to your HP laptop. Many headphones nowadays are marketed as having noise cancelling, which is important when you have meetings. Noise cancelling also helps you focus by blocking out the noise outside your headphones.

If headphones are not your style, you should also consider getting speakers. So, you can hear the meeting properly without risking your hearing after using headphones or earphones for extended periods.

Not only that, but you could also add a new microphone to your set-up. Most often, the built-in laptop mics are fine, but an external microphone will give you better quality, so all the participants can hear you.

4. Monitors

Another way to alleviate your working at home experience is to add a monitor to your laptop, especially if you are working as a graphic designer or people who are dealing with numbers.

In comparison, certain limitations, such as lag, prevent you from multitasking if you solely depend on your laptop.

By having an extra monitor, employees can have a wider image of documents enabling them to look through the document more quickly and process data efficiently. Drag and drop data from one application to another is also made simple with dual displays.

Having dual displays saves you time switching between tabs and allows you to see more of your tasks. This way, you can tackle your work tasks for the day efficiently, allowing you to maintain a good work performance.

good work performance

5. Blue Light Glasses

Another must-have for a great home office experience is blue light glasses.

You will be exposed to the blue light emitted from computers, laptops, and even your phone when working from home. This light from electronics will cause damage like blurry vision, eye strain, dry eyes, and macular degeneration. 

Blue light may even affect your circadian rhythm, causing you to lose sleep. A person’s internal clock aligns with the environment that they are in, which is why you may find yourself working on your computer until early morning. Do you know that two hours of blue light exposure is enough to slow down the sleep hormone- melatonin? 

You can avoid straining your eyes and losing sleep with blue light glasses. It will even help with improving visual performance and sleep quality. Not to mention that it will also alleviate eye fatigue and conserve macular health.

To End Up:

There are many items that one can consider essential to their workspace. What is important is you should find what works best for your needs and decide accordingly. Good luck!


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