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Chamber Valorant

Chamber Valorant has been one of the most controversial agents in Valorant. Unlike other agents, this one has two abilities that give him two new guns – the only agent to be able to do so.

However, while he started as one of the overpowered agents in the game, patches have since made this Frenchman weaker. Therefore, you must rethink your ways of playing Chamber after he got nerfed.

If that’s your goal, then read this post till the end. Here, you will learn how to best utilize your aim along with Chamber’s abilities in the best way possible.

Chamber Abilities

The primary Chamber Valorant abilities that you must keep in the back of your hand at all times are:

Trademark (C)

Price: 200

Trademark is one of the most valuable Chamber abilities that still makes him a sentinel rather than a duelist. With this ability (only one per round), you can place a trap on the ground. Whenever it detects an enemy on its range, it will initiate a slow-field, causing them to slow down (4 seconds).

Headhunter (Q)

Price: 150 per bullet

Headhunter is another one of Chamnber’s duelist oriented abilities. By pressing Q, you can equip his Headhunter gun, which is a modified Sheriff. This gun has eight maximum bullets, which hit harder and more accurately than the standard Sheriff revolver. Headshots will definitely one tap enemies at all ranges.

Rendezvous (E)

Price: Free

Rendezvous is the signature ability of Chamber Valorant. Here, you can place a teleporter in one location, which has a pretty extensive circular range. As long as you are in the teleporters range, you can press E to teleport to it instantly. In addition, you can press E to call back your teleporters, redeploying them after a cooldown of 30 seconds. Also, as you use it once, it goes on a cooldown for 30 seconds as well.

Tour De Force (X)

Ultimate Charges: 8

The Chamber ultimate has been touted to be one of the most busted and powerful ultimates in Valorant. Tour De Force summons a beefed up Operator that can one-shot enemies as long as it’s an upper body shot. It takes eight ultimate charges, providing you with five bullets. In addition, whenever you kill an enemy with this gun, it also creates a slow field near the corpse, similar to the one created by Trademark, for 4 seconds.

How To Play Chamber – The Offensive Sentinel

To master Chamber Valorant, you must understand its role as a Sentinel and a part-time Duelist. Valorant’s Chamber agent has one defensive Sentinel ability (Trademark), along with two offensive duelist abilities (Headhunter and Tour de Force). Plus, it has one positioning ability as well (Rendezvous). Learning how to use each ability to outplay the enemies and pick them off one by one is crucial here.


When attacking, it’s best to play mid on all rounds. When you do so, you can place your Trademark trap at the entrance of one of the sites. In addition, you can use your Headhunter to hunt down flankers trying to flank mid or from the other site. Plus, use Rendezvous to teleport in and out of danger while guarding mid.


In the defensive rounds, it’s a pretty straightforward affair with Frenchman Vincent Fabron. All you need to do is place a Trademark trap at the entrance of a site to stall attackers. Now, this can be its mid entrance or its main entrance as well. After that, simply stay near the back of the site and hunt down anyone who falls in your Headhunter’s or Tour De Force’s line of sight. Use Rendezvous to get out of danger if it’s an all-in site rush.

Tips And Tricks For Playing Chamber Valorant

If you wish to master how to play Chamber Valorant, then the first thing you need to do is download a Valorant tracker. This will allow you track your performance across all your games that you play as Chamber Valorant.

A tracker is crucial for understanding your headshot accuracy, since Headhunter and Tour de Force rely on accuracy. Therefore, after you have downloaded a tracker and integrated it with your Valorant API, it’s time to learn the best Chamber Valorant tips and tricks.

1. Place Your Trademark At Hidden Spots

Your Trademark is the only defensive ability. Since you only have one of it per round, use it wisely. Therefore, try to place it near ledges and entrances.

However, try to place it in a way that makes it impossible for enemies to shoot it down when they dare enter your site. Here’s a fun fact – you can place it above ledges, and it will still slow enemies on the ground. You can use this on the entryway to Split’s B site, towards the left.

However, this doesn’t always have to be near site entryways. You can place it in weird angles in the middle of a site as well. For example, you can put them near the default plant spot on Ascent B site. Another example of this is below Bind’s B site hookah. If they jump down, they will be slowed down to be mowed down by your Headhunter or Tour de Force.

2. On Eco Rounds, Go Headhunting All The Way

If you are on the save round, buying all eight Headhunter bullets is the best option. The same can be said for pistol rounds, where you can buy six Headhunter bullets and Trademark for 800 credits. However, it’s best recommended to do so if you have a good headshot accuracy, preferably 20% or more.

3. Always Stay Near Your Rendezvous

Your Rendezvous is your get out of jail free card. With just a button, you can snap yourself off to someplace safer. Therefore, it’s best to keep it near the back of sites while defending. During attack rounds, place it near cover from your initial peeking angle.

Rendezvous is best used after you miss a shot and enemies are onto you. For example, you are holding a site on defense, and you miss your Op shot. Instead of loading up the Chamber Valorant and re-peeking, press E to scoot. You will live to shoot heads for longer this way.

4. Buy Guns For Others If You Have Ult

If you have a charged up ultimate, and your teammates are asking for a drop, do so. Instead of buying a gun, drop a Phantom or Vandal (whichever has Valorant skins equipped) for your teammate instead. You can still use your Headhunter and Tour de Force to deal lethal damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Valorant players have various queries about Chamber Valorant, which I have answered in this section below:

Q1. Who Is The Chamber Voice Actor Valorant?

Ans: Chamber’s in-game voice actor is Hugo Pierre Martin. Since Chamber real name is Vincent Fabron, it’s fitting that a French voice actor be used to voice him.

Q2. Is Chamber A Sentinel Or A Duelist?

Ans: Chamber Valorant is a Sentinel agent. However, due to two of his abilities providing him new guns, he can be an offensive duelist as well. Therefore, you can say that he is a Sentinel/Duelist hybrid, preferring to stay anchored at one place and picking off enemies one by one with deadly precision.

Q3. How Impactful Is The Chamber Nerf?

Ans: Before the Valorant v5.12 update, Chamber was by far one of the most broken characters in the game. He was super powerful in the hands of players with good aim. However, Valorant patch v5.12 nerfed and deleted him, making him a lot weaker than before but still good enough.

You Still Gotta Look Good While Hunting Heads

Chamber Valorant is a pretty good agent – only if you have good aim. The best way to play this offensive sentinel is by holding angles and hunting heads. Use your Trademark (C) to secure a flank entryway, followed by Rendezvous (E) to get out of trouble. As for your guns – Headhunter (Q) and Tour de Force (X, ultimate) – aim at heads and shoot.

If you want more such informative Valorant agent guides, let me know in the comments which agent you wish to see get featured next!

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