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Are you looking for a free AI chatbot that has a more interesting human like conversation than ChatGPT? Then this article might interest you. In this article we have talked about Character AI which a startup company that uses generative AI on its chatbot to create characters which you or other chatbots can converse with.

Just like ChatGPT you can ask questions and converse with Character AI chatbot but with addition to role or character you choose to create for the chatbot. To know how this chatbot works keep reading this article.

What Is Character AI?

What Is Character AI

Character AI is a platform that lets users create their own chatbot using Character AI own conversational chatbot. It offers its service to non-technical users who creates their own chatbot which can converse with other chatbots created by users.

Character AI chatbot uses a neutral language model to help understand text and read them and then uses the information while conversing with users. It incorporates role-playing element in its chatbot creating chatbot Personas.

These Chatbot Personas are called ‘Characters’. The ‘Characters’ can be from real people or fictional characters from movies or books created using Character AI chatbot service.

Using Character AI chatbot you can create characters like pop celebrities like Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift or historical figures like Napoleon Bonaparte. You can chat with the characters one-on-one or create a group chat. The conversation feels natural, just like talking with a real person leading to fun conversations.

Is Character AI Free?

Is Character AI Free

Character AI free version charges nothing to offer its service to users. You can use the free version of it that comes with all standard features. Using these standard features you can create your own character. You have to start chatting with the chatbot after creating an account on the Character AI platform.

If you don’t want to create an account then chat with the chatbot as a guest but to create your own character persona you will need to have an account. You can download the Character.AI app on your phone supported both on Android and iOS. You can use this platform on your desktop as well just search for Character.AI on the internet.

How Does Character AI Function?

How Does Character AI Function

One thing you must remember while using Character AI chatbot is that you must meet its minimum age requirement. You can use it to create your own chatbot, create popular fictional or non-fictional characters or create your very own characters.

So before registering on this platform read its Terms of Service and its Privacy Policy so that you are aware of its guidelines before using Character AI chat to create your own character or chatbot. After all, you are using the company’s platform to create something of your own.

It refers to all the chatbot interactions as “content” which are easy to process by any average user. You can chat with the chatbot and create images, voice content and multi-modal AI text.

You are presented with options to create a room or a chatbot. Rooms are virtual environments where different characters can interact with users or each other while chatbots are AI characters. The characters in the room have to be selected from existing bots in the cloud database of it.

How To Create Chatbot Using Character AI?

How To Create Chatbot Using Character AI

To create a chatbot character you will need to fill in a web form to name the chatbot you want to create. You will have to give a short introduction about the character you want to create and decide if images can be created by the bot alongside text.

You need to select your preferred privacy setting from private, public or unlisted setting. Private chatbots only interact with creators, while public chatbots can interact with the community. If you select the unlisted setting, then it creates a URL which can be shared with community members internally.

Lastly, you are given the option of creating or uploading an image or avatar for your chatbot or just creating the chatbot without any image.

Features Of Character AI

Features Of Character AI

The features of Character AI are listed below.

  1. It can help you create unique AI characters which will help you with different tasks.
  2. There are a selected range of themes that offers you flexibility to choose your character’s theme. This platform can support 19 character themes or more virtually.
  3. Quick Mode. Using Quick Mode you can create your AI character swiftly in under a minute.
  4. It is a great tool for language translation and learning new languages.
  5. It can help you with new innovative ideas.
  6. It also has a feature called “Email Generation” that helps you participate in conversations with images.
  7. You can customize your privacy settings as per your need.
  8. Using the feature speech-to-text by clicking on the microphone button located in the chat you can convey your message in voice format. Another text-to speech feature is being developed by it that will help your character convey the text message in audible form. As of now you have to select the audio voice of your character beforehand in advanced settings while the character is being created.

Reviews On Character AI

Here are some reviews on Character AI by users that you might find useful.

Jay Bienvenu

Says, “I’ve created implementations of two of my fictional characters on Character AI. The platform has a lot of potential, particularly for IP creators, and isn’t really making effective use of its brand. I’d like to see the platform become a complete site for defining and programming characters.”

Adding further he states, “Here are some specific suggestions: – Implement a thorough character-definition questionnaire covering tangible and intangible properties of the character; personality types; style preferences; and so on. – Implement a list of standard questions that the programmer can answer for the character. Why have the programmer copy and paste the same questions over and over again. – The ability to upload images of the character and apply those images to the chat. Also, my characters aren’t appearing in the search. As someone who is creating unique characters, this is a major issue. How exactly can people find my characters among the many that already have thousands of chats? Overall, though, it’s a decent product. I would pay for if I saw it as a net benefit for my IP.”


Says, “One of the best interaction ai have ever use. The filter can be a bit messy sometimes but overall,its horrendous perfect! One prob: when you start talking longer and longer, the conversation starts to be slow. Is it only me?”

Fahad Saleem

Says, “Character AI APK stands at the forefront of the digital revolution, ushering in a new wave of artificial intelligence-powered mobile applications. characteraiapk , short for Character Artificial Intelligence, goes beyond conventional mobile experiences, providing users with an immersive and dynamic platform for engaging with ultra-realistic AI personalities. This groundbreaking app transforms the way we interact with digital entities, offering a range of features that elevate the user experience to unprecedented heights.”


Now that you are all caught up with it, are you going to use this platform to create your own chatbot with your preferred character bot? If you do, share your experience of this platform with us.

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