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Are you searching for an AI story generator? Are you searching for a free AI story generator online? Then this article is a must read for you. In this article we have discussed what AI story generator is and how it works.  

We have also discussed the top 6 AI story generators in the market that you can try. Within this listed AI story generators, you will also find free AI story generator.  

A new wave of AI in the tech sector has led to the development of several AI-powered tools. These AI tools have made several time-consuming tasks easier to complete in a short time. 

One such AI tool for writing is the AI story generator developed to generate unique captivating stories for users. In this article we have talked about AI story generator. 

What Is AI Story Generator? 

AI story generator is a tool that helps you generate stories or passages based on prompts given to the AI. Story generator uses artificial intelligence with machine learning technique to generate the stories automatically. AI story generating software is developed so that it can generate any type of text content according to users need. 

Using AI story generator, you can write creative stories, short stories, blog posts, emails, product descriptions, create unique tag lines for products and more posts for other social media platforms. AI story generator will help you bring your ideas to life, especially for new authors. 

So, if you were planning to write a new short story or novel AI story generator is a great tool to help you on this journey. With a story generator you can write unique narratives employing advanced AI technology. AI story generator can help you in coming up with new ideas for your story plots or incorporate your creative idea in the story you want to create. 

So, if you have an idea that you want to transform into a story or book then AI story generator is just the perfect tool for you. AI-powered story generator also helps you save time as it can generate stories for you within seconds which otherwise would have taken days if not weeks to write on your own. 

So, what are you waiting for to try AI story generator for writing your content be it for work or for yourself. 

Is AI Story Generator Free?

Did you search ‘Is story generator AI free?’, then let me answer that question for you. AI story generators are developed by different companies who set the price of their writing tools accordingly. AI story generators usually have a free trial period so that users can use the service to decide if they need it. 

AI writing tools are developed specifically to generate content automatically for users, but users often don’t want to spend money on writing tools. Afterall everybody doesn’t have the budget to buy a writing tool for writing, so company found a way to encourage such writers. 

Most AI companies have made their AI story generator software free for all so that more users can use their tool for their work. But to make more unique narratives more prompts are needed by the AI to generate unique stories. So, a set limit of free prompts has been given after which users need to pay for more prompts. 

Still not clear what we are talking about, so keep reading this article. 

How Does AI Story Generator Work? 

Prompts are text commands needed by the AI story generator to generate stories based on your specific needs. For example, if you want the AI writing generator to generate a story about a girl who bought a new house which is haunted then you must specifically give this prompt to the AI generator so that it can read and understand it. Then the AI can generate a story based on your prompt. 

Since AI story generator uses advanced machine learning technology which evolves over time, the AI will also generate more creative story plots as more prompts are added. AI algorithms in story generator help you write original stories which will capture readers attention.  

If you want to write compelling stories which will captivate readers attention, then there is no other tool better than AI story generator. Authors and content creators are highly recommended for using AI writing tools in their workplace to increase their productivity. 

You can also write a script or novel using an AI story generator. AI story generator can help generate powerful characters for your stories. Through AI story generator you can also overcome writer’s block. You can find inspiration for your work through this AI writing tool. 

Top 6 AI Story Generator You Can Find Online 

Most people love to try anything before deciding on purchasing it to see the service they need for oneself. Free trials are increasingly being offered to customers to try different products or services before purchasing them. 

Here are the top 6 AI story generators for users who want to try the AI writing tool. Some of these AI story generators online are free, while others offer free trials, and some are fully paid AI story generators online. 


Sudowrite is a writing assistant which is powered by artificial intelligence to help you write. Sudowrite AI story generator was developed so that authors can break out their writer’s block. Using this AI assistant, writers can find inspiration for their writing from characters to plots for their stories. 

With simple prompts to the AI, you can generate unique stories, captivating plotlines, develop characters and ideas for your stories. Sudowrite interface is very easy to access so that all levels of users can use it. Non-technical users can easily use Sudowrite to generate unique content with simple prompts. 

Sudowrite is a free AI story generator so you can use this tool without worrying about your budget. Sudowrite helps write better stories and help writers push their boundaries for creativity. This AI story generator refines your writing by suggesting alternative phrases, sentence structure and synonyms. 

This AI tool helps improve your writing by suggesting improvements for overused expressions and cliches which helps better the content. Sudowrite AI assistant integrates seamlessly with other writing software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. This makes workflow more convenient because most writers commonly use these writing softwares. 

Jasper AI 

Jasper AI is another AI writing assistant which helps users write entire stories or generate story ideas. Jasper AI is developed using natural language model which helps writers create original and engaging content. Engaging content helps capture readers attention keeping them hooked to the story until its ending. 

Using advanced algorithms makes Jasper AI a more powerful writing tool as it captures the essence of user’s prompt. The AI reads and understands user prompts to generate more natural stories which has a captivating quality. This helps writers immensely as the writing cannot be deciphered if it’s written by an AI or human. 

Jasper AI story generator features SEO optimization, insights on readability, analyze text, grammar suggestions, and more which helps improve author’s writing quality. Although Jasper does not offer free service, it offers a 7-day free trial for its Pro and Creators plans. 

Copy AI 

Copy AI is an AI story generator that helps you create unique original stories. Copy AI story generator helps you get over blank page syndrome by generating stories by simple prompts.  

While writing a story you will have to think about what to write then write it. But with this AI story generator you can simply put in your prompts on what story you want to create. In no time your story is generated by the AI tool.  

Using Copy AI, you can write emails, blog posts, product descriptions for your business, as well as stories and other contents of your need. Copy AI tools use advanced AI to generate creative content that helps generate lyrics, poems and short stories as well. 

Copy AI writing tool is a story generator AI free of cost unlike most AI tools. You can use this AI writing tool without spending any money which will help you understand the power of this tool. If you like this tool function and it makes you more efficient in completing your job, then it’s a great AI tool for you. 

Shortly AI 

Shortly AI is another AI story generator which you can use to write captivating content. Shortly AI uses GPT-3 language model which helps generate original and unique text that you can use to write your stories or novel. 

Shortly AI is known to stand out from its competitors because of its simple UI. It is easy to start writing with this AI tool. This AI tool is great for generating long-form content. So, you can use this AI tool to write novels and long stories. 

Shortly AI’s only downside is that it has been acquired by Jasper AI which has led to not much focus given on updating the writing tool. So, if you want to use an updated tool you might have to use the Jasper writing tool instead of Shortly AI. 


HIX AI is also an AI story generator that author would find extremely useful while writing their ideas into proper passages. HIX AI writing tool will allow you to choose your story genre, tone and language. You can use this AI writing generator to write unique short stories inputting your own additional information. 

HIX.AI uses GPT-4 model along with GPT 3.5 model as its backbone technologies to generate compelling stories. The best thing about HIX AI story generator is that all generated stories are unique and free of plagiarism which makes using this writing tool efficient for writers. 

HIX AI is also SEO-friendly and can write long-form content as well which helps your content rank on Google searches. This writing tool has several other powerful capabilities to write good content or story for you. Consisting of more than 120 writing tools like headline generator, proofreader, long-form article writer, and summarizer makes it a great writing tool. 

HIX uses cutting-edge algorithms for finding accurate information to generate content from reliable sources. So, you can freely use this AI tool to write your content without worrying about the accuracy of the information provided by the AI story generator. 

HIX AI offers up to 1000 words for free per week for its free plan. The paid plan starting cost is 4.99 dollars per month if you purchase the annual package. It is one of the most affordable AI writing tools in the market. 


Writesonic is an AI story generator with the ability to generate compelling stories within minutes. This AI tool can write stories based on your brand needs and has already generated 22,800 stories at present. Writesonic AI story generator uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 model to generate content that flows naturally. 

Writesonic AI story generator has the ability to write content which cannot be distinguished if it’s written by a human or AI. You can opt for this AI writing tool to enhance your stories as well using its chatbot, ChatSonic. You can use ChatSonic to generate text content of your choice, ask for assistance to integrate your ideas into stories and generate images for your stories as well. 

You can get over your writer’s block as well by using Writesonic writing generator. Writesonic offers four plans. Free plan which will cost you nothing while the Unlimited plan where you can use the AI story generator features unlimitedly will cost you 16 dollars a month. 

The business plan will cost you 12.67 dollars. The last plan is the Enterprise plan where you can customize your stories or content as much as you like, and the price differs for different users according to their needs. 


Now that you are all caught up on AI story generator, which AI story generator would you like to use for writing your story? Have you tried any free AI story generator previously? If not, you can try some of the listed free AI story generator online in the list above. 

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