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Are you searching for the best AI story generator? Then this article is a must read for you. Here we have discussed AI story generator, and which are the best AI story generators you can use to create captivating stories. 

With boom in AI sector, several companies are using artificial intelligence to power tools which can be used by people to easily complete tasks. Major tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and more are developing AI products. 

AI tools make users efficient at the workplace and simplify complex tasks which otherwise would have taken a lot of time. So, learning about AI tools is crucial so that you are more efficient at your work.  

In this article, story generator AI has been the topic of discussion. We have discussed what an AI story generator is, what it does, how you can use it to create stories and what are the best AI story generators out there. 

What Is an AI Story Generator?

What Is an AI Story Generator

Want to learn what is an AI writing generator? Or What is an AI story generator is? Then both are the same thing as it writes content using artificial intelligence (AI). 

AI story generator is a tool that generates compelling stories using artificial intelligence (AI) along with machine learning technology. You can generate original stories using AI story generator with immersive narratives that will capture readers attention.  

AI story generator can inspire people to enhance their story writing skills. This AI tool can also enhance creativity in users. You can also use story generator AI to write your blog contents or social media content or any other content for work.  

AI story generator offers high-quality stories which can engage readers attention. AI story generator can also generate text which you can’t distinguish if it’s written by a person or an algorithm. This tool has revolutionized the process of writing stories and content. 

How To Use An AI Story Generator?

How To Use An AI Story Generator

Using AI story generator is simple as it was designed in a way to be user friendly so that both technical and non-technical users can use it. To start any AI story generator, you will have to simply put in a prompt.  

A prompt is a command or text written that specifies your needs on what content you want the AI tool to generate. If you need to create a blog content, then specify it by asking the AI tool to generate a blog content based on the niche you want it written about. 

If you want to use the AI writing generator to create content about travelling tips on a budget, then specify your motive to it by writing the prompt. The AI tool will generate content on that specific topic by reading the prompt you specified. 

Most AI story generators or writing generators use advanced AI algorithms to generate original content based on your prompt. You can either be a professional writer or a content creator or working in product marketing division with AI story generator you can create unique captivating content, blogs, taglines and more. 

The AI story generator will help you write unique and engaging stories if you are using this tool to write a story. You can use the writing tool however you like to create any content of your choice.  

AI story generator usually has user-friendly interface so that everyone can use it. You can customize your stories or content using writing tools like making the content style change or decrease its size or the tone it’s written in. 

Story generator AI is designed to make your writing process easier, efficient and effortless. AI Writing generators helps save your valuable time and effort as well. So, give AI writing generators a try to discover your writing skills or to make your writing effortless. 

Benefits Of AI Story Generator Safe

Benefits Of AI Story Generator Safe

There are several ways in which Ai story generators might benefit you, especially people who write content and stories. Here are some of those benefits. 

Saves Time and Effort 

AI story generator is designed to save your time and effort in writing effective and original content and taglines of your choice. Using the advanced AI algorithm your writing process becomes much easier when using AI story generator. You can create captivating stories which will captivate your readers’ attention. 

Versatile Content Generated 

You can generate different types of content using Ai story generator like social media content, blogs, or any other content for different platforms. You can create products taglines, short stories, lyrics, poems or any other content using story generator AI. Whatever you might create your content will be of high quality. 

Customizable Content 

You can adjust your storylines or blog post, or any other content based on the tone, length and style you want your content to be. AI writing generators or tools are designed to offer customizable content according to its user preference. 

Engaging Content 

With the help of AI story generator, you can create captivating storylines and content which will keep your audiences hooked to your stories. 

Unlock Creativity 

You can overcome writer’s block by using AI story generator. You can discover new ideas or storylines using it 

Best AI Story Generator In 2024

Here are the best AI story generators you can use to create your stories in 2024. 

Copy AI 

It is an AI story generator that helps you create unique original stories. Copy AI story generator helps you get over blank page syndrome by generating stories by simple prompts.  

While writing a story you will have to think about what to write then write it. But with this you can simply put in your prompts on what story you want to create. In no time your story is generated by the AI tool.  

Using Copy AI, you can write emails, blog posts, product descriptions for your business, as well as stories and other contents of your need. The tools use advanced AI to generate creative content that helps generate lyrics, poems and short stories as well. 

Copy AI writing tool unlike many other AI writing is free. You can use this AI writing tool without spending any money which will help you understand the power of this tool. If you like this tool function and it makes you more efficient in completing your job, then it’s a great AI tool for you. 

This tool key features are: 

  • Creating short stories, poems, lyrics, social media posts, blog posts and more such content. 
  • This AI writing tool can create both fictional and factual content based on any topic. 
  • You can preserve your unique writing style while the AI takes care of the creativity while generating content. 
  • The interface is easy-to-use so that everyone can use the writing tool. 

Copy AI offers only one subscription plan for its Pro service which will cost you 35 dollars per month. While Copy AI is free for all. 


Rytr is an AI story generator that promises to help you write content ten times faster than when you write it on your own. Using Rytr writing tool you can generate original content through its state-of-the-art AI algorithms.  

It can help you overcome writer’s block, Rytr also promises the same. You can discover new ideas using Rytr. Be it novel or story plots use Rytr to overcome difficult writer’s block. 

You can use Rytr to write lyrics, profile bios or reviews for a product and much more. If you trying to write a story and trying to discover your creativity, then use this AI writing generator to unlock your storytelling power. 

Rytr uses GPT-3 technology for generating content for you. This AI writing tool specializes in generating short-form content like outlines, song lyrics and plots. It has a limited prompt limit so using it to write long-form content is not recommended. 

Rytr key features are: 

  1. Rytr has pre-built templates which you can use to generate your text for novels and stories. 
  1. The interface of the Ryte is designed to make it easier for everyone to use it. Hence everyone can use this writing tool. 
  1. Rytr is great for creating short content with its capabilities. 
  1. It offers a free plan for those who want to use the service but cannot afford to pay. 
  1. You can generate unlimited characters every month using this . Although the time limit is set by GPT-3 to avoid spam generation. 

Rytr has three plans to use its service. 

  • Free plan where you can use all the service for free 
  • Saver plan where you need to pay 9 dollars per month 
  • Unlimited plan where you need to pay 29 dollars per month 

Shortly AI 

Shortly AI is another AI story generator which you can use to write captivating content.  It uses GPT-3 language model which helps generate original and unique text that you can use to write your stories or novel. 

It is known to stand out from its competitors because of its simple UI. Quite easy to start writing with this AI tool. This AI tool is great for generating long-form content. So, you can use this AI tool to write novels and long stories. 

The only downside is that it has been acquired by Jasper AI which has led to not much focus given on updating the writing tool. So, if you want to use an updated tool you might have to use the Jasper writing tool instead of Shortly AI. 

Key Features of Shortly AI are: 

  • Shortly AI has intuitive interface for users with a pleasant UX. This makes it more user-friendly, and you can start generating text content easily. 
  • It uses advanced GPT-3 language model which makes generating content much faster and more efficient. 
  • The AI writing tool offers its service at a more competitive price than other AI writing tools in the market. 
  • For writing long-form text content, It is highly recommended as it offers long-form editor. Long-form editor will help you easily write stories, generate text content and edit them as well. 

Shortly AI offers two plans for its service. The Annual Plan will cost you 65 dollars per month. The Monthly plan will cost you 79 dollars per month. 

StoryLab AI 

Story Lab AI is another AI story generator for creating a variety of content. StoryLab is powered by state-of-the-art AI algorithms which will help you write amazing unique content. This writing tool can help you with ideas, come up with outlines or create character profile for your novel or stories. 

This AI tool will help upcoming authors in writing their stories and novels. You can write amazing fictional novels using this AI writing generator and increase your productivity. You can write faster and input your own writing style while generating content using this AI tool. 

This AI tool will preserve your uniqueness, personal tone and originality while generating content you specifically need for your story. StoryLab generates content specifically based on text inputs or prompts given by you helping you provide the best output possible. 

StoryLab AI is among the most affordable AI writing tools in the market. The StoryLab AI offers three paid plans. 

The Starter plan will cost you 7 dollars a month, while the Pro plan will cost you 20 dollars a month. The third plan called the Unlimited plan will cost you 27 dollars per month which gives you access to an unlimited content generation using this AI writing tool. The Unlimited plan is great for authors and professionals working in the content marketing sectors. 


Now that you are all caught up about AI story generator, what are your thoughts about this new AI tool? Do you think AI is making writing easier? Or do you think it is taking away the spotlight from stories written by real writers who put in the real effort? Share with us your thoughts about AI generator. 

If you are looking for an AI generator then which AI writing tool would you choose from the listed AI story generators. 

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