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How To Enable BitLocker In Windows 10 Home?

Enable Bitlocker In Windows 10

Microsoft is exclusive with its product. So, for instance, if you see the proprietary product BitLocker, you will find that they are available to the system at the enterprise level. But, unfortunately, although it has been a decade, Microsoft is still unwilling to give BitLocker in Windows 10 Home.

While you can not use BitLocker on Windows 10 Home, you can certainly decrypt any Bitlocker encrypted device on your Windows 10 Home operating system. This allows you to explore the other possibility to encrypt your drive.

To allow your system to use BitLocker features without having the enterprise-level operating system you can make use of Bitlocker loader. 

System Requirements

To start with, you will need to have a Windows PC with an eligible version of the Windows operating system. It also needs to have a storage device of a minimum of two partitions with a trusted platform module (TPM).

A TPM is a special type of chip that helps you authenticate any software present in the system. And if anybody tries to use any unauthorized software in the system, it forces the system to boot in recovery mode. You can enable Bitlocker in Windows 10 for that maintaining the system requirements is essential. 

How To Encrypt Drive In Your Windows 10 Home?

As we have already said that the BitLocker encryption tool is only available in enterprise-level systems, you cannot use this tool in Windows 10 Home. However, there are tools that allow the user to use Bitlocker in Windows 10 Home.

Before starting with the steps, we assume that you do not have the M3 BitLocker Loader software in your system. With that being said, let’s start with the step-by-step process of using BitLocker in Windows 10 Home.

Step 1: Download M3 BitLocker Loader

As we have already assumed that you don’t have the software tool in your system, your first step would be to download the software. Download the software from a trusted source so that you get clean software or simply visit the official website or the software to download the software tool directly. 

Step 2: Launch The Software

Once the download process is complete, install the software and tune-up according to your need. This process can take some time, so patiently follow the steps. Once the setup of the software is complete, you can enter the software interphase. The software interface is quite simple and easily navigable. You can enable the BitLocker in Windows 10 if you follow this method. 

Step 3: Select The Drive

All the drives present in the system will be available on the software interphase. Navigate to the drive you want to encrypt. Right-click the drive and select the encryption option. A window will appear that will ask you for a password to encrypt the drive. Once you have given the password, your drive is encrypted.

Step 4: Save The Recovery Key

The system will generate a recovery key for the encrypted drive to tackle the issues caused by forgetting the initial password. Save the recovery key into the system or in a place where you can easily access the key. Enable Bitlocker in Windows 10 to make your encryption easier. 

Step 5: Activate BitLocker

Once you have secured the recovery key, activate the BitLocker encryption tool. This will make your drive with a lock sign. This shows that the respective drive is encrypted. The next time you want to access data from the drive, you must give the password or the recovery key.

Using BitLocker On Windows 10 Home Is Possible!

If you have read this article, you will find that using BitLocker on Windows 10 Home is possible, even if Microsoft doesn’t allow it to be used directly. Use this article as your reference if you wish to use BitLocker on your Windows Home operating system.

And in case you lose the BitLocker encrypted data, you can use M3 data recovery software to recover all your lost data.   

FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions) 

How Can You Encrypt The Device In Windows 10 Home?   

You can turn on the encryption panel and can sign into windows with an administrator account. Turn back and switch the administrator account. After that you can select the start button and can select the settings>Update the security>Device Encryption. If the device encryption is turned off then you need to turn on 

Is Bitlocker Available In Windows 10?   

The Bitlocker drive windows 10 is available on the windows 10 pro as well as the enterprise. You can select the devices on the Home edition version of the BitLocker for selecting devices. You can make the selection of the devices to set it up in your system. 

How Do I Lock A Drive In A Windows 10 Home In A Bitlocker?   

You can open a new tab for preventing access of the new tab from My Computer. You need to select and enable the option of the drive which you want to lock. Here you need to select the D drive to make the lock. After that, you need to press the apply and then the Ok button. 

How Do You Bypass Bitlocker In Windows 10?  

There are several methods you can apply to bypass the Bitlocker in Windows 10. There are certain methods that you need to apply for bypassing the fact in Windows 10.    

Step-1 You can suspend the BitLocker protection for resuming it. 

Step-2  From the boot drive you can remove the protectors. 

Step-3 Make sure you enable the secure boot. 

Step-4 You can update your BIOS settings.

Step-5 The second last step is to disable the secure boot.  

Step-6 Make use of the legacy boot. 

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