Gemini Becoming Google’s Hit to Apple Shifting Its iPad Engineering department to Vietnam: Today Tech News


Learn what’s going on in the tech world from upcoming product launch to which latest technology is creating waves in the tech world. In this article you will all the happening of the tech sector in one single article.

  1. Google’s AI Gemini Is Promising A Great Deal

Google made claims that its new artificial intelligence model, Gemini, is much faster that its competitor OpenAI’s latest AI model, GPT-4. On Thursday, Google launched its new AI model, Gemini with its three variations.

AI Gemini enters the AI market to give a competition to the leading AI model by OpenAI, ChatGPT that launched previous year. Google-parent company Alphabet saw a 5.3 rise in market share in Wall Street after the launch of its product.

Google promises that its AI model can process various forms of data including media from various sources like audio, video or text. The AI model comes in three different sizes that have been designed for specific purposes.

The Gemini technology is also present in Bard chatbot and Pixel 8 Pro phone. The most advanced version of this AI model will be released in 2024 said Google.

  1. Apple Is Shifting Its iPad Engineering Department To Vietnam

Apple has taken a decision to shift its iPad engineering department from China to Vietnam. This decisions comes as the company wants to distance its dependence on China as per a report. In efforts to relocates the engineering resources department to Vietnam the company is working with BYD, a China based company which assembled iPads for the company.

  1. Sam Altman said that being fired was a Blessing in Disguise

In a interview with comedian and presenter Trevor Noah, Sam Altman shared his experience of being fired from OpenAI and then being reinstated as its CEO. He reflected on the time he was fired from the company, OpenAI, saying it was a “blessing in disguise.”

He said his exile from the company was a learning experience and he remains optimistic about the potential of AI. He said that Ai has the power to create abundance for human development and also acknowledges the risks of AI. But he says he is working towards AI that will balance the benefit and dangers of AI for humans.

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