All The Latest News In The Tech World From FaceTime Feature On Beeper Mini To Ubisoft’s Avatar Game Release  

Ubisoft’s Avatar Game Release

In this article you will find all the latest news in the tech world from new tech product launch to game release. You will be updated on whats brewing in the tech sector and what new advanced technology are tech companies working on.

If these kinds of news are what you were looking for then do read this article. Now let’s jump to Today’s Tech news.

  1. Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora an action-adventure game played in first-person and inspired by the Avatar Universe created by James Cameron has been released.

This game was developed by Ubisoft and set the game on the Western Frontier of the fictional world of Pandora. This game is played in first person as the character of orphan Na’vi who gets abducted by the Resource Development Authority or RDA and trained by them.

  1. Apple might launch its latest iPad Air in 2024. Usually Apple launches its new iPads yearly but as of 2023 no new iPad was launched, so chances are they might launch one early next year.

A latest report by Bloomsburg suggested that the company is working on its latest iPad Air model that will come with two sizes. The expected date was not mentioned in the report but it says the latest model might get released sometime in March next year.

The company is also set to launch another iPad Pro model that will have OLED screen along side the latest M3 chipset.

  1. Beeper Mini the app that help bring iMessage support to Androids plans to incorporate FaceTime feature in the app in near future. The developers of the app are  working towards bringing SMS, RCS, audio calls and video calls feature in the Beeper Mini. But the exact timeline of this new features incorporation has not been shared yet.
  2. Microsoft has added a new tool on Windows that is the Voice Access feature. This latest tool replaced the Speech Recognition tool in the Windows that was introduced in 2006.
  3. AMD has announced its new two Ryzen AI APUs that will help users in Advancing AI presentation. Ryzen 8050 and Ryzen 8040 are the latest processors that will offers greater performance compared to Ryzen 7040.

While the Ryzen 8040 is already being used in the company’s Zen 4 architecture but the Ryzen 8050 will be released with XDNA 2 NPUs next year. The Ryzen 8050 will offer performance three times greater than its predecessor version.

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